Big Fruinian Muscle Cars Cup Stage 1[Finished]

This will be a 3 stage competition, and every stage will consist of 3 rounds, and as the name indicates, the main objective is to build classic and amazing muscle cars for the fruinian market.* Why Fruinia? *Because Gasmea is a little bit too easy, and we rarely use another region for challenges.

You want to built your car in the stable release or the open beta?

  • Stable please
  • Open, yeah!
  • Whatever, I just want to submit it already

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Stage 1 will be set from 1964-1969
Stage 2 will be set from 2005-2010
Stage 3 will be set in 2016, taking the cars from stage 1 and tuning them.

The competitors from stage 1 and 2 will be exported as a competitors pack.

>> Stage 1 <<

“The fruinian car manufactures have realized that the men that can afford their sports cars and taking them to the track actually don’t drive them, because they’re bussy working and spending time with their families, and the men who can drive them and are not afraid to taking to the limits can’t buy expensive cars, or pay to use them in tracks. So what do you do? You design a monster that is relatively inexpensive and good for hooning in the streets, boosting your brand image among the young drivers and the car culture”
Competitors pack


  • Trim must be between 1964-1969, engine variant up to the year of the trim.

  • No trucks, suv, or vans. Only 2 or 4 doors.

  • Must be road legal (Headlights [any number or position], side indicators, no race intake/headers, must have a muffler and no semi-slick)

  • RWD only

  • Max 64 hp/liter

  • Engine reliability > 10

  • Must have at least the minimum required cooling

  • Must score at least 65 competitiveness in any of the following demographics: Muscle, muscle premium, pony or pony premium in Fruinia.

  • Mark up goes depending on the highest demographic:
    Pony Budget: 5%
    Pony: 7%
    Muscle: 8%
    Muscle Premium: 10%

  • Naming convention: Just add your username in the model name :slight_smile:


*Only mods from the workshop.
EDIT: All the mods allowed, except the Barth weird morphing bodies —> These

##Accepted entries!

  • Raven MKII - Vri404
  • Barracuda - FindRED19
  • Tiapan 8 - Darkshine
  • Adenine Vindicator - Phale
  • Walther - TR8R
  • Sonoma - CadillacDave
  • Smooth Brick V8 - AirJordan
    [color=YELLOW]MUSCLE PREMIUM:[/color]
  • Khorat - Koolkei
  • FSD Rambler - The_Dziruas
  • Maveric Action Ex. - HighOctaneLove
  • Kratos Stage 3 - USDFTW
  • Valour - Ornate
  • Juggernaut Indy - Strop
  • Krakatoa 7 - HowlerAutomotive
  • Rampager - Tycondero


  • Zeus - LordVader
  • Centauri Sprite - Nialloftara


Round 1: → Results

“All those young high school drivers in Fruinia are looking for the car with the best stats in relation to its price, they want to impress the ladies, but don’t want to spend that much either.”


  • Heavily weighted (x2) wheelspin + sportiness + highest competitiveness value in muscle or pony + 1/4 mile speed(mph) – 0-100 time – ¼ mile time

  • Normal weighted (x1) Top speed (mph/h)[/10] + max power(hp)]/10] + drivability + comfort + prestige

  • Under weighted (x0.5) max torque(lb-ft)[/10] + utility + safety + avg reliability[/quote]

The result from the score then will be divided by the price of the car when it was launched. The car with the highest value will be granted 10 points, the second 9, the third 8 and so on, granting points only to the 10 best cars.

Round 2: “Win on Sunday, sell on Monday” Results here

The car with the best time around the Daytona NASCAR will receive 10 points, the second 9, the third 8 and so on, granting points only to the 10 fastest cars
Track: viewtopic.php?f=36&t=4461

Round 3: “Muscle cars, because no kid grew up with a poster of a Honda civic in their room” Results here

Public voting for the best cars! The car with more votes gets 10 points, the second 9…

At the end the car that accumulates more points wins the challenge!

[quote]How the price of the car is calculated?
According to this page … year-chart the price of gold in January 2010 was $1179.88 per ounce. The value of the car will be converted to ounces of gold (2010 value), and then converted back to currency in January of the year the trim was made.[/quote]

Any comments, sugestions or questions? :slight_smile:

The Price will be it’s price in pure gold.


I’ll come up with some meaningful discussion later.

Couple of questions ( :smiley: ):

Stable build or Open Beta?

What file naming convention do you want?

[quote=“HighOctaneLove”]Stable build or Open Beta?
What file naming convention do you want?[/quote]

Does anyone know when the current beta will be stable? If its within a week, I’ll wait, but if it’s like 2 weeks or so, we’ll use the open beta.

And about the name convention, just add your forum name to the model of the car. E.g. Sillyworld The enforcer

One question… How much markup? Is there a limit? (basically define your markup boundaries)

Devs should have come back now, but give it a few more days as we’re yet to receive any replies on most of our queries regarding balance issues etc.

Oops, I forgot to add it, 5% mark-up.

This sounds awesome. Can’t see anything wrong with the rules. Maybe a slightly higher markup?

Small update, I change a little bit the scoring system formula, and add a poll for you to decide if we use the open or the stable relase.

I change it a little bit that, the markup will depend on what demographic your car excels at.

Clever idea! