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Automation Restomod Chapter 10: An 80s Revival

Hi, Welcome to ARM10!

If you haven’t entered ARM before, I highly recommend you read through the previous ARM to get a feel of how it works overall, and what a good entry looks like. Some of my personal favorites are Edsel’s Lincoln Festiva, and Hi!'s Nomad.

The Car

pictured: a “performance” car
(Base Pontiac Fiero made by the very talented Kyorg)

Thiiiiiiissss is a 1988 Pontiac Fiero, widely known for really, truly awful body kits, and spontaneously lighting on fire.

It was originally designed as a city economy car, with a GM Iron Duke i4 with a whopping 92(!) horsepower, however with the mid engine RWD layout it made great fodder for engine swaps, body kits, and general creativity.

The Client

"Hello, my name is Michael Williams, I am 44 years old and live in Seattle, Washington, and I am currently a manager at a luxury car dealership. I have owned many cars, even some really expensive, luxurious cars, however the one car that sticks out the most to me is this: a 1988 Pontiac Fiero.

My father bought this Fiero new in '88, and it was given to me as my first car when I was 16. I always made sure to wash it frequently, and keep the mechanicals in good condition. However recently I’ve been neglecting the Fiero in favor of newer, nicer cars and thought to myself ‘I think it really needs a new lease on life.’"

The Rules

  • USE THIS CAR FILE: ARM10_-YOURNAMEHERE_-_Fiero.car (46.3 KB)


  • Set Model and Engine Family years to 2020

  • No V16s

  • 3 way or better catalytic converter, and at least one muffler required

  • Morphs are completely free

  • Suspension swaps are free, engine and/or engine orientation swaps are $2500, and panel material swaps are $5000

  • Chassis type and material is locked

  • Max octane rating of 95

  • Adv. 20s Safety required

  • $85k price cap

  • Interiors not mandatory, however a solid interior will be judged higher than a comparable car without one

  • An advert (at least one picture of the car, posted to the thread) is required

  • Make sure to clone the car properly

  • You will be allowed up to 5 (five) questions to Michael via Forum DM’s

  • All major stats should be greater than or equal to the original car

  • Please be generally reasonable as far as minmax goes

The Priorities

  • 3 Stars - Styling, Uniqueness, Drivability, Performance

  • 2 Stars - Comfort, Reliability, Safety

  • 1 Star - Practicality, Fuel Economy, Authenticity

  • On Authenticity - With this being a low priority this does not mean that you have to make the Fiero look completely new stock from the factory, even so much that you could completely restyle it and still make it far.

How To Submit

  • Set Car Model and Engine Family to “ARM10 - (Your Username Here)”.

  • Post your advert here in the thread.

  • DM me through the Forum DMs, with your completed .car file for judging

  • Submissions Open September 1st, 00:00 PST

  • Submissions Close September 14th, 23:59 PST


Wow, thanks! Best I’ve done in a challenge so far! :D

Anyway, about the challenge: You say engine “and/or” engine orientation swaps cost $2500. So if I swap both engine and orientation, am I looking at a cost of $2500 or $5000?

if you swap both it would come out to $2500


Will our fuel type have any impact on judging besides needing to be 95 RON or below? Or is Michael perfectly happy to pay extra for premium gas?

Edit: Also, will we be able to ask multiple rounds of questions, or will you require all questions at once?

Oof, edit to the edit: Any limits on Engineering Time as well?

fuel type won’t have any effect on judging,

questions can be asked however you want, (wording changed to “up to 5 questions”)

no ET/PU limits

Time permitting, i’ll give this one a shot.

When most people hear the word Fiero, they think of foolish bodykits, outlandish modifications and teenagers in ditches. When we found out our latest project was to be a Fiero, man, we set out to change that ideology for good- in an unexpected way, as we usually do!

