AGC 30 - Night Racers

1970 ASAKURA ASA-80 Sparrow GT-S Turbo “Aka no Hachi-Rei”

Modified in 1989 by Iwate Tuning House

An original 1970 model year car, this was fitted originally with the lethargic 115HP ASA-80 1L Turbo I4 but was then modded in 1989 by Iwate Tuning House, Asakura’s own underground performance shop. Fitted with a bodykit, upgraded brakes and suspension alongside a healthy ASA-2000 2.2L Twin Turbo F6 engine producing over 470HP in a 900KG car, it went from struggling to break 200KPH to easily whisking past 330KPH and on to a top speed over 350KPH.

Original Car - 1970 ASAKURA ASA-80 Sparrow GT-S Turbo

Note - it somehow gets 29MPG UK, don’t know how that works, but it does…


Vercenti: The Dream

From @Vento and @happyfireballman

We modified this Vercenti Veraco into an ultimate beast boasting a newly imported 5L all-aluminum V8 producing 552 horsepower while being mated to a 6-speed manual transmission reaching a figure of 211 MPH and a 4 second 0-60.

We have also made some unique body treatments such as the modified front fascia, the giant wing, the carbon fiber skirts, the side exit exhaust, and the special decal work.

When this comes up behind you, you best be running...

Swanson 237STC Jazz.37 by TITTITT Garage

What do you when you crash your Cocaine Brick, and still haven’t learned that speeding is bad for your health or something? Take it to TITTITT [Peekaboo in Scandinavian] garage for a little makeover.

They put a newer VTEC engine in it from a 937 that got hit by a falling piano or something, and Turbo Injected it to 747 hp so you’re ready to fly again! This could be very PAINful…for you.

Nevermind the haphazard fit & finish, the frame is just a little bent still [for real, the body is not symmetrical], or the apparently very high servicing costs, their customer waiting area “protein shake” is really delicious.

Full “stelth” bodykit, racing buckets, Saabish taillights, digital instruments and a motorized screen 1-DIN infotainment system complete the restomod.

Yay restomod

Have some beats


2008 Vulcan Tuning Ninja

Based on 1999 Milano Nardo C1, heavily modified it to look evil and fast, it has 999 hp and 250 MPH top speed, because of these modifications, Milano hates this car and in 2012, this car was banned for participating in events, this car was last seen in 2009 Beam Motorshow


i hate the rules since this car was based on pagani and cannot use carbon material


Casually just copy pasted my car but ok




You can use some carbon fiber, just not make ithe entire car into carbon fiber.

Such as my side skirts and wing on my entry, I see you are going for a more exotic route with this one :stuck_out_tongue:

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martinet logo_s

1994 Martinet Castor IV WXI AWD

A sedan with a 470 hp turbo V6 and AWD.


1994 Martinet Automobil


![HiResPhoto22_1,920-1,080|690x388](upload://60MwT3MzAsBUmxySZiO4kEuprkY.jpeg) i wanted to do an miata look but yk this looks better it has 553hp with a max speed of 202 it is a manual transmission 6 speed.

2002 Vermilion Promethium GTX 540

This car started its life as a roadster in 1988 and production started in 1991 as the first production passenger car to ever feature a V-10 engine. And what’s incredible? It’s a massive 494 CID 8.1L V-10 producing over 400 hp in a RWD platform!

The 1996 model year was the first year for the Coupe version called GTS 494, keeping the same 8.1L engine, but with 460 hp and 540 lb-ft of torque, and top speed of 198 mph (319 km/h)

The 1998 model year is the first year for the GTX 540 trim, which boosts the V-10 engine to a displacement of 540 CID 8.8L producing 560 hp and 585 lb-ft of torque. Top speed is about 214 mph (345 km/h), therefore making this as one of the fastest cars in the world.

Now, for this specific model, it’s 2002, the final year for the first generation Vermilion Promethium. The last year is the only year which the car receives the Venom Candy Red paint job. Base MSRP is about $55,000. At the time of the release for the game Night Racers (2010), there is no second generation yet, and there is no possible predictable release for the Promethium, which was only released in 2023 for the 2024 model year.


PS: Although the car bodywork got into production in 1996 model year, I’ve made the model year to be 2002, because that’s the only year which the body used in production can use the 2007 Coupe with only +5 Tech Pool. This means that if I used 1996 for the model year, it would need +11 Tech Pool for bodywork, and therefore not viable for the competition. I hope the lore and the story doesn’t interfere with this, because although the body style says 2007, I think it’s more towards the late 1990s or early 2000s (Aston Martin DB7, Dodge Viper GTS, among many other cars with similar body style that appeared before or around the 2000s).

TL;DR: In other words, just consider as if the car was not existent before 2002.


no taillights :skull:

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He got the aftermarket panel taillights lol

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Taillights are overrated anyway

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One thing I’m not sure is whether I should send the car file in a private message to your account in the forums or to your Discord, There is not much information about Discord or anything, and I want you to confirm that my car file was received, so I don’t lose this competition for not sending the car file. I’m sorry for that kind of question, but I’m new in the forums and never really have done a competition before.

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This car makes me wonder about a hybrid between ARM and the buddy challenge. I would love to see a couple of crosses between a Swanson and a DCMW/Norðwagen.

TITTITT is hilarious. Just don’t write an ad for them saying “vi vill fitta a body kitta”.

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2001 Kasai Tuning TwinturboR

in 1999, a Elkhart Tomohawk GT 350 appeared in a small shop in east tokyo, to be upgraded and modified by a small unknown tuning company, taking the 350 cubic inch V8 and twin turbocharging it, making over 900 horsepower. the car was rebuilt in 2000, after the original owner was killed by taking an exit too quickly in Yokohama, with its second owner driving the car to become the king of the shutoko expressway system.

Additional Photos

Stock Vehicle

1999 Elkhart Tomohawk GT 350


So, is it mandatory to have a base model and a tuned model? Because I’ve only made the stock version, and I thought you must had to make only one model. Also, I see some very expensive-looking cars that look like they’re over $55,000 while mine is just at $55,000. Is it still a valid entry for the competition without being disqualified? Sorry for those questions, like the previous posts, I’ve never been in a competition.

so you need to send in a car file and photo for the tuned vehicle, and this isnt mandatory but if you do have a stock version, just send a photo of it so i can see the differences between the 2

just click on my name and message me, then drag the file into the text thing and send it through there

Well, I sent you the stock one, because I didn’t know it had to be tuned. I saw some posts which there were no other version, so I guess I’m not the only one sending a single version of it. I also suck at liveries, the only one I could make that looked good was for the 2024 version of this car, which has black stripes, but I couldn’t manage to make other kinds of stripes.