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Automation Restomod, Ch. 11: Renewing the Edge [RESULTS OUT; JUDGING CARD PENDING]

ARM Chapter 11: Renewing the Edge

Welcome back to Automation RestoMod, or ARM, a challenge series originally devised by @cake_ape . The aim of each ARM challenge is to take a (preferably real-life) old car and you modify it with modern technology and unique styling to make something truly fascinating.
This eleventh iteration of ARM is the first to feature a 21st Century car, but don’t you worry: The platform dates back to 1977, so it’s still ancient enough for a restomod. The scoring and rules this time around are geared towards a game of trade-offs - there is no perfect car.

Last ARM:

ARM10 - An 80s Revival

First ARM:

ARM1 - The Re-Hatching

The Car

When this 2002 Ford Mustang GT rolled off the assembly line, it looked relatively fresh with its New Edge styling - but its platform was 25 years old and officially retired for a decade for the rest of Ford. A new platform for the Mustang had been considered for the 1990s, but as we all know, that ended up becoming the FWD Probe and was by then also dead.
Sporting a ‘primitive’ live rear axle and a softish, low-revving V8 engine, the Mustang’s main draw was being cheap and unpretentious - and even then, there were better options. Following 2002, the Ford Mustang would be left as the last pony car standing as the rival (and more capable) Chevrolet Camaro finally kicked the bucket. So, the 2002 Ford Mustang: an old warrior overdue for discontinuation. Who would buy such a thing?

The Customer
Darrell Butler, born in 1980 in Memphis, Tennessee - that's who. He put down his first payment on this dark-blue, 5-speed Mustang GT when his old Cavalier died during his junior year at the University of Tennessee - Chattanooga, using part-time earnings. He knew it wasn't the most practical choice and nor was it the nicest or the fastest - but it looked good, sounded better and annoyed his uptight family best.

Fast forward 20 years. Mr. Butler, now a respected engineer, lives with his family in Fort Worth, Texas. The Mustang, which had helped him pick up the woman who is now his wife, is still by his side, stock and in decent shape. Darrell appreciates the Mustang’s playful character and the fact that even though it’s his fun car, it’s still very much daily-drivable. That being said, its age and lack of power have become a hindrance to his fun and a subject of friends and neighbors’ mockery, and even his wife’s Callahan Condor, a front-drive large family sedan, is more powerful than the old GT. Darrell can’t let go of his baby, so he’s decided to put up some money towards making his Mustang special again.

That Condor’s 3.0 supercharged i5 has a 55-horse advantage on Darrel’s pony

The Challenge

Darrell Butler is soliciting design proposals to turn his New Edge-style Ford Mustang into a fun and unique car that he can proudly use as a weekend cruiser. This means improving not only its performance and amenities, but also its cool factor as the now-middle aged owner seeks to go from “there are many like it, but this one is mine” to “it’s one of a kind, and it’s mine”. He is okay with blowing up to $30,000 on the job - which, added to the car’s cost way back when, makes $57,000.

The Rules

Mandatory Criteria

  • YOU ARE USING THIS BODY AS A BASE. ARM11_-YourForumName-Ford_Mustang-_GT.car (103.9 KB)

  • Clone both the imported model and engine - Watch cake_ape’s tutorial to learn how.

  • Set all dates (model year, trim year, engine family/variant year) to 2020.

  • Maximum engine ET: 160.

  • Maximum trim ET : 150.

  • No V16s or race parts (race intake, race tubular exhaust, semi-slicks).

  • No changing chassis type or chassis material

  • At least 3-way catalytic converters are mandatory.

  • At least Standard 00s safety is mandatory: No Basic 00s or 10s, and no ‘None’.

  • Maximum engine loudness: 45.

  • Maximum octane: 93 AKI/98 RON.

  • Minimum fuel economy: 12 mpg/19.6 L/100km (To be clear: If you use the latter measurement, your consumption must be less than 19.6 to qualify).

  • Full engine swaps cost $5000. Changing engine orientation is a full engine swap regardless of the engine.

  • Head swaps cost $2000.

  • Suspension swaps cost $3000.

  • Body style swaps cost $3000.

  • Panel material swaps cost $3000.

  • Morphs are free and unlimited. Until 4.2 lets us properly track them, no use punishing people over it.

  • Maximum price (as shown in the Testing tab, Markets section): $57,000

  • You must post an ad with at least 1 picture of your car on this thread.

  • Be reasonable with minmax; negative quality spam is a ticket to Bin City.

  • Interiors are optional, but a good one can boost your styling grade.