When we saw the notchback on the back of this Fiero, we thought, “Look at all this wasted space!” And so we got to work on making a custom shooting brake conversion, turning this small coupe into one practical looker. The mid-mounted engine was worked around by using extra cooling and an insulated bay, making sure that you don’t end up frying eggs while returning from the grocery store! Speaking of the drivetrain and engine, a 91hp tractor engine mounted to a slow 4-speed autobox simply doesn’t cut it for a performance vehicle. With a new, responsive 7-speed dual clutch transmission bringing this 460hp, twin-turbocharged V10 beast from 0-60 in just 3.2 seconds, this performance vehicle can go from the curving roads of the Cascades to the hardware store while still managing 29mpg!

As for the interior? The Fiero's original interior was uncomfortable, ugly and low quality. So what did we do? We designed from the ground up an interior that would put many hypercars to shame. Featuring acres of handcrafted Italian leather accented by large swathes of carbon fiber, 20-speaker Jay Beal audio and one of the largest screens in any car, this car is unlike anything else. With adaptive comfort suspension that can change how stiff it is on the fly, you can take this car to a track day and then waft down the highway in serenity!

3.5L V10 revving to 9,000rpm
7sp DCT



A hatchback Fiero with a heart from an early '90s F1 car? Now that’s definitely something I have never seen before!

Submissions Are Now Open!

Always remember to triple check the rules before you submit, and remember to clone your car correctly


Are license plates important? Is there any penalty for having the wrong kind?

No penalty for incorrect license plates, and plates are not required, but recommended



The BRM Fiero "Borealis".


Ah, the eighties… One of performance motoring’s better ages, depending on who you ask. This decade brought us the Tessarosta, the Jalpa, the 944 and the 959. Mustangs were becoming sporty and comfortable again. Legends were being written in motorsport. Lauda, Prost and Senna were duking it out with others in Formula One. The World Endurance Championship was booming, with Lancia, Porsche, Jaguar and Mercedes duking it out. Rallying, meanwhile, hit its dizzying, dangerous apex with the insane Group B cars. The Borealis pulls loose inspiration from distant memories of those heady rally cars, but it is all original.

The only hints or remainder of the original car are the classic spoiler, and the new cursive Fiero badge. Everything else has been intensively remodelled, with a brand new set of custom-fabricated carbon fiber panels being used to make the body. These new panels provide a much more aggressive, race-inspired shape, loosely inspired by rally homologation models such as the Audi Quattro.

Engineering - The Aesthetic Parts

When you pull off the panels, it quickly becomes apparent that everything else has been changed as well. An incredibly flat, fully clad carbon undertray has been introduced, to decrease the drag of the car. This undertray utilises a “two-stage design”, with a channel running the entire length of the car above the main undertray, providing increased downforce and cooling compared to a solid front.

We have also added a custom cooling vent solution. Three vents are supplied, providing additional air to the front brakes, rear brakes, and engine. This cooling would normally provide substantially increased drag - but not here. Custom, computer-controlled, moveable carbon fiber vent covers are provided on these three vents. The renders show the front brake vents fully open, the engine vents half-open and the rear brake vents fully closed, but the three would likely be in similar positions while the car is in use. A custom rear diffuser has also been added, providing the majority of the car’s downforce.

Engineering - The Actual Numbers

The car uses a custom-made 1.6L inline four - but don’t let the reduced displacement scare you off. With all-forged internals, a 16-valve twin-cam design and a turbocharger, this engine puts out an impressive 220 horsepower, providing a maximum speed of 213 km/h and pulling you up to 100 km/h in just 4.4 seconds. The original engine and transmission mounts have been retained, with the engine being transversely mounted in front of the rear axle and sending all of that power to the rear axle. A seven-speed, dual clutch transmission connects the driver to the engine, providing the best experience available. Launch control, grippy tyres and an eLSD ensure that wheelspin is all but banished. Active, race-oriented suspension provides the ideal handling for aggressive, determined driving, and the large vented brakes help the car stop whenever it needs to. Additional time and attention has gone into just about every aspect of the car, with the team at BRM working hard to create the ultimate experience.


