Automation has stopped working

hey guys i am very new to this automation game and iam car guy who love cars
iam playing this first time when i just try to start the game it says automation has stopped working i just searched on google but no luck
here is the game log
[15:32:55] Lua Version: “Lua 5.1”
[15:32:55] LuaJIT 2.0.3
[15:32:55] Starting initialization process…
[15:32:55] Game Version: 150315
[15:32:55] Loading User Settings
[15:32:55] Loading Player Settings…
[15:32:55] Player Name is: Developer
[15:32:55] No Unit Settings, Defaulting to Metric
[15:32:55] Loading Display Settings from XML
[15:32:55] --------------------------------------
[15:32:55] Display Settings:
[15:32:55] Resolution: 1280 x 720
[15:32:55] Mode: 1
[15:32:55] SSAO: true
[15:32:55] FXAA: true
[15:32:55] Viewport Res: 0
[15:32:55] --------------------------------------
[15:32:55] Initialising Sound Manager
[15:32:55] Initialising Music Manager
[15:32:55] Start Theme
[15:32:55] Starting Kee Engine…
[15:32:55] Oh no, StartKeeEngine failed!

and here is the keeenginelog
Engine initialisation failed. Could not initialise render manager.
it has nothing in it’s sound log
please help me

Actually the first line should be something like
Creating Log File: C:/Users/XXX/Documents/My Games/Automation/\GameLog.txt
right? Idk anything about these things, but I think that log will be more useful than what the cmd thingy shows at launch.

What is your GFX card?

thankyou for replaying i don’t see any gamelog in that folder there are just these tree logs in there (in the image)

the one log(named only log) which is in the middle of keeengine log and sound log i have shared with you at first and i have also have shared the keeengine log but there is nothing in this sound log

i have intel graphics iam pretty sure that my pc is capable to run this game

thankyou for replaying i really appreciate your helping hand

Download GPU-Z from here and run it…

Look at what DirectX version your card supports.

I think that Pixel Shader 3, which Automation requires, is supported from version 9.0c.

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it says direct x support 9.0c i think it supports direct x 9

What’s the model number?

Also have you tried updating your GFX driver, from the Intel site?

This is also an older version of the game… Did you get the game legally?

and this:[quote=“razachandio, post:1, topic:19315”]
[15:32:55] SSAO: true [15:32:55] FXAA: true

if you can, turn off all the ssao and fxaa if you’re struggling to run the game.

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Sorry but thats a pirated copy. Go back and buy the game…guess what it works when you pay for it like everyone else

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Maybe it’s the guy from the chat! xD

But seriously, don’t pirate the game and then come and ask for help. If you want a whole bunch of new stuff and less bugs, save up around 40$ and buy the game on steam.

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What if he bought it outside of Steam?

I’m not sure how the standalone works though.

If he has the standalone version than he should have updated the game, and his version is 150315, so that would make a lot of us suspicious.

Especially after the “chat” incident…

######which was halarious



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Keep scrolling through microwave’s posts.


That is gold, I don’t really follow any chats or outside of the forum but I wish I was there.


Yeah, current version is B161110 or something among those lines. (someone correct me if I am wrong)

Build number is the date in a YYMMDD format, meaning 150315 is a pretty damn old version. IIRC that’s the first steam build.

Also it is the most pirated build :stuck_out_tongue: