AGC 27 - Kiss-Miss [CLOSED]


side note: i have literally never played muv luv i’m just going off of the wikipedia page also cool mecha woooooo


The year is 2001, and Japanese game developer âpex is currently working on their latest title, Kiss-Miss.

About Kiss-Miss


Kiss-Miss is âpex’s latest visual novel. Following the successes of their previous adult-oriented romance VNs, they’ve decided to add a little twist on the usual romance story.

Kiss-Miss is split into two parts, Kiss-Miss: Special, and Kiss-Miss: Darkside

The plot of Kiss-Miss revolves around the main character, Daikoku, and his love triangle involving his childhood friend, the girl of his dreams, and a family problem where he is to be married off to a girl who also wishes to not be married to him. The players can choose between which three storylines to follow, one for his childhood friend Chisaki, the girl of his dreams Miyagi, or the problematic pop idol Yuriko.

Each of the storylines lead to Daikoku choosing one girl who he maintains a secret relationship with, and another who he actually remains married to. With special unlockable cutscenes for each of the characters.

But what âpex plans to absolutely capture the fanbase is not the :sob: :anger: erotic drawings uoooooohhhhhhh :sob: :sob: , but rather the not-so-secret additional part that unlocks after initially completing at least one of the Kiss-Miss Special storylines.

Enter; Kiss-Miss Darkside

In Kiss-Miss Darkside, which unlocks after the completion of Special, instead of choosing which childhood friend to kiss/marry/fuck, now you have to choose which one to kill/save/fuck, as the world slowly crumbles from an alien invasion that happens in a parallel storyline to Special, where an alien invasion happens and our main character wakes up to find society around him has completely been turned on his head. Daikoku still remembers the events of Special, and it turns out that his consciousness had simply been transferred to this alternate timeline, forcing him to now cope with the scenario that he is facing.

As the alien invasion happens, humanity develops mechas that are capable of fighting them off effectively, and they’re called RAPTORs [Rapid Attack Platform, Tactical OpeRative]. RAPTORs are thirteen to fifteen metre tall single-seat manned bipedal mecha meant for just about any kind of combat imaginable. Powered by a nuclear fusion drive reactor for its main electrical components, and conventional jet fuel to power its vertical take off and vernier engines, it has been the main front-line weapon used against the invading aliens.

Daikoku in Darkside is now an elite pilot in the Global Union Defense Corps, alongside the three girls from Special. The gameplay goes a similar way, but instead of choosing between the three girls to marry, you have to choose which one doesn’t die, and which one hasn’t been brainwashed by one of the aliens.

Like every other mecha series, it’s never really about the mechas themselves, but even then, âpex decides to contact industrial designers they’re familiar with to design them a memorable mecha that can bring extra attention to the game other than big bouncing boobies.


The theme of the challenge is designing the protagonist’s main mecha, a so-called RAPTOR [Rapid Attack Platform, Tactical OpeRative]. A RAPTOR is a 13-15 metre tall, single-seat, manned bipedal mecha meant for multirole combat, excelling at air-to-air, air-to-ground, ground, and melee combat. In the story line of Darkside, the RAPTORs are in their fourth generation, with the first of them being developed in 2007, five years after the beginning of the alien invasion on Earth. Fourth-generation RAPTORs first entered service in 2013, and continue to be produced until the current date in-game, 2022.

  • This will be a purely fixtures-based challenge. I don’t care about stats or whatever. funniest stats gets a giggle from me and that’s about it

  • I’ve already decided on most the specifications of the mecha you will be designing. All you’ll have to do is a presentation that says where the modules are. THIS MEANS THAT A PRESENTATION POST WILL BE REQUIRED. See further below.

INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING IN YOUR MECHA DESIGN (Feel free to label through presentation):

  • Must be a bipedal mecha (humanoid shape)
  • Must have housing for some kind of AESA radar. Up to you where you want to put this.
  • Must have mounting points for guided missiles, either handheld or on a fixed/swiveling body hardpoint that is visible and allows for payload to be jettisoned.
  • Must be able to hold handheld melee weapons.
  • Must have head-mounted or chest-mounted gatling guns.
  • Laser or beam weaponry does not exist. Stick to conventional firearms and swords.
  • Some sort of ventilation process should be visible for the nuclear reactor onboard.
  • Thrusters must be visible on the design.
  • Cockpit must be mounted in the head or in the chest.
  • Mecha height should be 15 metres give or take a few centimetres.
  • Scale should be 1/2th. An easy way to figure this out is to take the new 1 metre ruler fixture and multiply it by 7.5
  • Try to keep the colours realistic, aka low-visibility paint and highlights only where necessary.


  • The mecha does not need an interior, but if you can model that in that can greatly increase your chances of being the winning design.

  • For the presentation post, present it as though you are a mecha designer showing off a drawing to a design team.

  • It is not required to leave the mecha in a neutral standing pose, though it is recommended for ease of use. If you are going to separate the limbs to allow for posability, please also submit one trim where all the limbs are attached in a neutral standing pose.

  • The aliens are called ALIENs. (singular form: ALIEN)


The design should remain consistent throughout with a defined style that fits the era the challenge is set in. While it should definitely be Muv-Luv style mecha, try not to copy any design 100%.

I’m not saying spam 300000 fixtures to make one curve look like a curve, or build a whole ass inner frame or whatever, but don’t make it look roblox. Be a bit more sophisticated than that, pay attention to the placement of the engine thrusters, wings, guns, etc. so it all ties together with the other two scorings.

You can’t just submit some streamlined slab of brick because this is the real robot genre and rEaLiSm means stealth everything, at least try to make it realistically cool. Also, the aliens these mecha fight don’t really have radar so like yeah. Ties in a bit to attention to detail as I’ll try to score how much the thruster shapes or whatever make sense (i aint ever seen no square jet engine before).


There’s a certain look that I’m going for here, so the inspirations are not only things you should go for, but things you shouldn’t go for.


Gundam - Gundam is a bit too much on the 80s/90s blocky large size robots that were inspired by the super robots before them, and that’s not what I’m looking for. Advance of Zeta stuff like the TR-6 Woundwort and variants of it could serve as inspiration for certain specific elements, but in general Gundam stuff (especially UC) is overall too blocky and doesn’t have enough sharp angular modern elements to serve as a good overall inspo.

Super Robot - While the genre of the game definitely has Super Robot themes, it’s still ultimately real robot. Like the Gundam examples listed above, they’re too blocky or sometimes too round and don’t have the modern angular design elements I’m looking for. So avoid these.

Evangelion - HOOOOO BOY the amount of circlejerking about this one. I love Anno but this is a no for this challenge. Too organic in design (these are literally cyborgs), and too large. (btw Evas are like 400 metres tall so that should really tell you how out of scope this is)

Transformers - putang inang optimum pride EURGHEURGHEURGHEURGH anyway this is literally alien so don’t ABSOLUTELY DONT

Pacific Rim - Too round, too big, what else other than I don’t really think it fits the brief.

You could do this...

30 Minute Missions - I like Bandai but these honestly might be a bit too minimalist for what I’m looking for. Worth looking towards for potential elements tough.

Macross - May be a bit too space oriented, and older designs like the Valkyrie don’t really apply, but very cool angular and sharp designs with modern touches for stuff like the Siegfried or YF-19. Don’t do the transforming portions though because RAPTORs are NOT supposed to transform.

Zone of the Enders - Very era appropriate (early 2000s). Cock cockpit might be too much, however, and try to reduce the organic-ness of the design a tad bit.

Great Inspiration!

Muv-Luv - This is literally the main inspiration of the challenge. Has a mix of sharp and angular elements with blocky ones. Your design does not need to be created after any particular real-life (or fictional) fighter, but a connection might be cool. When doing TSFs as inspiration, try to go for 4th generation and above. also F-22 my beloved

Frame Arms - Not to be confused with Frame Arms Girls… anyway i love these kits very cool never built them yet but they look fun. A lot of very modern angular and sharp elements in some of these designs. Do make sure to avoid the blockier ones though, such as Gourai or the like. Baselard and Stylet have a lot of elements that could be potentially incorporated.


