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pen15 & kookie


The year is 2022, Deez Studios have just released the latest game in the ever-popular Rally Storm series, R4LLY_STORM. However, early reviews have criticised the fourth iteration for being too much of the same while competitors are rapidly catching up.

To combat poor reviews and keep their fanbase attracted, the development team at Deez Studios have decided to release a free DLC for players with new features and gameplay mechanics and new maps.
A brand new multiplayer mode, Co-Driver Co-Op will make its first appearance in the Rally Storm series. This will come along a revised Arcade mode, now with Car Soccer and King of the Hill gamemodes.
Additionally, more in-depth, realistic simulation settings to satisfy the hardcore players on the other side of the spectrum, will be added.

However, the crowning feature of this DLC is the new CONCEPT CLASS, with futuristic rally machines, ready to dominate the dunes and stages of the future. The CONCEPT CLASS will challenge players with its high action, high speed races .

Manufacturers are invited to show off their latest developments and have them implemented into R4LLY_STORM, with the best one being the feature car of the DLC.


Create a purpose-built Rally / Rally Raid vehicle with a concept-car-like design. Deez Studios do not want a regular WRC Rally Car, a classic Trophy Truck or anything of the sort, as there are plenty already in the game.

As mentioned, the vehicles will enter the CONCEPT CLASS, and as such, must have a modern and / or even futuristic aesthetic.
This does include retro-modern cars (as seen in the inspiration gallery).


Trim & Variant Year _ 2020

Maximum Cost (Approximate Cost in Detail Stats) _ $300,000

Maximum Fuel Rating _ 100 RON / 95 AKI

Top Speed Limit _ 155MPH / 250KPH (limited by Speed Limiter or by Gearing)

2 Full Seats are mandatory for the co-driver multiplayer game mode.

A High Flow 3-Way Catalythic Converter is required, Deez Studios want to promote clean racing.

Quality sliders cannot exceed +10.

No Maximum Engine or Trim ET

All drivetrains are allowed. However only 4-wheeled vehicles will be accepted.

All engines are allowed. However, try to avoid the more exotic setups unless the lore or appearance of your car call for it.

All body types are allowed. However, keep the requested aesthetic in mind when making your choice.

Advanced Trim Settings are allowed.

Liveries are encouraged.

Interiors are not mandatory.



Design & Aesthetics _ Vehicles in the CONCEPT CLASS should be easily identifyable, with the most avant-garde designs. They might reference icons of the past or inspire cars of the future.
An ultra modern appearance is key.

Realism _ Even though they might have a concept-car design, the vehicles still need to look usable, practical and capable. It would take the player out of the experience if their car did not look like it could take on the the jumps, terrain and other conditions of the race.

Performance _ The CONCEPT CLASS will be the most advanced, with the craziest vehicles and state of the art performance. This includes parameters like the engine tune, acceleration, etc.

Offroad _ May it be through the desert, a field or a forest road, racers will rarely encounter pavement. The vehicles tuning and capabilities have to match their appearance.

Reliability _ Racing offroad has an immense impact on the vehicles components. If the player choses to activate the Simulation Difficulty, damage will undeniably slow them down.

Fuel Economy _ Races in R4LLY_STORM can last a considerable amount of time. In Simulation Difficulty, variables like tyre wear and fuel consumption will play a huge role in getting first place.

Sportiness _ These are race vehicles, albeit some of them might be heavier. They should still be responsive and calibrated to their purpose.


An ad is required but can be as simple as a few pictures and the name of your car.

Entries must be sent to BOTH @kookie and @pen15 through the forum DM. No entries from Discord will be accepted.

Entries must respect the following naming convention_

Model / Engine Family _
AGC23-(Forum Username)

Trim / Engine Variant _
What Ever You Want

Submissions will open on Monday, May 2nd, at 00:01AM (GMT). Until then, the rules are subject to change.

Submissions will close on Monday, May 16th, at 11:59PM (GMT), 2 weeks later.

No resubmissions will be allowed, unless an update sensibly affects the entries.



Although there will be a greater focus on aesthetics, engineering still matters.

