Automation Stat-Tracking Thread

Hi all,

This thread will serve the purpose of tracking raw data stats from any submitted vehicle. With data, it is my hope to turn that into a “comparison engine” for all to see, however they want to see it. Therefore, the GOAL of this thread is to become an objective data source for any volunteered information.

Sometimes, we see cars get “binned” or eliminated from a competition over something highly subjective, or even just from petty things like mis-labeling an entry by name. While that is the challenge-maker’s prerogative to run the challenge as they see fit, I often wonder what the outcome would be in a competition turning a blind-eye to the minutia of Automation fixture-pasting and manipulation. In other words, what would happen if we just looked at the stats? What if the game didn’t even have a graphical environment? Intrigued? Read on!

Thinking about it deeper, I realized that Automation is really two separate games (perhaps three if you are exporting to Beam and trying to make the best car for a course.) One is a beauty contest with a limited set of tools, similar to 3D Sketch type programs. The other (the one I care about for this thread) is a numbers-based Role-Playing game, balancing all manner of sliders to come up with the best compromise suitable for a given competition or challenge. The two “games” aren’t even connected to each other. Example, sticking on a grille, or a set of headlights, does not change anything stat-wise.

This thread hopes to expand on that second premise of the game, with data-driven results! If you’re interested in how your vehicle performed Objectively, then this thread is for you. At some point I hope to be able to automate the process by reading .car files or some other trickery, but for now this manual method will suffice.

The current way I’ll be doing this is with a tracking sheet in Google. It is not currently editable by all (which could result in bad data, until I figure out the automated export process), but it is publicly viewable:

Automation Stat-Tracker

How to send data:

  • If you want to just send a .car file, that’s one way. I will load the car in Automation, and pull the specs.
  • If you want to just send a screenshot of your complete “Detail Stats”, “Performance” (from Test Track page), “Engine Statistics”, body type as described in Automation (sedan, liftback, etc), “Design” page (for the wheelbase and seat count) pages, I’ll enter the specs.

You can screen-print the data here in this thread, drop the .car file in the thread, or DM me the info and/or .car file so I can work with the data.

Important points

  • If the vehicle was created for a specific competition or challenge, list that information in your post. This way a user of the data can filter out for a particular competition or challenge.
  • List your program version (otherwise I’ll assume its the “current” version that I can pull up at the time.) Different versions will then be easy to filter out. As of the writing of this thread, we’re on 4.2.13A.
  • When sending stats, be sure to include the Model and Trim, and Years of your Vehicle and Engine. We’ll do that so we can compare how years affect the stats, performance-wise.
  • Be sure to send in your

Total list of items gathered:

Date Data Entered Program Version Owner Challenge / Comp Model Trim Model Year Engine Year Body Style Doors (Automation spec) Full Seats Jump Seats (+1) Type Wheelbase (in.) Driveability Sportiness Comfort Prestige Safety Practicality Utility Offroad Reliability Env. Resistance Footprint [ft^2] Cargo Volume [L] Passenger Vol [L] Service Costs Fuel Economy (Mpg) Emissions Octane Material Costs Production Units Engineering Time Approx. Cost Engine Capacity (cc) Engine Power (HP) Engine TQ (ft. lbs) Engine Max RPM Engine Perf. Index Engine Cooling Engine Smoothness Engine Throttle Response Engine Noise Engine Reliability Engine Service Costs Engine Fuel Economy % Engine Octane Engine Emissions Engine Weight (lbs) Engine Size (L) Material Costs Manhours Engineering Time Top Speed 0-100 Km/H (sec) 80-120 Km/H (sec) 1/4 Mile (sec) 1Km Time (sec) 20m Radius Cornering (g) 200m Radius Cornering (g) Roll Angle (degree) 100-0 Km/H Stopping Distance (ft) Drivability Brake Fade (%) Sportiness Brake Fade (%) Utility Brake Fade (%) Frontal Area (ft^2) Coefficient of Drag (Cd) Front Downforce (lbs) Rear Downforce (lbs) Weight (lbs) Weight Dist. (Front %) Weight Dist. (Rear %) Power to Weight Ratio (kW/kg) Towing Capacity (lbs) Load Capacity (lbs)

By the way, I am not a data analyst expert so if I missed a data point or something we should track, or if there’s a better way to accomplish the goal of getting data-driven information out to the people.

I look forward to your replies!

-edited to add performance specs and others related

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might as well have the car

Thanks, Riley. I’ll add your data to the Google sheet list here shortly.

Thanks for participating in the data experiment!

Edit - Data fully entered. Nice car!

Some members pointed out that there’s some missing data points, things we can find in the body type list, and the Test Track stats. So, I’ll edit my first post to include what we need there. This should be a comprehensive list of specs. Do with the data whatever you like and let me know if you want to help with data entry, or have other ideas. I’m here to help!

@Riley first amazing coincidence I’ve seen in the data…your car and my car have EXACTLY the same quarter mile time of 12.78! I bet there’s more we find, the more we look through these cars. Excellent.

@kalan second coincidence, we have EXACTLY the same power to weight ratios, despite having radically different specs to get there.

@kalan I had your .car file from earlier so I entered all stats in the sheet. Compare at will!

OK, now that all the records are ready, a relative formulas analysis can be done. All those who are better than average - are winners, those who are less than average are laggards.
Just looking at the numbers isn’t that interesting yet. But Automation does not offer export statistics, so, the data will take a very long time to process. To record all 34 participants is already a huge work.


I timed the data entry, start to stop and it takes about 6 minutes for me, including a double pass on each category. I’m willing to put in the time for any volunteer car. I find the process as educational as building my own, so I will happily take on the effort.

This project will, I hope, be a long-term thing that tells a bigger story than just one or two competitions.

I would LOVE to have the data from all contestants for this file. I have asked but I’m not going to push. I have asked other folks to assist in getting the word out that I’m doing a database, we’ll have to see if the request gains traction.

It might be interesting to add a column for wins or placement, to start to pivot the data off that. As always buddy you get me thinking!

Here is my entry for the QFC1 (definitely NOT a 306 ^^), and the first FWD (if I’m not mistaken) in your database.|attachment (88.2 KB)
Keep up the good work !
PS: I’m on the opt-in alpha

Hey there, yes I believe it is the first FWD. I’ll enter the data stats later tonight and post back.

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Data entered, thank you. Nice car!

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It’s great to see my Shadowcrow line in the Stat-Tracker - and in my view at least, each and every variant holds up well enough.

It certainly does! The 3.0 one was hard to get around Spa…I think maybe it needs more tire for the HP.

Either that or more rear camber (compared to front camber) and a stiffer front anti-roll bar (relative to the rear anti-roll bar) would work wonders.

Hi lanson, i know you have this on discord too but i think its a good idea to tell you here. Im probably going to bombard you with cars, so be prepared.

OK sounds good. Would you like edit permisisons to get in directly?

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No need, ive got other looking at numbers to worry about lmao

OK, no problem to assist. If any of the discord members want to help with upload (assuming a LOT), just let me know. Otherwise I’ll do my best.


I mentioned this in another post but:

1638 data points entered so far. I’ve also color-coded most of the chart for easy comparison. It is going well!

Wells SS-1 (93.1 KB)