    Notes on Priced Swaps

As seen in the above ruleset, some major design elements need extra money to be replaced. What this actually does is reduce your maximum listed price. For example, you swapped your panels to aluminum and put in your own bespoke V10 - so instead of $57,000, your maximum price is (57000-(3000+5000)=$49,000. Choose your swaps wisely.

  • Body style swaps are when you change to one of the other three bodies in the base car’s body family.

  • Head swaps are when you keep the same engine block as the base engine (that means keeping the cast-iron V8 with the orignal family bore and stroke) while changing the head type, increasing the valve count and/or adding VVT/VVL/both. This simulates putting new heads onto the actual block in Darrell’s V8.

  • Anything that isn’t unchangeable (like the chassis) or a priced change is free - yes, including maxing out the variant displacement.




Darrell has spent 20 years with a ‘slow’ Mustang, and he wants it faster. No more being out-torqued by family cars.The Mustang should be able to back up its styling. Speaking of…


Your client first bought the Mustang GT partly because he loved the look, but now it just looks unremarkable. If you make a design striking and unique enough to make Darrell fall back in love with the car, your chances will be drastically higher.



Darrell is now a middle-aged family man; while he has handled the unruly Mustang in the past without any issues, he doesn’t want his car to kill him and orphan his children.


A good personal car doesn’t torture the person inside it, and Darrell has had it “up to here” with cheap plastic. Make sure the revamped Mustang isn’t a lawn chair.


The worst headache you can have with a heavily-modified car is have it break down with you, because the dealer is useless in such a situation. Darrell wants his pony to be dependable, as it mostly has been in the past.



The client obviously doesn’t want any journey of his to end at the Pearly Gates, so same issue as with Drivability, really.


The Butler family lives in a nice neighborhood and is friends with respectable people. The renewed Mustang doesn’t have to be a Maybach, but God forbid it’s an embarrassment.


Finally, it wouldn’t do to erase literally erase every trace of Mustang from the mustang. Shapes, lines and edges a long way, even if modernized.

Notes on Judging

  • Most of my judging will go along the lines of the above priorities, but I would like to stress that the end result should be cohesive. If your entry doesn’t make sense, I reserve the right to penalize it. On the other hand, you can get away with a lot of silliness as long as it all comes together well. If you think you have a really good “special” or “unusual” idea, do go for it.

  • All results are final and no amount of salt will change that - so please avoid being disrespectful even if you are unhappy with your result. That being said, as this is my first time hosting, I will take judging advice and corrections for any future competitions I might host.


  • Set Car Model and Engine Family names to “ARM11 - [Your Forum Username Here]”

  • Post the ad for your restomod proposal in this thread. Remember: There must be at least one picture of your car in there; but while it won’t affect judging, I would love to see more photos and a bit of lore, too.

  • Send me a direct message in this forum with your .car file attached. Discord DMs/mentions will be ignored.

  • Submissions open on Tuesday - October 19, 2021, 12:01 AM CST

  • Submissions close on Friday - October 29, 2021, 11:59 PM CST

As for now, please give me feedback and/or tell me if I've missed anything. May God have mercy on us all.

I get that car but that seem fixtures is missing

I think I not meet all mods for this car. How I get right mods for that?

Try showing the host what the car looks like on your end to see if they can recognize the mods for what’s missing

Which fixtures are missing on your end? Please show me a picture or something

I see missing is:
rear exhaust
well fender flare

license plate and car logos

Customizable exhaust tips
Trunk handle and opener for classics
Gizmo’s Revolutionnary Body Shaping Kit 4.24
Wing02 4.24
Aruna’s Wheel Pack 9
The classic front mod (AKA the body torture set)
GrandSport Font free colorable

Are the big ones. I think you will need to re-import the car after downloading them to get the fixtures. Also, please consider just subbing to Delta’s mod collection: It’s all the current mods iirc so it’s large, but once you have it you’ll never have a situation like this again.

is that one Delta’s mod collection?

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Yep. The 500-mods one is what I use, so I can’t guarantee the lite version contains all you need.

Wow, I have to do manager with file for this. Also I do play Genshin Impact (that picture above)

Submissions are open as of right now.

What about changing the head and/or block materials? Are we allowed to do that or not?

Changing the head material means you’re at least doing a head swap - but if family capacity, block material and so on are untouched, it’s just the cheaper head swap. Changing the block material means you’re doing a full engine swap.

If I use 3D fixtures to heavily modify the vheicle into what would be a different body type (e.g. making it into a pickup truck), would that qualify as a body-style swap?

As it won’t change the engineering stats and properties of the car, it will not count as a body swap and will thus be free. No convertible, no sedan-induced extra interior space, no problem.

