Agps '16 [on hold]

#Automation Grand Prix Series

The F1RP is dead. But a new challenge awaits with the AGPS.
The AGPS brings new rules after the collapse of the F1RP.
That also includes 3.0 litre V12’s. :smiling_imp:
The rules are now more open instead of super-strict.


Body, Trim, Engine, and engine trims must be in the year 2016
Must be large 00’s supercar body
Chassis must be Carbon Fibre
Panels must be Carbon Fibre
Must have pushrod suspension front and back.
Must have 1 wing and 1 lip. Wing must be placed behind the driver seat and not on the roof. Lip can be placed anywhere.
Must be longitudinal RWD

Must be between 2950cc and 3050cc
Must be V12
No VVL allowed
Must be N/A
Must have race intake and race exhaust
Must have ultimate fuel
Must have over 10000 RPM
Must have catalyic converter
Must use duel exhaust

Must have sequential, 7 speed transmission.
Must have semi slicks.
Maximum tyre width 395mm
Maximum rim size 18"
No active wings allowed
Must have race interior (Basic interior at -15 quality with None entertainment at whatever quality you want)
Saftey must be over 60
Avg. Reliability must be over 30
Total Cost under 85000.00

Fuel tank size is 140 Litres
There is no rules about quality sliders besides the race interior. Go crazy![/quote]



  • marcus817
  • CadillacDave
  • Vri404
  • Matti
  • Lothoren
  • Simo4295
  • RaduST
  • HighOctaneLove
  • Madrias
  • DeusExMackia
  • VMO
  • mythicmotors
  • BurningBridges
  • Horus
  • Hasszahn
  • acemaster25
  • AirJordan
  • KLinardo
  • Absurdist
  • VosNox
  • Speedemon[/ul]
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Okay, so F1RP is closed, but what about that other other challenge you started some weeks back? I think it was a Classic Endurance Challenge.

Soon… :wink:

Don’t run too many things at once… It just becomes confusing/annoying.

I am not going to run both at the same time. It would be a bit confusing.

I think what Vri404 is implying here (at least, it’s what I’d be saying), is that you should probably aim to either finish one challenge completely before running another one. Nobody else is attempting to run more than one at the same time AFAIK!

100% Right there, Mr. Strop.

I will take your advice and run the classic endurance challenge later.

Out of interest, what exactly does ‘sponsorship’ entail? :sunglasses:

Like what the AMWEC did.

[size=85](sorry for the double-post)[/size]

I see. I’d be interested in sponsoring, would you be happy with me just posting an ad/logo etc in chat?


For the v12s is better to put the 1996-2005 rule: 3.0l.

[size=150]NEW UPDATE:[/size]


  • 2 new rules added. Check the OP for changes.
  • Montes is now the Official Safety car provider for the AGPS![/ul]

[size=150]FoxRun. The official time keeper of the AGPS.[/size]

[size=150]Astronaut Magazine. The official reporter of AGPS news.[/size]

And the Polex sponsorship? Xd

(It sounds like a cheap chinese copy of a Rolex, or better, is a chinese copy!)

Well I guess Foxrun is the Rolex of the AGPS world for now. :slight_smile:

we are from

and we would like to propose a Pace Car for this race

Sorry VMO already got that.