Model/Family: AGC27 - yourusername
Trim/Variant: what

March 21st, 2023 00:00 Hawaii Time
Rules will be locked after this date.

April 15th, 2023 23:59 Hawaii Time

I will allow one (1) resubmission. All entries must be sent through the forums through PMs.

By submitting, yadda yadda accept all the host’s decisions, game version not very stable, you get the gist.


Certainly one of the more (most?) outlandish premises for an AGC, but I am confident that it will turn out very well in the end.

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:skull: is all i have to say tbh


and here I was hoping I could win this round

This is nothing for me, BUT: I do like people doing crazy things, so I hope you will get a few entries here. I’ll watch this with interest

In the interest of poseability, are we allowed to submit multiple trims of one model that correspond to different parts (limbs, etc.) of a mecha?

Also, do missile pods/batteries count as hardpoints here? While “fixed” implies that they can’t be allowed to swivel independently of wherever they’re attached to, there’s still some ambiguity regarding whether or not they can be stored in housings/weapon bays (see Gundam example below) or must be in plain view.

What is a 'fixed body hardpoint"???

Poseability is optional and up to you if you want to do the separate trim things, otherwise feel free to just leave it in a standing neutral pose and one trim (it saves me time as well because i don’t have to assemble the thing on my own)

They should be in plain view. Missile pods in housings should be separate like the Stark Jegan below to allow them to be easily jettisoned in the event that combat takes a different approach. I misworded the “fixed” hardpoint though, and I’ll adjust the rules to allow swiveling tracking missile pods.

example of how jettisonable pods can be used (timestamped):


With like 5 hours to go before the challenge officially opens, I’ll accept entries and open the challenge a bit early (because 12 am hawaii time is like 3am pacific time i aint waking up at that time). If i do a rule change (unlikely) and someone has submitted before that rule change they’re free to have an extra resubmission.

countdown to deadline



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Unit 1 Full Combat Loadout

Equipped with x3 XM-4 LCWS (two each arm, one in rear pylon), a Type 49 (in rear pylon) and x6 PARS-4G/FLIDART missiles in shoulder rack.

ARx-93v "Rivale" R.A.P.T.O.R GEN IV Test Validator


Manufacturer: Société d’Armes et de Défense Merciel (SADM)
Head Height: 15m
Empty Weight: 35 metric tonnes
Max Weight: 50 metric tonnes
Power Plant: SADM XM2300R Advanced Thermonuclear Drive Unit
Thrust: 2x SADM RJ8280B Thermonuclear Jet (25,000kg), 2x SADM RJ8281V Thermonuclear Jet (30,000kg)
Radar Range: 180 km (AESA Multi-Target Tracking)
Armour: Carbon Titanium Nano-Composite

Fixed Armaments

2x 20mm Vulcan Head-Mounted CIWS

A pair of standard 20mm Vulcan CIWS mounted in the head. Suitable for engaging less heavily armoured ALIENS or intercepting missiles.

2x Type 99 Strait-Edge CIWS Combat Knife

The Type 99 Strait-Edge Combat Knife is a high-frequency superheated carbon blade used in close combat. Capable of ripping through even the heaviest ALIEN armour, the Type 99 uses a Tanto style blade. Sheathed in the arms for quick access, the Type 99 is primarily used as a last-ditch weapon if all other options are exhausted or if an enemy has gotten too close to use other weapons.

Strait-Edge Armoured Surface

Mounted across the body of the RAPTOR, Strait-Edge Armoured Surfaces are primarily pieces of defensive equipment used to prevent ALIENs from grappling the unit during combat. These surfaces utilise the same high-frequency superheated blades as standard combat blades. While intended for defensive use, these bladed edges can also be used offensively in close-quarters melee combat if completely unarmed.
Optional Armaments

30mm XM-4 Lightweight Combat Weapon System

The XM-4 LCWS is one of the standardised UN RAPTOR weapon systems. Built around a 30mm autocannon, the XM-4 allows for reasonably accurate automatic fire at ranges up to 1000m. The while the 30mm autocannon is capable of shredding through hordes of smaller ALIENs, it struggles against heavier, armoured targets. As such, an optional 120mm gun-howitzer can be mounted to provide additional fire. The XM-4 can be mounted and fired from the rear weapon pylon/rack.

