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Automation Detroit Auto Show 2017 [BEST IN SHOW REVEALED]

One of our truck is currently driving here to Detroit to pick up the busted concept, we could ask the driver to stop at their location and perhaps give them a lift.

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Thanks @ArtyomRanger that would be incredibly helpful! The broken Cavalry is currently In Indianapolis

The rest of the convoy has left the old OAM Cavalry with a bunch of engineers and is currently heading towards NAIAS.

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Alright I contacted the driver he isn’t far away from Indianapolis, so he should be there in 2 hours.

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In other news, EADC have finally reached the other side of the pond (America to the non Brits) in New York. The EADC Verona, Vole concept, Weasel and the WeaselRally were in display in NYC, but an unknown sports car has been sighted in the background with with some of the old MBS Classic cars. At the moment, EADC are unwilling to give any information on the new car, however it is speculated either to be the replacement of the EADC Atlas Supercar, or a new sports/luxury car similar to the Traveller II. All that is known is that it will appear at NAIAS tomorrow.

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some big company headquarters, Bridgeport CT, right now

The roar of starting V12 diesels pierces the cold winter air. 8 red trucks start leaving the facility, and then the soft voices of V6 engines join the symphony, supplemented by raindrops hitting the roofs and windows of 5 sleek, carmine limousines passing by the gate. Careful observer would notice a small text on each trailer - “See you in Detroit”.

Zavir convoy is en route.


Continuing the show with some previously made stuff…

This is a 2017 Monolith N230D Sport, our mid-size truck and best selling model.

It is joined by another N230, although separated by 55 years.

The original N230 Diesel was the first IMP vehicle to have a four-stroke diesel engine, a 2.3L Inline six with impressive (for the time) 63hp and 143Nm.
Almost 60 years of engine technology advancement later, this new 2.3L Inline six makes 200hp and 460Nm.

Next to them, another pairing of Trucks.
A humble S200E in School Bus Yellow with its mighty 132hp Inline 3 is joined by none other than the one and only Monolith-KHT S340D1 Blitz that shocked the world late last year outpacing the infamous Saminda C2000R around the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

At IMP, there has been an announcement that the Opera can now be had with a manual transmission on every trim save for the “670hp” Velocitas. Presented at our stand is an Opera Super 425SD with 410hp and 900Nm from its 4.25L Inline six Turbodiesel, equipped with the 7-speed manual transmission of course.

At LaVache, a one-off chrome blue Thundercracker has been added to the display, although most visitors seem to be more interested in the new Ramjet.


##Dimension 2nd Show Batch Arrives to the Show

Today’s new displays, the upcoming 7.0 Symmetry, the 2016 Hadron that was suspiciously missing when we first opened the show and a much earlier concept that we decided to bring again.


Initially shown in the 2012 Detroit Auto Show to mark the 10th year the famous SSP4R nameplate was retired, the SSP4R concept was based off a Hadron platform and powered by a 640 HP twin turbo 3.5 liter V6 through an incredibly intelligent all wheel drive system mated with a state of the art 6 speed gear box. Despite the car’s hefty weight of 1700 kg, it could still rocket to 60 in under 3.5 seconds, however Dimension decided not to produce the car as to not cannibalize the sales of the Paradox.



(Note: the Symmetry SSP takes over the old Hadron SSP as the ultimate performance sedan of the line up)

3 years into the its production, the Symmetry finally gains a real performance model with a monstrously powerful 7 liter V12 that allows it to slaughter anything short of a supercar on the track while maintaining world class comfort and refinement.


The quintessential sporty mid size sedan layout, silky smooth and powerful straight 6 up front, rear wheels do all the moving. The Hadron returns to the Inline 6 FR lay out over the last gen’s V6 and aims to provide the maximum driving enjoyment possible from such a car. The Spec R features delicately tuned sports suspension and a 60 hp upgrade, not to mention a 9000 RPM redline.


Small bonus:


“We’ve got three inbound!” Luke called, trying to clear the a path for the new arrivals before they made it there.

The first truck arrived about 10 minutes before the other two, driven by Storm Automotive’s tech department, who appeared to be fighting with the HUD.