When you hear the word Mustang, all sorts of associations come into your mind. Screaming down the highway, with a powerful naturally aspirated engine. An unadulterated driver’s car, designed to give the most raw and pure experience. Maybe even something with a bit of sportiness underneath all that muscle. Well, the new BRM Godzilla Mustang has all of that, and more.

Let’s start by popping the hood, shall we? The largest engine ever found in a Mustang was the 7 L V8 found in the Boss 429 homologation special. Separating on of these from its home would be awful - so we went even bigger, sourcing a modern 7.3L “Godzilla” crate engine, directly from ford, and tuning it even more. Our take on the engine has just that little bit more compression and revs just that little bit higher to crank out just a little more power, but it’s still a massive, bulletproof, naturally-aspirated V8.

Continuing to look at the mechanics, and it’s somewhat standard. As is practically tradition for BRM, the suspension has been swapped out for more modern options. The manual has been kept for the viceral driving experience, but bumped up to 6 gears. Aftermarket alloy rims are clad in sporty but comfortable rubber. Boatloads of downforce keep the car planted… So what’s new?

This Mustang comes with a fully hidden, automatic soft-top. The rear flap in the renders shows where the top deploys from and retracts to, although it will obviously not look like that while driving. That’s what’s new, and that’s what makes this car stand out from the rest of our work. Is there anything better than flooring the gas with the top down and feeling the wind in your hair? Or cruising with it down, looking around and seeing what’s around you? The conversion is all custom, and costs a pretty penny, but it’s worth it when you get to really let it shine. The interior has been updated as well, given how visible it will be - gone is the cheap plastic, because leather is in. Explosively-deployed roll bars have been added behind the seats, for additional safety. Some styling cues of the original Mustang have been retained, while others have been reinterpreted and modernised.


Mons Customs

Introducing the

Ford Mustang GT "Canary"

Dear Mr. Butler,

Please accept this letter as our formal offer to restomod your beloved Ford Mustang GT. We understand your love for this vehicle and all the memories you have built in it. If you choose our custom shop, we guarantee the best experience in your custom modded 'stang that you can imagine!


For this restomod, Mons Customs has decided to keep the original “feel” of the Mustang intact. Despite the many changes applied to the car, it is still unmistakably and authentically a Mustang. In terms of changes, we have painted the car an eye-catching racing-yellow, updated the lighting all-around with modern LEDs, added a functional and sporty front spoiler, enhanced venting, painted the hood matte black for an aggressive look, and added a sports decal on the side indicating the car’s increased engine capacity and speed.


Despite the increased power and sportiness, the car remains extremely drivable with its 7-speed DCT transmission, electric LSD, grippy tires, electric variable steering assist, ESC and launch control. This is a car meant to be pushed, but is still forgiving and can be enjoyed on a weekend cruise down the strip.


Mons Racing used the original V8 of your Mustang GT, keeping numbers matching intact. The engine has been expanded to its maximum 5.5L capacity, new headers are installed, the fuel and exhaust systems upgraded - but we kept it naturally aspirated for that all-American V8 roar. Overall, the car produces just under 500 HP delivered to the rear tires for an exhilarating experience - if you want it.


Mons Customs has taken all of its talent and resources to make this vehicle as comfortable as possible. The suspension has been swapped to a more comfortable and controllable DW front/ML rear set-up. In the interior we installed two custom luxury seats, and the premium infotainment is at your fingertips through several touch-screens. A premium 3D audio system will keep you immersed in your music.

Mr. Butler, please find attached photorealistic renders of our vision for your Mustang GT. Thank you for your consideration.

Mons Customs




23 hours remain until the deadline.

Also, VVL counts as a head swap just like VVT does - fortunately, neither of the submitted designs VVL in the first place so they aren’t affected. The ruleset in the OP has been corrected accordingly.


Hello Mr. Butler,

Here is the proposal from Sparky T’s Custom shop, the Speed Six GT. What we have done is give it a more sports racer vibe. As you can see, we have given your Mustang a wide body kit with boxed flares, a chin spoiler, rear defuser, and a high mount wing. We also added custom 18" wheels mounted to high performance 245 tires.

Of course, as you might gather from the name, we have swapped out the engine. It is now powered with a 4.0 liter Barra straight six from an Australian Ford Falcon XR6. This turbocharged mill puts out 410hp @ 6400rpm and 428 lb ft of torque at 3600. Power is then routed through a T-56 six speed manual transmission and an independent rear axle from a 2002 Mustang Cobra R. As you might imagine, this provides rather stunning performance, both at the strip and the track.

We also took the liberty of upgrading the Mustang’s interior. You will now find leather seats and a modern infotainment system. This allows the Speed Six to be a comfortable highway cruiser. The price for this proposal would be the modest sum of $51,300 AMU.