50mm XM-3 Field Artillery Modular Armament System

The XM-3 FAMAS was designed as a heavier, more powerful option compared to the XM-4. Built around a 50mm revolver cannon, the XM-3 had a lower rate of fire compared to the XM-4, however, was significantly more accurate and was more capable against heavier armoured targets. An optional bayonet could be mounted along with 120mm gun-howitzer for extra fire support. Much like the XM-4, the XM-3 can be mounted and fired from the rear weapon pylon/rack

Type 49 Strait-Edge Heavy Blade

A scaled-up version of the Type 99, the Type 49 Heavy Blade is a large high-frequency superheated blade capable of cutting through even the thickest of ALIEN armour. While large and somewhat unwieldy, the Type 49 allows a RAPTOR to engage armoured ALIENs without expending ammunition. When not in use, the Type 49 would be stored in the rear weapon pylon/rack

PARS-4G Air to Ground Missile

A standard air-to-ground missile, the PARS-4G can be equipped onto the shoulders of the Rivale in a detachable rack. These missiles can be loaded with either high explosives, or anti-beam chaff.

FLIDART Multi-Purpose Missile

Flexible Laser Interdiction DART, FLIDART multi-purpose missiles utilise three tungsten carbide darts submunitions instead of one larger missile. While only useful at short to medium range, the FLIDARTs are effective against a wide variety of targets.The FLIDART utilises a laser riding SACLOS targeting system.

TAGDART Hypersonic Anti-Bunker Missile

Terminal Acquisition and Guidance DART, TAGDART Hypersonic Anti-Bunker missile is a laser riding SACLOS hypersonic missile that utilises a metre-long depleted uranium dart instead of a high explosive to penetrate heavy fortifications. In testing it was found that the dart could penetrate a 4m reinforced concrete wall. These missiles would be mounted in a pair on the shoulders or could also be mounted on the rear weapon pylon.

ASMP-N Long Range Stand-off Nuclear Missile

Developed as a weapon of last resort, the ASMP-N Long Range Stand-off Nuclear missile was intended to be used if the continent became overrun by the ALIENs. Due to the large size of the missile, only one can be carried in the rear weapons pylon.
Developmental History

AR-93 in rollout colours with the XM-3 Revolver Cannon

Developed in France by Société d’Armes et de Défense Merciel (SADM) yes ‘that’ Merciel in 1993, the AR-93 was originally planned to be one of the first Gen IV RAPTORs in production. However, due to budget cuts, the scope of the project was reduced. The first AR-93s would be delivered in 2001, as a Gen 3.5 RAPTOR. However, by 2008, an upgrade plan to overhaul the AR-93 to fit Gen IV standards was laid out, with the project starting in 2014.

The ARx-93v “Rivale” would be the culmination of those upgrades. Three test validation units would be made. First taking flight in 2019, the “Rivale” was a complete overhaul of the AR-93. The armour was replaced by a newer carbon titanium nanocomposite which reduced weight while keeping the same level of protection as before. The new composite also had limited radar-absorbing capabilities.

Additional upgrades included new advanced thermonuclear drives and jets, as well as a brand-new operating system. The Manoeuvre Active Control RAPTOR OS Suite, allowed for a more responsive machine while maintaining stability through thrust vectoring and Automatic Mass Balance Active Control. The EXperimental Augmented Manoeuvre System would also be installed in Unit 3, however, the EXAM system was found to be temperamental, causing severe reactor overheating during extended use. As such a limiter would be placed in Unit 3. Units 1 and 2 would omit the EXAM system.

Operational History
The standard AR-93 Rivale was already an outstanding machine when first introduced in 1993. During operations in the late 2000s it excelled in combat with its high manoeuverablity and thrust. Notably, it was adopted by Swiss forces in 2005 and utilised in highly dangerous Jagdlichter raids deep within ALIEN lines. While losses during these raids were inevitable, the standard Rivale was noted for being proficient at the role, with high success rates and comparably minimal losses.