In-game stats such as Offroad and Sportiness will also be fairly less important than the car specs (ie_ Engine, Drivetrain, 0-60 Time, etc )
However they will still significantly impact judging.

Although retro-modern designs are welcome, beware that merely making an old car with LEDs will not cut it.


Added the Cupra from the game cover to the inspirations.


In spite of this, if a detailed interior is fitted, will it be judged for bonus points?

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Yes, but it won’t necessarily be the winning factor.

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FMC (Floyd Motor Co) Prototype series “XR”
The XR is a rolling concept specifically designed as a testbed for the latest in offroad technologies. The XR boasts a heavily-reinforced and skidplate-protected fully independent suspension front and rear. Consisting of double wishbone front and multi-link rear parts, they are suspended on reinforced air shocks, currently set at 21" ride height. It resists rolling over thanks to an ultra-wide footprint, and equally massive 325/60-18 Offroad tires.

This iteration of the XR runs a 960HP Twin-turbo 5.0L V8, run through a purpose-built dual-clutch 5 speed transmission, run through a dedicated AWD setup with sophisticated electronic lockers front and rear. Top speed is electronically-limited to 155MPH, though with the governor off it will blast past 200 (and destroy any and all known off-road tires.) It gets 17MPG under less-extreme circumstances. Cooling is of course paramount with an engine like this, so twin redundant radiators hide in the well-protected rear of the body, increasing reliability.

If the racing flag drops at night, the XR comes ready with a main LED headlight array, 4 driving light torch-beams, and 10 floodlights roof-mounted in a self-cooled housing.

Hopefully it is never necessary, but the body structure and underlying rollcage absorbs minor rollovers, and the curved body shape tends to cause the vehicle to right itself back on its tires, to continue the race (tested in Beam, it likes to land tire-side down!)

The XR will likely never enter production, but will continue to give FMC a proving ground for desert racing technology that trickles into the offroad-minded SUV’s and trucks available to the company. A money pit dug slightly shallow for the technology, the XR costs 231,000 to produce, and uses exotic materials normally found on supercars (because…it IS a supercar…it just likes to get dirty!)


Mons Racing

Introducing the

Mons Smilodon (concept)

[insert=“impressive stats”]
“Many” HP
“Very fast” 0-100 km/h
“Very good” off-road capabilities
“Pretty good” on-track performance
“Superb” dirt-track performance
“Probably” cheaper than you think
[/"impressive stats]

[insert=“impressive pics”]


Does not fail to impress

not a group b rally car



Seeing as at least one Extreme E car is listed as the inspiration (which btw is the cover car for the game), are electrically or partially electrically powered (ofc lore-vise because game limitations) vehicles allowed for submission?


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ATX-Red Mule RaidRunnr

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It’s definitely a truck


It’s probably fast enough to catch up

Comet-Bar presents the Riftracer V, powered by a Naturally Aspirated Marksman 7 Litre V8 ,
it’s not the most Futuristic power plant, and being fed through a 3 speed and manual overdrive Marksman Automatic with a Lock up torque converter, not the most efficient drivetrain either.

As an evolution of the Current generation PRO4 Trophy trucks found racing in the Australian Offroad Championship series, what it will be is a generally reliable racing Vehicle meant to handle the absolute worst and make it back with some panties and bubblegum in the dual alternator auxiliary belt.

A new bodyshell design however does mean aerodynamic advantages over the current generation truck while being just as easy to remove and replace panels for when they do get contact, as you expect in off-road racing, provided it isn’t you doing the contact, At that point it’s just Bullying with a Bullbar, as seen on the truck. What did you expect from us bastards!

Mounted on the Bullbar and roof, the Prototype Star-Beam VI Driving lights, now 20% brighter at 20% less power consumption, less load on the alternators as this truck is capable of bringing 4 times the Sun even at Midnight during the Winter Solstice.

The likelihood of unfortunately seeing this bumper sticker, is admittedly low.
We reckon drivers will only see this when the V can take a big jump faster than the rival vehicle, or the V is still on half a tank as the other vehicle needs to pedal down to save fuel, this is endurance racing really.