“Oh, now why’s it done that? Robert, it crashed again.”

“Just reinstall the OS, Jim.”

“What the crap!? It just formatted the installation disc!”

Luke stepped in, then said, “I told you two not to use that OS. This is why. Now I’ve got to spend time trying to fix it because you two took shortcuts. How far behind are the other two?”

“About 10 minutes or so.”

“Good, there’s enough time for me to reinstall the proprietary system again. If you two morons screw up another HUD with that project of yours, you’ll be walking to Nevada, so keep it to yourselves. Can’t believe you two did this on the way to Detroit. In public, of all things. You know what this does to our brand image, seeing this thing crashing continuously in front of thousands of people?”

“We didn’t think it’d go badly.”

Luke spent the better part of that 10 minutes hastily trying to reinstall the default software, using a HUD layout intended for the Shadow instead of the Wolf, but at least it wasn’t crashing anymore.

“It will have to do. Keep the public out of the cab, because the display’s all wrong, but it’s no longer putting up the ominous red error text.”

The sound of two inline 4’s quickly burst through the chaos, announcing the arrival of two more pickup trucks.

“Where have you two been?”

“There’s been an accident or something up the road. Police cars, trucks, cars. Not surprising in this chaos that there’s been a crash or something.”

“Well, at least you guys got the trucks here fine. Any other problems on the way here?”

“Other than the swearing fit over the radio from the tech team trying to troubleshoot on the move? No. Just that the Husky’s suspension’s a bit rough and it feels like I spent the trip from Nevada, where we’re making these damn trucks, getting kicked in the ass.”

“Well, we’ll make the tech guys drive the Husky twins home, you two can take the Wolf.”

“Thanks, Luke. At least I’ll get to sit in leather on the way home.”


#OAM Announcement

After many hours stuck in traffic and waiting for a tow truck ( thanks again to River Automotive for helping out) the entire OAM Classic Car Convoy has finally arrived! (Although the Cavalry is looking a bit worse for wear on the tow truck). Better photos will be available later, but now heres all the classic cars OAM brought along.

##OAM 1966 Chevalier
Starting off with the original 1966 Chevalier (painted in ivory white to match the Chevalier II) the first car ever produced by OAM. While not the fastest car, the original Chevalier could boast its presence in pop culture as one of the star cars in the '60s action movie " The Vice". Inside the interior has been completely restored with new white leather seats and trim, including the original 1966 AM radio. Under the hood, was a small but reliable General Industries 5.1L V8, producing a poultry 273 hp, but at the time was more than enough.

##1976 RoadCruiser
Originally called the Albion, the RoadCruiser got it’s name from a journalist who called the 1975 prototype a ‘battleship on wheels’ due to the sheer size of the car. Though the standard RoadCruiser had a 1970 Nadier-Schoefield(NS) Buzzard V8 as standard, there were other engine types available such as the more powerful 1976 NS Falcon V8, and as seen in this convertible RoadCruiser, the gigantic 10.0L NS Vulture V12. This specific car was owned by Ben Whittingmore, cofounder of OAM. Although the RoadCruiser struggled to sell in during the 1978 Oil Crisis, it would have a huge impact on the company.

##1976 Apache
Released in the same year as the RoadCruiser, the OAM Apache was to be the side project of OAM engineers. However as the oil crisis began, the Apache became more and more popular and soon became the main OAM project during the late '70s. The car was so popular that it drew many people away from buying the 1981 Phoenix. This specific version of the Apache is equipped with the 5.9L NS Gull V12, although the standard car came with a smaller engine.

##OAM 1981 Phoenix
At the start of the new decade, OAM engineers decided that they needed a new look. By the late '70s, streamlined cars were all the rage and OAM decided to join in. The 1981 Phoenix was the product of new developments in aerodynamics and the new wind tunnel facility built in the OAM factory. With a more aerodynamic body, the car could reach speeds of 178mph, using the standard Buzzard V8. In 1982, the Phoenix got a facelift and a new engine pushing it to close to 200mph. The car on show today is the 1981 version.