However, with such high manoeuverability, the Rivale was incredibly difficult for novices to pilot.
Additionally, its electronic warfare suite was simply average amongst its peers and the standard Rivale was initially unable to utilise datalink, limiting its capabilities to use drones for communication and combat.

With the upgrades in the ARx-93v, the Rivale is now even more manoeuverable while being easier to pilot as the new OS allows for the use of a learning coprocessor which can automatically compensate for a novice pilot. Additionally, the new updated EW suite finally brings the Rivale on par with current Gen IV RAPTORS.

Extra Images

Unit 2 (left) in rollout colours equipped with x4 XM-4 LCWS (two handheld, two in rear pylon) and x4 TAGDART Missiles mounted on the shoulder racks and Unit 3 (right) in anti-flash white, equipped with LCWS in hand and the ASMP-N mounted to the rear weapons pylon.

The whole family

Eruca ubi sit omni tempore scit. Hoc novit, quia scit ubi non est. Subtrahendo ubi est unde non est, vel ubi non est, unde est (quodcunque majus est), differentiam obtinet, sive declinationem. Deviationes systematis moderante utitur ad generandum mandata correctoria de loco ubi eruca depellenda est ad locum ubi non est, et pervenit ad locum ubi non erat, nunc est. Ergo positio ubi est, nunc est positio quod non erat, et sequitur quod positio quod erat, nunc est positio quod non est. In eventu quod est in positione non est quod non erat, variationem ratio consequitur, variatio est differentia inter ubi eruca est et ubi non erat. Si variatio momenti esse censetur, ductu quoque systemate corrigi potest. Sed eruca quoque scire oportet ubi esset. Ductor erucae missionis computatorii hoc modo operatur. Quia variatio aliquas informationes erucae mutatas obtinuit, non est certum ubinam sit. Certus tamen est, ubi non est, intra rationem, et novit ubi esset. Nunc subtrahit ubi debet, unde non fuit, vel e converso, et hoc distinguendo a summa algebraica ubi non debet, et ubi fuit, potest declinationem et variationem obtinere, qui error appellatur.
EF-0 "Panoptes"
Electronic Warfare Platform

Intelligence can be very powerful. From exposing the vulnerabilities of enemies to coordinating allies, there is no weapon more potent when used to its full potential. In recent decades, the constant development of various electronic systems has also significantly aided in clearing the so-called "fog of war". While such technologies are now commonplace on RAPTORs, their focus on offensive power results in electronic warfare not being used to an optimal degree in an ideal battle scenario.

Named after the “all-seeing” giant Argus of Greek myth, the EF-0 “Panoptes” sacrifices offensive capabilities in favour of a bevy of equipment designed to keep allies informed, obfuscate communication between enemies, and directly assist in ally attacks. While primarily designed to assume an early warning and control (EW&C) role, the EF-0 can also hold its own in direct combat.

EW Systems
  • Located in the upper torso are four active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar antennas, two facing forward and two facing backward. Combined with an additional pair of shoulder-mounted antennas, this arrangement effectively creates a 360° circular field of radar detection, with an effective radius spanning hundreds of kilometres.

  • Housed within each limb is an electronic countermeasure (ECM) unit capable of nullifying enemy radar lock and radar-guided attacks. The presence of four such systems on the EF-0 allows for the simultaneous jamming of multiple enemy units and amplified ECM functionality when multiple systems are used on one target, while also serving as a redundancy measure.

  • When networked with ally units, the EF-0's numerous sensors work together with those of said units to enhance their radar and other situational awareness capabilities, with the EF-0 acting as a remote antenna for the other RAPTORs and vice versa.

  • In addition to networking between RAPTORs, the EF-0 is also capable of remote missile guidance, using powerful communications systems and predictive AI to enhance ally missile homing abilities and decrease the probability of missiles being intercepted before they reach their target.

Other Weapons
  • Two simple but dependable fixed 100 mm electromagnetic autocannons are positioned on either side of the neck. This brings them closer to the pilot's line of sight, while leaving most of the head free to house the main computer and its associated cooling system. They are fed by two box magazines that run down the height of the lower torso. Two additional magazines are located on the EF-0's thighs.

