Automation Touring Car Championship REBORN - Season 1 | Race 8 (Imola) Results!

#Season 1: A European Love Affair!

Welcome to the first season of the reborn Automation Touring Car Championship!

The ATCC is a motorsport series loosely based on the BTCC. Teams compete in short distance races on a variety of circuits in homologated cars. This first season is set in Europe, visiting some of the continent’s most recognisable and least well known tracks.

The series is aimed at “normal” cars (i.e. the one’s people actually buy), with a focus on the compact and low-end midsize market. That said, other body styles are allowed including wagons, coupes and people carriers.

Because this is a homologation event, it’s a chance for car makers to promote their cars via motorsport, which you are encouraged to do. :wink:

Races will be run via spreadsheet calculations, explained below. It’s a simple system, designed to make it easy to enter and simple to run. We’re also keeping it simple in that for this first season, there will be no turbochargers.

This will all be run in the current version of the game. Think of it as a leaving present for when we switch to UE4.

This is a continuation of @Leonardo9613’s competition of the same name from a few years ago.

#Race Calendar
Each race covers a minimum distances of 40 miles.

Race 1: Brand Hatch Indy [GBR]
34 laps

Race 2: Sachensenring [GER]
17 Laps

Race 3: Circuit Zolder [BEL]
17 Laps

Race 4: Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya [ESP]
14 Laps

Race 5: Kinnekulle Ring [SWE]
32 Laps

Race 6: Hungaroring [HUN]
15 Laps

Race 7: Silverstone [GBR]
11 Laps

Race 8: Imola [ITA]
12 Laps

#Points System

This may be adjusted depending on how many entrants I receive.

1st: 15 points
2nd: 14 points
3rd: 13 points
4th: 12 points
5th: 11 points
6th: 10 points
7th: 9 points
8th: 8 points
9th: 7 points
10th: 6 points
11th: 5 points
12th: 4 point
13th: 3 points
14th: 2 points
15th: 1 point

#The Calculations
This is what the spreadsheet looks like. There is one of these for every race.

Chance of error: The chance that your car will have an error during a race. Calculated using the Drivability score.

% to beat: The chance of error, rounded to 2 decimal places. When the race is being run, random numbers below this will count as errors (explained further below)

Raw Total Time: The time in seconds of the race without errors, calculated by multiplying the lap time by the number of laps.

Final Multiplier: The amount by which the Raw Total Time is multiplied to calculate the Final Race Time.

Races are run like this:
[ul]First, the car does a flying lap around the track to get a lap time. This is multiplied by the number of laps to get the Raw Total Time.
Next, a random number generator is run 40 times, one time for each mile of the race. The number of values below the car’s ‘% to Beat’ is the number of errors that car experiences that race.
Then, a calculation is run using the Drivability and Sportiness score to work out the Final Multiplier, and from this the final race time is calculated.
Race times are then ordered to find the winners.

Higher drivability and sportiness = less chance of error and shorter error times.
But, faster lap times = shorter time to begin with

#Rules and Regulations
In your export, you need to have one car with a total of three trims (this is the homologation aspect): an entry level trim, one other road going trim and the race tuned trim.

Base car
Bodystyle must be from the last 20 years

Maxmimum wheelbase: 2.8m
No vans, SUVs, pick-ups or coupes.
2 door hatchbacks are allowed, 2 door sedans will count as coupes and are hence not allowed.
Chassis must not be made of Glued Aluminium or Carbon Fibre
Panel material must not be Carbon Fibre or Fibreglass.
No double wishbone or pushrod suspension at the rear. To keep things realistic
Minimum 4 seats
You must have at least two trims, with one of these being the entry level trim - please make it clear in your PM which trims these are if you are sending me a car with multiple variants.
Entry level trim must cost no more than $22000 with a 15% markup

Race Car
Trim year: 2017
No Negative Quality Sliders
Body style must the same as the two other trims, including the same number of doors.
Drivetype must be the same as the base car
If the base car is AWD, then the drivetype must be FWD if the engine is transverse and RWD if the engine is longitudinal.
2 Lips, 1 wing max