##1990 Phoenix II
After the success of the OAM Phoenix, in 1990, a new car had been developed to replace it, the Phoenix II. More streamlined and more poweful, the Phoenix II had no problem reaching 200mph and could do so, with many extra interior equipment such as electric windows and heated seats. The Phoenix II was so fast, some state police departments bought some as dedicated interceptors, chasing cars down quickly and with ease.
The car brought along today is the Race Spec Phoenix II. The massive 8.1L NS Hawk V8, inside the beast is uprates and boosted to provide almost 1000hp. The base variant of the Hawk comes as an optional engine for the standard car.

##OAM 1973 Cavalry
Last but not least, although arriving on the back of a truck, is the 1973 OAM Cavalry, the precursor to the RoadCruiser. Although it looks different to the RoadCruiser, the Cavalry and the RoadCruiser share many components, including the engine and chassis. However, unlike the RoadCruiser, the Cavalry was littered with faults. This led to the car being shelved in 1975 with only 1900 cars ever made and only 50 existing today. Sadly many of the problems were from the faulty gearbox, and most of them led to the cars being written off. Luckily, the Cavalry brought along today only suffered minor damage and will be able to drive again for another day.


@madrias “you guys need a HUD? Go talk to those Arzamins over at the ADV camp.”

“They could sort you something special…”


Oh, we’re also dabbling in the technology. Just a couple of hotshots from the tech department tried to shoehorn one of their personal software projects into the system. That’ll probably be ready in a year or two, but the world isn’t yet ready for what they’re planning yet.

Very nice, but also, Marlus (CEO Vaunguard Group) came out a la closet

Zenshi Automotive comes into the scene with the next-generation model of their long-running Altrea series, which will soon be released to take on the midsize sedan competition once more.

The 2017MY (or 2018) Altrea is lighter and smaller exterior-wise compared to the previous generation, while retaining the 5-door liftback body style.

The Altrea is powered by a good choice of engine options. The base engine is an updated version of the QS25GDA 2.5L Inline 4, which cranks up to 205 HP, 18 more from the previous engine.
For the first time, the Altrea has the option for a turbo-4. The QS25GDAT cranks up to 300 HP and 285 lb-ft of torque.
The 3.7L LZ7-ME Inline 6 engine was replaced this generation by the smaller LZ4-ACE 3.0L Turbocharged Inline 6 engine, which is stronger and more efficient, boasting 373 HP and 373 lb-ft of torque.

The transmission options for the Altrea are either the 6-Speed MT, or the 6-Speed DCT.

Alongside the Altrea at the display booth will be the wagon variant, the Altrea Touring.


Ooohh that looks nice, and welcome to the forums! Mmh that wagon :persevere:


##Rainmere Inc

Hello everyone. Welcome to the Rainmere booth. My name is Richard Weston, CEO and the owner of Rainmere Inc. You might be asking, “What is Rainmere?” “Who are they?” We are a new car company, based in the USA but we are mainly focusing our business in Asia. For more information about us and our past and current models, you can refer to this link.

We are mainly focused on budget-oriented car, as our market are mostly developing countries. But the new economic development in the United States encouraged us to start selling our cars, here in our home country. And I believe that this auto show is a very good stepping stone for our company to introduce some of our cars.


The Corse is a coupe intended for the active youth who wanted a car that is cheap, practical, reliable but also has a decent performance. Powered by 1.8 liter, 4-cylinder Z60 engine with 168 hp with 5-speed manual or automatic transmission, the Corse notched a solid 7.6 seconds* for 0-60 mph performance. Equipped with 7 inch head unit, 6 airbag and many safety features such as ABS and stability control, the Corse will start retailing at $13800 for manual transmission and $14600 for automatic transmission.

Corse RRX

Next, we are going to introduce the Corse RRX. The Corse RRX was developed in house by Rainmere’s sport division, the RRX (Racing and Rally Experience). Intended to be a budget high-performance track car, the Corse RRX aiming at under $30000 prices with a lot of changes from regular Corse. The engine is a highly tuned Z60 found in regular Corse codenamed Z60MX. With 256 horsepower at 9000 rpm and 142 hp/liter specific output, the Z60MX can be considered one of the most powerful 1.8 liter, 4 cylinder naturally aspirated engine in the world. Mated with 6-speed manual, the Corse RRX easily reach 0-60 in 5.5 seconds and top speed of 155 mph. With sport-tuned suspension, 2 bucket seat and 18 inch magnesium wheels with sports compound tyres, the Corse RRX priced at $28380


@CamKerman I read that but didn’t think it needed to be put in. Sexuality doesn’t matter as I’m concerned with Automation, what you design does.