  • The TBBM-2 "Corundum" (Thermobaric Burst Missile) is a medium-range ramjet-powered airburst missile capable of dealing immense damage to a variety of targets. Although less effective in inclement weather conditions and at high altitudes, its fuel-air explosive charge creates a massive fireball and a devastating shock wave. Fully armed, the EF-0 can equip six TBBM-2s in jettisonable individual launch pods.

  • By default, the EF-0 is also equipped with a handheld 200 mm APFSDS cannon with a sub-calibre of 150 mm. Utilizing a semi-automatic bullpup design and a fire rate of 30 rpm, the RC-98 "Calesvol" ("RC" for "RAPTOR Cannon") is suited for both designated marksman and sniper roles. It uses a modular attachment system comprising two scaled-up Picatinny rails, for the quick adoption of originally human-scale designs. As the EF-0 lacks a traditional eye camera arrangement, the Calesvol's standard telescopic sight is connected to a camera, which in turn relays a visual feed to the pilot and provides deflection and wind corrections as needed.

  • Within each of the EF-0's thighs is a pair of pulsejet thrusters housed within a rotating variable-pitch assembly. These are intended to increase jump height when used with the leg actuators, as well as general mobility. Rumours that they can be used to continuously thrust the EF-0 along the ground on its knees are unfounded, as such maneuvers, while possible, will likely result in unnecessary damage to the lower leg armour and the underlying mechanical systems.

More Images

It felt like I was a part of it,
or that I was sinking into it.
Like my body was floating in the centre of the universe.
I was a part of the world, not alone.

No matter how many times,
how many dozens of times,
how many hundreds of times…

The more time passes,
the more indistinct one’s existence becomes.

To leave behind a future…



Helios Heavy Industries

Helios HMR-06A “Aethon”

IV Generation RAPTOR

General Characteristics

Crew: 1

Head Height: 14.9m

Powerplant: HHI X-32m Thermonuclear mobile power unit.

Thrust: 20x HHI SS10xn “mini” Jet engines (8x shoulder mounted, 8x waist mounted, 4x leg mounted)

Avionics: 150km range AESA radar (chest mounted), Main scanner, communications and visual sensors (head), Electro-Optical Sensor (Optional, head)

Armour: Non-eNergetic Reactive Armour (Graphene, depleted Uranium, Rubber, Titanium)

Hardpoints: 2x Backpack shoulders, 2x Rear rack pylons

The Aethon is designed to be a super high mobility multi-purpose 4th gen RAPTOR, with armaments filling in on any range and any scenario. While older generations would struggle with the amount of thrusters and mobility the Aeton is equipped with, advanced computer assistance via the Thrust Vector System allows for it to be both controllable and highly manoeuvrable. It’s design also reduces armour in non-priority areas, reducing overall weight while keeping heavy armour to protect where it counts.


20mm Vulcan

Head mounted standard issue weapon. Their position close to the main sensor allow them to be effective against close range and smaller targets, such as small ALIENS and even missiles.

VC-1 Combat Knife

Wrist mounted standard issue weapon. While lacking in any fancy technologies, turns out a blade of hardened, sharpened ballistic steel is pretty effective when paired with the torque that the Aethon’s arms can output. Due to this, it is also the most power and ammo efficient weapon.

2x AO42 35mm Lightweight Advanced Assault System

Aethon default loadout. The AO42 is designed with the Aethon in mind, with sensor units above the barrel linked in for highly accurate aim -assistance. It fills in as a short to medium range weapon with a high fire rate. Four extra magazines can be mounted on the thighs.

2x AD153 50mm Advanced Assault System

Aethon optional loadout. The AD153 is designed with the Aethon in mind, with sensor units above the barrel linked in for highly accurate aim -assistance. It fills in as a medium to long range weapon with powerful armour piercing rounds, but has a relatively low fire rate. Four extra magazines can be mounted on the thighs.