Engine: Inline 3 or 4, max displacement of 2000cc
VVL/VVT Allowed
No Turbos
Super 98 Fuel
High Flow Three-Way Cat Required
Max loudness: 60.0
Minimum Engine Economy of 18%
Minimum Reliability: 50
Quality Sliders total must not exceed 15, with no more than 5 per section

Gearbox: 6 Speed Single Clutch Sequential
No Electric LSD
Maximum Wheel Width: 265mm
Maximum Wheel Diameter: 19"
0 quality on Tires
No Carbon Ceramic Brakes
No Fully Clad or Downforce Undertray
No Active Wing/Cooling Flaps
Minimum Cooling is required
Driver Assists: Power Steering only.
Safety: Advance 10s
No Active, Adaptive or Semi Active Suspension parts
Quality Sliders must be at no more than +5 per section, with no limit on the total number.
The car still has to come in on/under budget, remember

Max Power to weight ratio: 0.215 HP/kg for FWD cars, 0.208 HP/kg for RWD cars
Maximum Cost: $17000 with 0% markup

If you do not want to develop your own engine, you can use the provided ATCC Engine and modify/tune this as you like.

Deus_Ex_Mackia - ATCC 2.0l Race (12.0 KB)

#Submission Guidelines
Please title your car in the usual standard as follows:
[ul]Car: ATCC 1 - [username] // Car + Trim Name
[/ul]Engine: ATCC 1 - [username] // Engine Name

Export the car and PM it to me.
In you message, please include the following:
[ul]Name of your Entry Level Trim, Other Road Going Trim and Race Trim.
Car Name
Team Name
Driver Name

Multiple users may enter as one team, but remember that you can only be part of one team, and only one car per team.
However, if you wish to use a car from another user/make your car available to be used by other teams, that is allowed.

Please post a picture of your car with you team name, driver name and any other back story/lore elements in the thread. RP is very much approved!

You are encouraged to make a team logo and car livery!

#Entrants List
I will be competing and will be eligible for points, but will not be eligible for any final prizes.

Player(s) Team Car Driver
DeusExMackia ErinSport Ribena ErinSport Merna Touring '17 Harry Vincent
Doncornaldie Cranked Up Dummies Cornaldie Solai Race Light Speed
Mikonp7 EcaMobile Racing Department EcaMobile Maus Rennen Basim Nakeed
Vri404 Vinson-ARES Race Team Solo Beaver SSM Aaron "Viper" Montanya
Mr.Computah Contendiente División de Competición Contendiente Gladiador '17 Heckler Kraut
HighOctaneLove Team Viteza Bogliq Kitten ATCC Loan Fierar
Dorifto_Dorito Merciel Sport Touring Car Team Merciel Verona Evolution Andrew Robson
Grandea ZMD Eurosport ZMD Nimessa Touring Car (ATCC 2017) Shinjiro Ikeda
BailsMacKenzie Bamtech Sport Teuton Turbotorc ATTC Bayley MacKenzie
JohnWaldock JHW Motor Racing Technologies JHW Xcel 1 ATCC Blaithin Riordan
stm316 IDSport Inne-De Haas Carthage ATCC Riley Stephenson
Razman Pennzoil Sabre Motorsports Sabre Ardent ATCC Rayyan Rawat
Gridghost JET-Racing Scarab Flare R-spec Eric Olsen
Koolkei Komodo Speed Research Komodo Taipan KSR Yudi Tan
Rk38 Kyoungcho Maesima Speedline Racing Maesima Prova MS-R01 Sobong Yeong-ho
Ramthecowy Huadai Sachiuri Motorsports ??? ???
Nomade0013 GTL Racing Gamma Havoc GTL Touring Yasmin Rodrigues
HowlerAutomotive Howler Automotive Howler Effigy ATCC Grammin "Stonefoot" Wondersley
Titleguy1 Kimura Ralliart Sport Kimura Auburn ATCC Thomas Giordano
Squidhead KHT ErinSport Merna Touring '17 (Modified) Miles Phillips
Harizvet1 Infinity N1 Racing Infinity XG10 N1 Juha Makinen
Dspgt Racing Tails STF Motorsport STF Blade ATCC Andrea Colciago
AirJordan Smooth Racing SmoothRacing Chullu SR Buddy Fetus
Szafirowy01 Z Motorsport Zavir Luna Touring 2000 Andre Vaillancourt
Leo9613 IKEA Baltazar Racing Baltazar Quasar ATCC RS François Jabouille

#DEADLINE: 11:59 PM (GMT), Wednesday 31st May 2017

Questions, queries, suggestions, complaints and the lot are all very welcome! These rules aren’t final and will be updated/edited depending on what people suggest.

Also, I’m currently thinking of putting the deadline 2 weeks from when I open up to entries, how does this sound to everyone?

EDIT 15/5/17: Changed gearbox regulations to Single Clutch Sequential, clarified that drivetype and not transmission type needs to be the same, added different Power to Weight Ratios for FWD and RWD cars to balance the field, added a No Negative Quality Sliders rule, added 20 year body age limit, banned coupes from entering,
EDIT 16/5/17: Changed Brands Hatch GP to Indy as the GP circuit doesn’t have an elevation profile, changed track time used to flying lap times to negate RWD start bonus


I’ll see what I can do for this, it is very interesting.


Yes yes yes love it!


Remember how I tried to establish a bit of touring car cred for IMP?

Not going to happen with the new one.


maybe base trim could have some weight to it (like it’s important that is also good)… not sure how tho

Potentially. We’ll see how this first season works out and adjust as necessary.

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True, but there is the power-to-weight ratio to counter that. Though if that isn’t enough, I could add a minimum weight for the race trim.

Ah it appears I missed that line, please disregard anything I said. Can’t into reading.

Welp :grin:

I would add only last 10/20 years bodies allowed. Otherwise some low drag non-realistic monsters will conquer

EDIT @DeusExMackia : aslo maybe look into not allowing the coupes. They are op low on CD and something does not feel right with racing in wtcc with not aston body… Suggestion: hatches, sedans and wagons.


Fair point, as long as no one else opposes, I’ll disallow coupe bodies from competing.


Is that all coupes? Including 2 or 3 door versions of sedans and wagons?

Aww shit, this would be precisely the thing Armada would sink money into but lore side they switched to aluminium fabricating for chassis for the 2017 gen. What about a minimum weight instead? Or will that ruin the balance elsewhere?

Otherwise this would be easily perfect for the Eagle trim of the Fore Gen.V. except for the undertray.

The weight limits do seem to be a bit of an issue.

i just make a quick car following the rules and it came in 100 kg lighter, despite being right at the maximum price, meaning I don’t really have room to add a posher interior, a radio or safety quality to get it to the minimum weight.

@nialloftara Yeah. I think it makes sense given that coupes only tend to appear in super touring series and things like the DTM, whereas I want this to be more of a regular touring car series. But like I said, if there are a lot of people who dislike this rule, I’ll change it.

@strop I may consider that, would other people find that a fair thing to add?

@Leonardo9613 I’m not sure what you mean, as I haven’t actually added a weight limit yet. Is it that the car is too light and isn’t allowed to have enough power to be competitive?

As per usual, I decided to get the most power I could out of the engine I already had. I was on the region of 280 hp, which meant the car had to weigh at least 1330 kg (FWD), however, my test car weighed in at 1230, and I didn’t have the spare money to add the extras. Sure, I could drop 20 hp out of it, but that’s hardly the spirit, right.

I see. If you try going over budget and adding the extra weight to the car, what’s the difference in lap times between the 1330kg car and the 1230kg car?

I’ll return from my hiatus just for this!


If I add the 5th seat, change the interior to standard and remove the -15 interior quality, all of which bring the weight up by 100 kg, the car becomes 1,100$ more expensive and 1.5s slower.

Dammit @DeusExMackia, I was trying to get some work done! Now look what youve made me do… :cry: