Automation Beginners League - season 82/83 drawing to an end!

well, i was very consistent. so thats something i suppose

so are first round restrictions still in place?

Mostly what should change from this round to the next is engine balance, penalties and (maybe) some minor rules. But the overall should stay as it is.

Are first round winners still making 1200kg+ cars?

Oh, sorry, now I understood. No, the penalty is for the 3 best at the immediate last round. So this time you’re free again.

right. shit. forgot about that part

I’m assuming the rules will be the same for the next comp, What the next year? 73/4?

74/75. Just so you know, the rules MAY change

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Can we have tiny v12?

The problem with the V12 is that it’s unfairly good.

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I really would like to try to build something other then mainstream. Can’t wait to try some things :slight_smile:

are we still going to be able to make SOHC V8’s with more than 2 valves?

Did I forget to enter my car?

Ok, so you sent your car to @ramthecowy, not for me. He did sent it to me asap, but I had computer issues and had to re-download every car, except yours, since it wasn’t at my PM.
I didn’t need to, but since I did got your car anyway I’ll check it and if it is under the rules I’ll do the runs and update the results.
Next time please send it to me, right?


Yeah, sorry about that.

Results updated! (since yesterday)

But “we have a problem, Houston.” Now we have a tie for 3rd position, between @FrankNSTein and @nialloftara, so we’ve decided to advance one of the news for the next round: our official track!

After a lot of thinking and discussions we came with what is an great track for this challenge with the perfect complexity to match the participants strength!

We present you the track that could be base for a great game on the future: The Beginners Course!

Both the participants will run one lap at this course, the fastast one will take the bronze trophy!

The results are:
[spoiler]@FrankNSTein: 44.24s[/spoiler]
[spoiler]@nialloftara: 44.45s[/spoiler]

[spoiler]Congratulations, to FrankNSTein again for the 3rd place![/spoiler]

We hope you all like the new track!


Can you tell us when the new rules will be published?

Probably Monday, I’ll do the engines re-balancing this weekend.

Just one thing i thought about, but what do you think about a Power-Limit like max. 400hp. I think that mark everyone can reach so even beginners don’t become overpowerd to much. So you can build a lighter (smaler) engine with a small power band, or you can use a big engine with a wide power-band.

And one penalty for the “fast” ones could be a limited fuel consumption.

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These are really good ideas.