The interior relies on pursuing quantity over quality. A blue-and-white theme has been chosen for the interior, with carbon fiber highlights. Full six-point harnesses are supplied with dedicated mounting points for both seats, to ensure safety even on intense track days. A bespoke digital dash has been supplied, along with a screen on the main console. The seats and armrests are mounted to adjustable rails, able to be tweaked for comfort. That’s about the entirety of the interior - but don’t mistake simplicity for a lack of comfort, as BRM has managed to refine every single element for ergonomics and ease of use.


Mons Customs

Introducing the

Pontiac Fiero Inferno "F40"

Dear Mr. Williams,

Please accept this letter as our formal offer to restomod your beloved Pontiac Fiero. We understand your love for this vehicle and all the memories you have built in it, as well as your love for iconic sports and super cars. If you choose our custom shop, we guarantee the best experience in your custom modded Fiero that you can imagine!


For this restomod, Mons Customs has decided to do something truly unique and quirky. We thought to ourselves, which iconic car still turns heads wherever it goes? Which car would a mid-engine sports car aspire to be? The obvious answer is the Ferrari F40! So we thought, why not make a Fiero-F40? It is guaranteed to be a hit on any track day!


Due to the new all-wheel drive system, user-friendly 7-speed DCT gearbox, ESC with Launch Control, electric variable power steering, perfectly tuned brakes, and modern safety features, the car is extremely easy to drive and safe to handle. Due to its forgiving nature, you can push the car to its limits with ease, while still maintaining a healthy level of fun!


Mons Racing replaced the original engine of the car with a powerful V6 - guaranteed to be one of the most powerful Fieros on the road today! The extremely light carbon fibre panels keep the car nimble, and the new pushrod active sport suspension keeps the car on the sporty side. With an acceleration of 3.8 s to 100 km/h, you are guaranteed to leave the plebs in the dust.


Mons Customs has taken all of its talent and resources to make this vehicle as comfortable as possible. On the mechanical side we swapped in a MultiLink rear suspension and installed a comfortable hydropneumatic system all around for the smoothest ride possible. The interior is fully rebuilt by hand and features high-grade materials all around, and includes the latest and greatest technology at your fingertips.

Mr. Williams, please find attached photorealistic renders of our vision for your Fiero and detailed specifications. Thank you for your consideration.

Mons Customs

Under the hood

Mons Racing has replaced the original engine with a 2.2L twin-turbo charged V6 putting out well over 300 HP! The engine is placed in a longitudinal orientation for that all-important power delivery - as well as improved looks for when you lift the hood. The engine itself boasts a beautifully colour-matched header unit.

The engine is mated to a seven-speed DCT gearbox and an eLSD, which feeds just the right amount of power to all four wheels through a modern all-wheel drive system. The car is further tamed through an ESC with LC. The suspension is swapped to a new active-sport pushrod system that is as comfortable as it is sporty. Rounding out the features are perfectly tuned, oversized vented disk brakes that allow for sporty driving, while remaining comfortable for everyday use.


Mons Customs has totally revamped the looks of the Fiero - it is barely recognizable! The body panels have been swapped to all carbon fibre, which allowed us to remodel the car after a Ferrari F40. The car also features a brand new sports-yellow paint job. Other features include functional aerodynamic bits, including a rear wing and a front lip; Ferrari inspired rims; custom badging all around; and various accents. The F40 inspired vents are not only for show. We aimed to make them functional, and the car not only has enhanced engine cooling (compared to the original Fiero), but also much improved brake cooling through the new duct system. Finally, the car is fully road legal even according to modern standards, and features appropriate DRLs, side markers and lights, as well as a third brake light.


The Mons Customs team has taken painstaking care to make the interior of your Fiero as practical as it is comfortable. The entire interior is custom hand-built from the finest materials available. Main features include custom molded sports bucket seats, a custom dash with a large horizontal LCD screen behind the wheel and an oversized centre LCD, as well as the latest in HUD technology, a sports wheel with paddle shifters, sports-inspired controls, two cupholders, and ample storage. Of course, we also include our top-of-the line audio system.

Just Eye-candy


[So the Fiero is a bootleg Italian sports car? Okay then…]

More about the Fispa 260

Owning an old car is infamously quite the pain, but they’re just so cool that you can’t help but dream. But what if you could have all the fun of an old car without any of the drawbacks? What if these beloved styles didn’t have to be a thing of the past?
That is the dream behind the Fispa 260.

The outside has been gracefully designed to integrate classic design cues onto a modern chassis, which the panels completely redone out of lighter aluminum, combined with improved safety features. The interior has been fitted with one of the most customizable computer systems available in any car today. And the looks, of course, speak for themselves.

Tuned for perfect handling dynamics, the mid engined, V6 Fispa Doesn’t let the weight and computer systems of modern technology get in the way of driving feel. All the modern computer systems are there, sure, but they can all be turned off, and the car certainly doesn’t need them; after all, the car went through most of it’s design with a placeholder carbureted engine, and with sandbags in place of the computers. Rest assured this car works just fine with arcade mode off.

Of course, if you decide to turn the computers on, you’ll certainly enjoy what you find; Aside from all the modern cameras and sport-modes and emissions-control and whatever, its got a pop-up wing, retractible sunroof (with velvet cover for style), active suspension, and even a simulated 5-speed manual! You can change how many and which gears are active, as well as how they’re shifted, on as much as a whim! And that’s only the surface!

Inside, we have not given up on combining classic style with modern convenience. With a horn-ring next to an airbag, a manual knob next to a 1080p HD display, analog dials above a footrest that looks like a clutch (and can serve as one on command), and so much more, you really can enjoy all the great things about yesteryear without any of the drawbacks!

Nor have we sacrificed practicality either. With enough space to actually fit people in the back, and a front-trunk that can actually hold stuff, it realistically could serve as a daily driver! And the passengers will be comfortable too; the trunk can be independently climate controlled, and the passengers even have their own HD screen, complete with an HDMI and AV ports, as well as the ability to simulate analog display!

Sure, there are cars that are faster, or more practical, or have some other neat trick. But how many cars do you know that were designed purely to be enjoyed? How many can completely change themselves by the hour to meet your needs? And how many boast this kind of elegant style while still being one of the most sensible choices around? Not many, I’d wager.


I call this the F-Box1

Basically me practicing using 3D fixtures.

If nothing else, she’s a screamer going 0-62 in 2.9 seconds.

506hp coming from a Twin Turbo 3800 revving all the way to 7600rpm.

Yea…it moves.

Hello world.


I get the impression that this is normal for ARM, but I just love how completely different and alien to each other the submissions in this contest are!

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Yep, that’s pretty normal. Most briefs allow for pretty crazy stuff to happen. It’s one of the charms of ARM, and I’m glad you like it :slight_smile:

And I’m very impressed that you managed to squeeze 5 full seats into the Fiero. It’s not a small feat!


This was actually my intention when writing the brief! I like to encourage making weird stuff, and I am all for the diversity in submissions here


I too am amazed at the back seats…I was like WHAAAAAT??? Back seats!!!

Yinzer Automotive coupled with a custom car designer Killinger Intellectual Prototypes to come up with the Yinzer (KIP) Winger, a one off showing design with styling cues from multiple eras. It is a modern driving vehicle with a 6 speed dual clutch coupled to the special B version of our Master 8 engine. This stroked version, the MasterB8, is a 4.1 liter naturally aspirated configuration that has an excess of 400 horsepower and a lively 8,000 RPM. This (KIP) Winger might be a one off vehicle, but next year prepare for a MasterB8 in every Yinzer showroom with our new line of models.