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DSD’s head of marketing quickly takes the small stage that we have set to the side of our booth.

Ladies and germ we have a new vehicle to reveal. We do apoloigize that Darkshines could not be here but this is Detroit and …well last we saw he was heading out to talk to Luke from Storm Automotive for a test drive in the 2011 Wildcat and the two have been missing for some hr’s now so once again we apologize for our CEO treating this as a holiday.
But without further delay we announce the reveal of the Sand & Snow Fast Response Vehicle.

The lights dim then strobe's flash in DSD purple green and gold before the big screen is lit up and the arena speakers start bellowing out the tune for the SFRAV.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN THE Special Australian Service’s/French Foreign Legion SFRAV

The SFRAV is fitted with a 6.5L turbo inline 6 running on anything above 80 oct. With a huge amount of torque available from idle the engine does get this 2t beast up to a top speed of 200km/h thank to a 9 speed fully automated gearbox and transfer box.
The body is made from 45mm Steel and can deflect ordinances of up to 50mm composite steel projectiles and withstand most I.E.D blasts. Only the finest material are used to ensure that each vehicle is as safe to its occupants as possible.

These vehicles are designed to be able to tame the highest dune or the coldest plain with tyres that can cope with extremely low internal pressures to allow for more tread to be in contact with the ground when needed and of coarse there is an onboard air compressor that can regulate tyre pressure via the driver. This along with huge ground clearance will get you to or more importantly away from the hot zone if need be. Every light. winch, bodypanel has been made to suit combat situations, this is not your yuppy soccer mum car or Arnie’s personal driver, this is a WAR machine and it is the best that the Automation world has to offer in military vehicles at this time.

Please feel free to look over the vehicle and know that your Freedom’s and ideals are protected by DSD

stats and export

darkshine5 - DSD SFRAV.zip (30.6 KB)

Also information on Sambar hybrid engine


Brivio will have to cancel today’s panel due to a serious family issue, Markus had to fly out to New York last night after hearing of his fathers passing, a memorial however will be held in the Brivio stand, we will be remembering how Alonso Brivio helped shape the US division of Brivio, this is truly a sad day for everyone at Brivio, after passing the CEO position to his son in 2001 Alonso has still had a say in what the company produces, Brivio has always been kept in the family and always will be, it has never been run by a non Brivio family member

We would appreciate it everyone would be respectful and patiently wait for tomorrow’s panel with minimal complaints

Alex Hindsley, head of Brivio marketing


The Puttzalong crew finally extracted their collective digit and got their shit together.
The Puttzalong Atoyka (trust me, it’s funny). Puttzalong’s first foray outside of the Family/Family Sport market since the 1990’s, the Atoyka is a genuine soft-roader, for those wankers… ummm, discerning people living around the CBD. Capable of climbing any kerb known to council-man ™.
Designed to appeal to commuter and city premium buyers, this little 4WD can even be driven around the hobby farm and not get bogged! A 1.6L 16v I4 develops 78Kw and 141Nm, fed through the 7sp auto trans and VLSD, it returns 8.3L/100km (lab tested). 4 seats and a price tag of under 22000AMU, we believe this is the car your effeminate buddy needs.

And on the TV, there’s this. Richard Inne-De Haas, Junior (known as “Little Dick”) combined an Aluminium bodied space frame with a Puttzalong engine. The N/A 4.7Lt V8 from the MY17 GC has been tweaked to provide 332Kw. Topping out at over 270 km/h, and airfield in under 1:21, this 1888kg machine delivers bang-for-buck. Only 200 of these will be built, and at 81320AMU, it’s the limited Super/Hyper/GT-P car your office flog thinks he needs. Give him our number.