We still Exist for this


Zephorus Z - S TRAC X

Admittedly this was quite a lazy build, but it came out rougly how I envisioned so good enough. Also I hate liveries.

2022 AT Ocelet-RR, Fast, Reliable, and Enough Power to Cross a Mountain.

2022 AT Ocelot-RallyRaid, One of the very first rally-raid prototype made by AT motorsport and Cosmoth-PowerUnit, Powered by a Cosmoth 3.5L Twinturbo Boxer 6, making a thousand horsepower, It have well enough power for any terrain you can throw to it, Thanks to the state-of-the-art Racing AWD drivetrain paired with 5 speed computer assisted manual gearbox, it could went from 0-100km/h in just merely 3.2 seconds. Now with the new and aero-ly optimized body made fully from carbon fiber, it only weights about 1300kg. It is also quite reliable thanks to multiple secret testing in Dakar and Canada to test out the newly developed technologies on the car.

Here we can see our poor intern driver drove the car off the road after he mistaken the throttle with the clutch while testing. (don't worry the car is still fine thanks to the fully reinforced carbon fiber chassis, and Probably the same to our poor former intern)
It is now available on our website and our headquarter at UK and in HK,

AT motorsport, we can (not) make fast cars

2022 ProRace 1051 Raider

The newest from ProRace, a mid-engined dedicated rally racer

The Specs:
Mid-mounted 4 litre N/A V8
7 speed short-ratio DCT, rear-biased AWD
Carbon fibre body
Glued aluminium monocoque

The Numbers:
Power: 555 bhp
Torque: 436 Nm
Weight: 1271 kg
0-60 in 2.9s
Top speed of 248 km/h




These are the submissions received so far_


@Riley has posted an ad but we have not gotten a car yet.

Triple check the rules before you submit and good luck all



Haapala DesertStorm

You have the money, we have the key to fulfill your racedriver fantasy

The perfect car for everyone, from Pro-Bajarunner to Sidewalk Parker


Cobalt AT-Cross Dakar

All Terrain, All Cobalt

For Cobalt, surpassing challenges and pushing boundaries is the name of the game, and in rally-raid is the challenge ever so grueling.

Exterior Details

Carbon clad body work, designed to really capture the essence of Cobalt. Beyond this, steel skid pans and space frames are exposed, showing off the innards of this off road monster.

Spare wheels, tools, recovery boards, and spare parts from suspension equipment to extra filters are all packaged in this all-in-one space, designed to both be easy and quick to access and strong enough to protect this important equipment. A fully packed lunch to go so to speak.

Powertrain Details

At the heart of the AT is the MQ-83/LT engine, a 500hp 4.5L Twin Turbocharged V8 petrol engine originally designed for the Cobalt AT and RH series of SUV's and here found in T1-P configuration, engineered for the rigorous and long distance stages found in the rally-raid arena.

This is driven through a 7 speed automated manual with power sent through all four wheels at a 60R/40F split thanks to the triple differential systems used.

Interior Details

The interior is down to the regulation roll cage and bare panels that protect the occupants from the searing sun and scorching sand, this is to both decrease as much mass as possible and to also have as much room as possible to install the equipment necessary to run a stage.

For the pilot they have access to some vehicle auxiliary controls but everything is focused around the minimal distractions, a couple screens which show only the most important of information from RPM to warnings. Just a handbrake to the side, pedals in reach, and the wheel ahead, the driver is set to compete.

For the co-pilot things are different. Their main task is navigation and keeping track of stage timing, for them a suite of advanced navigation and positional tools are at arms reach as well as the required timing equipment. On top of this, the co-pilot also has to review the vehicle systems and manage the vehicle so the pilot can just worry about racing so they have an additional monitor with temp and level read-outs.

The AT-Cross Dakar is designed to carry the flame of Cobalt everywhere, from hot desert dunes, swampy jungles and the occasional on-track performance. For the AT, nothing is unbeatable.


When I saw the name I thought that’s my brand lmao, nice car as well

It feels like a high-tech project. A very sensible model. I think I like everything about it.
It could very well participate in football and the king of the mountain disciplines! :star::star::star::star::star: