Automation Beginners League - season 82/83 drawing to an end!

Are there any Informations about the next round?

Just finalizing the tracks. The choice for the sixth track lies with you people now! You get to choose between:

  • Circuit Gilles Villeneuve
  • Spa
  • Daytona International Speedway (Oval)

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And do we have to choose between two base engines this year?

That is correct. More to come pretty soon.

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Welcome back to the ABL, it’s time to meet a whole, fascinating and fresh new round 5, it’s:


  • Maximum tyre width 245 mm
  • Any undertrays allowed with a maximum of one wing and one lip
  • Maximum cost is $17000 at 0% markup
  • Minimum weight 950kg/1984lbs
  • Regular fuel (91 RON/87 AKI)
  • Advanced safety required

##Banned stuff

  • Negative quality sliders
  • LMP and other endurance style bodies
  • Any other engines that are not one of the two base engines supplied
  • A variant of one of the two given engines is to be used. You have been given the block dimensions and head specifications, now you must create your own engine family of the same spec and tune them.
  • You may not install turbos on the V8
  • You must install a turbo on the I4
  • Minimum 25 reliability
  • At least one baffled muffler
    Here are your base engines.
    ###The Turbo I4

    ###The pushrod V8

##Winners punishment
@Xoury, @nialloftara and @laffinghyena, your minimum weight is 15% higher - that means 1092kg/2407lbs (rounded down from 1092.5kg) minimum weight for you guys.

We listened to you @airjordan so now past winners @Newtonmeter, @airjordan, @koolkei and @franknstein, you guys also have an 8% increase in minimum weight. Your cars need to be 1026kg/2262lbs (rounded up from 2261.9lbs) or more. :smiling_imp:

##Don’t forget to read the OP for the constant rules!
(eg minimum cooling required, headlights+taillights+handles required, etc)


You have until March 31st, 23:59 CET to send in your creations.

Send in your cars to @frankNStein. As you already know, cars should be named like this:

> Model: ABL78/79 - Username > Trim : Brand (optional) - Model - Trim (optional) > Family: ABL78/79 - Username > Trim: Engine Name - Trim (optional)

We reserve one day to discuss and finalize the rule set and penalties. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. As always, feedback on the ruleset, the presentation, the layout, anything is welcome.
Have fun, and wish you all the best of luck! :grin:


Oh this sound like fun :slight_smile:

EDIT: ohh you sneaky bast****…I4 does not fit in the rear of not911
EDIT2: and not even in mr wedge… pure evil


Ohh yeah sounds awesome! I would have bet on those bodies again. But I will not use them again, I like to be different than the mainstream.

At this Moment i can tell you that i don’t lost alot Time at the ATT. Weight is 1026,5 now.


I’m trying to use the 2 door hatch but it’s not working. way too heavy.

I’am sad thath the Saab body is to old now, every season i build one and now after the lack of top speed last season i wanted to build a over 300km/h fast car. No I found something between the saab and the Rally-Shorttrack-Kornerkiller. But as every car i build until now Its again a Wheel-Spinnig FR maschine.

Barth body??

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Not allowed, sorry.

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soo…this body on the picture is not allowed? i don’t know the type of this body(mod or not a mod)

That exact body is not. If it does not have a red R on it then it is allowed.

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Every body with a big red R/M/F in it is a Barth body?

AFAIK R bodies allow bigger engines and rear engine. Correct me if I’m wrong!

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Good to know!

@ramthecowy thanks! :slight_smile:

Guys if I’m wrong please do make sure to call me out on it!

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This season is really hard to get similar lap-times like last season, or do you guys have found noticable time?