Automation Beginners League - season 82/83 drawing to an end!

I think with that kind of rules alot different engines will be used, maybe even 380 or 350 hp can be the maximum. So the possibilities will become even more. And next season the turbo´s will not overpower everyone. So even smal engines with alot boost pressure can compete with the others.

And you can choose to build a smaler engine with more qualitiy sliders up (more expensive but lighter), or you chose a heavier engine and can use more quality sliders at the other things

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Yeah, I was thinking that 400hp was a little too much, that 350hp would be enough. This would open more room for another improvements and experiments, like morphing the body to get a better weight distribution or trying ti get a better suspension setup.

That was my thoughts ,too. And if you will set a minimum weight , we will get a really close competition with w wide range of different competitors, i think. Something like 350hp and minimum 1000kg for 17000bucks. Max 225 tyres and so on

what if we tie weight to max hp/displacement or tire width or something like that?

I think that would become to complicated

Actually the old ATC did this:

No minimum weight for cars that have engines smaller than 3000ccm,
smaller than 4000ccm is 800 kg, smaller than 5000 ccm 900 and so on. If
you are crazy enogh for a 9000ccm engine, its 1300kg

So we could adapt it to our reality. The lighter cars this last round had around 850kg, while the heavier had around 1200kg.

But I think that with that the hp-limit would be a little redundant.

Yeah and as we wre known as the beginners league i think one minimum weight and one max power is easier to handle for all.

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Welcom to the ABL: it’s time for round 3! It’s

Here are your rules:

  • Maximum tyre width still 245mm
  • Any undertrays allowed
  • Maximum cost is $17000 at 0% markup
  • Again, they need to run on Regular fuel (91 RON/87 AKI)
  • Advanced safety required

###Banned stuff

  • Negative quality sliders
  • V12s
  • Wings and lips
  • LMP and other endurance style bodies


  • Maximum 325 horsepower/242kW
  • Minimum 25 reliability
  • At least one baffled muffler

###Winners punishment

@Newtonmeter, @koolkei and @FrankNSTein your cars will have a max budget of $15,999 :smiling_imp:

###Don’t forget to read the OP for the constant rules!
(eg minimum cooling required, headlights+taillights+handles required, etc)


You have until the 24th of January at 23:59CET to enter your cars.
Send in your cars to @Nomade0013. Cars should be named like this:

Model: ABL74/75 - Username
Trim : Brand (optional) - Model - Trim (optional)
Family: ABL74/75 - Username
Trim: Engine Name - Trim (optional)

Give us two days to discuss and finalize the rule set, and scrutineering begins on the 25th.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. As always, feedback on the ruleset, the presentation, the layout, anything is welcome.

Have fun, and wish you all the best of luck! :grin:


Don’t you think that’s too much of a punishment?

So this season is about 16 Valves and how to use them.

One dollar punishment is a bit over the top or?

  1. I literally had exactly the amount of time to make this post. I haven’t been able to test any cars, so please I’d request someone to make one or two cars to see whether the budget is too harsh.
  2. Usually quality sliders always add in multiples of 10, so ending in a 9 is just a way to annoy them.
  3. Would you like to replace one of the drag strips with Mount Stanley Raceway (used in the APL, available in that thread)?

I might have some time jump back in :slight_smile: but first: What is IMAGE?

To give the penalty of $1 means max 0.1 sec drop. From penalty of around 200kg = more than a second to 0.1… whell that’s not gonna hurt anybody.

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OH GOD :joy: I need to fix that

Always proofread your work, kids :wink: don’t be like me


Okay 1001 buck penalty is something worth :-).
But my thought about the max power was to make it easy to reach for all. I tried a V6 SOHC 16V and I4 DOHC 16V and both are hard to get there. They had to become huge metal blocks. So the FR-Body´s will be a bad choice because they will get alot wheel spin.
My thought´s where based one the old Engine rules. With the new ones i think the max hp should be lower.

I second this, HP limit should be lower to make things easier. Like 100hp lower, or at least 50hp.

Let’s still keep it a bit challenging, so 325hp/242kW sound good to you guys?

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EDIT: I actually already build a car (within penalty rules because moaar challenge) and all I’ll tell you for now is it’s still underpowerd.


Okay, we will see what will happen :slight_smile:

I lost about 3-4 sec at the Green Hell :sweat:

But I’am not finished yet.

Oh, I have something :smiley:

It’s using an I4, weighs less than 800kg and does a good job at burning rubber. Still needs some fine tuning, but it gets pretty good laptimes considering the budget penalty and having about 125hp less than the previous season cars.

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Yeah iàm at the lightwight faction, too :slight_smile:

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