Automation Virtual Car Meet (AVCM) @ 2020 (ENDED)

Welcome to the first ever Virtual Car Meet!

Basically, the event is a platform for people to share their vehicles from all kinds of styles, ranging from the latest supercars, heavily modded 90s JDM, classic V8 muscle, racecars, restored classics and everything in between. yes, you can try posting a random shitbox as well, nobody’s stopping you

On this limited-time event, everyone is allowed to post at most 3 vehicles, with no limitation for setup and form, with one rule: Please try to be realistic, please don’t make some BS with unrealistic design choices. What kind of car you want to show is up to you. But, the more, the merrier. You can also try posting your car files for said vehicles for others to have a “test drive”, but that rule is not enforced so you can choose whether to post it or not.

How this works?

  1. When the dates for the car meet has started, everyone is given a 3-week preparation in order to let people prepare their entries. As this is not your usual car show, in this case no teasers are allowed.
  2. Cars can be only revealed after the 3 week preparation period and postings will only start after an official announcement by me. Users must provide pictures of the vehicles, alongside their related lore as well as car specs. Any posting of related .car files are allowed but not enforced.
  3. Maximum amount of vehicles per user: 3
  4. No cars can be posted after the announcement of the end of the show.

Preparation time: Ended

Event starting date: Ended


  1. Is this a challenge?
    No. On this thread we’re not challenging anything. Hence why it’s on the Car Design Sharing Forum rather than the Challenges forum.

  2. Can I post my cars? Like ANY car I have?
    Yes, as long as it’s not some hackjob straight outta Minmaxverse.

  3. Can I join as a colab with another user(s) from the forums?
    Yes. But the colab you joined can only post a maximum of 3 vehicles like everyone should.

Since I haven’t planned anything yet (for now at least), you can also ask me for some suggestions about the event as well.

Have fun posting and stay safe.

(Inaugural event)

  • AVCM@2020 (This Event)

Next Event (2021)


This seems to be a very good event, not only to showcase many various cars but to give it some flair through roleplay as well!


Very interesting!


I would expect submissions to be accompanied by at least some lore regarding the vehicle, even though such flavor text won’t actually be required.

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Ok, here’s a small idea made by myself: since the event going to be on a random location, maybe a rule for pictures to use a specific photoscene might work? (I was thinking the overpass photoscene as it fits the “car meet” theme well)


You could have a ricer meet where you show the stock vehicle and the riced one…doesn’t just have to be about massive engines.

In the UK, kids used to pimp the most mundane cars to look good, while keeping the shitty 1.1L engine for insurance purposes.

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What do you mean kids “used” they still do :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, seems like a fantastic event, I certainly have a few cars I’d consider worthy


I’m 51, I don’t know what kids do these days…leave me alone you ageist yoof!



It might be fun to have an optional “autocross” with some RNG rolls to keep it less competition and more friendly fun.

Alternatively, some could take their cars into beam and do a quick (2min or less) “race” or time trial with it.

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I think that’d ruin the point of the meet seeing as it’s a thing of expression and community, not competition like at an actual show.


It’s kinda weird to see such a big age gap between players of the same game
14 here



Okay, the preparation time of the event is now starting, start making your vehicles!

Here’s some additional information in order to make the experience better:

  1. All photos of the show can be only taken in the “Overpass” photoscene, other photoscenes are not allowed.

  2. Media and other individuals who want to make coverage of the show are welcome.


Is that particular photo scene a mod? If so, don’t forget to post the link to it for those who don’t have it yet.

Edit: since it’s not a mod, but a vanilla option in the UE4.24 version of the game, we ought to have no problem with its use.

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It’s not a mod, it’s already on the game if you’re on the latest version (a.k.a. UE4.24).

Nice car, but the thing is the show isn’t starting yet. Hold your car for now, my friend.

Oops, may have misread :sweat_smile:

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Guess who will be there

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Scooby Doo…No…Mr Bean…Noooo…Elton John?

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If only…
she just took off in one of my Senso’s like she owns it :confused:


so we just post our stuff here?