1x FX78AL “Thunderbolt” 140mm ElectroMagnetic Launcher

Aethon default loadout, backpack mounted. Utilising a link to the Thermonuclear power unit, the Thunderbolt is an extremely powerful railgun, with projectile velocity far exceeding conventional weapons. It is effective from a medium to extremely long range, ideal for long range, safe engagements. The Thunderbolt carries 14 rounds with its drum. The Aethon can optionally equip a second FX78AL on the opposite hardpoint instead of the IC-10g Missile Rack.

1x IC-10g Missile Rack

Aethon default loadout, backpack mounted. Can hold 10 medium-ranged burst missiles (MRB). The missiles themselves are high-explosive, utilising the in atmosphere kinetic effects of the explosive shockwaves to deal damage to even the biggest of ALIENs. The Aethon can optionally equip a second IC-10g Missile Rack on the opposite hardpoint instead of the FX78AL.

VT-3 Longsword

Aethon default loadout, rear rack mounted. Can hold up to two. The VT-3 combines a superheated edge with the strength and durability of a non-heated core sword. It provides the pilot with a powerful melee alternative against ALIENs, at the cost of energy reserves used by heating the edge.

2x LRTM (Long Ranged Tactical Missiles)

Aethon optional loadout. The Aethon can optionally equip, launch, and target two LRTM ballistic missiles for long-ranged bombardment. These are held via the rear rack, replacing the VT-3 Longsword.




2 days left to challenge closes

Some people wish for a deadline extension, so if enough people ping me on discord by 6am Hawaii time tomorrow, I can allow another 5 day deadline extension and an additional resubmission opportunity for those already submitted. Otherwise will close as soon as the timer ended (± the time it actually takes for me to wake up and inspect entries).

anyway watch Witch From Mercury season 2


Was pung by 0 people, deadline stays as it is.


I DIDN’T SEE YOU POSTED A QUESTION AAAA so in the end I guess am too late now

AT-HI X-02 "Zephyr"

| 1x 180mm electromagnetic/ Adv. gunpowder hybrid cannon w/ 120mm APFSDS or 180mm mult-purpose round |

| 2x SPEAR-X supersonic Anti-Kajiu Standoff missile w/ fuel-air explosive warhead or 3 tactical nuclear warheads|

| 2x UCAV w/ 30mm autocannon + Anti-Kajiu “flashbang” Sensory Overload System |

| 64x SPEAR-4 block IV multipurpose missile |

| 32x Anti-Kajiu “Flashbang²” Sensory Overload Rocket |

| 4x 20mm head-mounted Vulcan autocannon |

| 4x 20mm chest-mounted Vulcan autocannon |

| Internal electronic warfare system “archangel” |

| 2x high-frequency Progressive Knife |

| height: 15m |

| Empty weight: 37 metric ton |

| Max weight: 62 metric ton |

| Powerplant: AT-HI PP-X-03 X-Compact Fusion Core |

| Radar: AT-HI “Athena” Gen III AESA Radar (110km range) |

| Armor: Gen I “Aegis” Aluminium-magnesium-boride/ cabon nanotube hybrid armor |

The AT-HI X-02 Zephyr is one of the most advance Gen IV RAPTOR on the market currently, armed with armaments that could neutralize its target without the need to see them thanks to its highly advance avionics. It is also highly maneuverable thanks to the powerful 3D thrust vectoring Engines as well as the Gen V onboard AI "Iris" ("extra" capability sold separately ;P ). Thanks to its new Athena armor, it could carry more and heavier weapons as the new armor provided extra space and free weight. its modular design enables Zephyr to carry out a wider range of missions compare to the third Gen RAPTORs and provides extra opportunities for further modernizations and upgrades. The Zephyr is also paired with 2 UCAVs (could be increased with further updates), enable the Zephyr to see further and hit more accurately thanks to the onboard adv. targeting system, in emergencies, the UCAV could act as suicide drones or decoys to protect the Zephyr.
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AT Heavy Industries, we can (not) make gud superweapons
barely make it to the deadline lmao, had to abandon the idea for a Gundam type head :(, why are you reading this anyways

Entries closed

waiting on @ldub0775’s presentation post before judging starts.


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2x 8in/55cal GUN





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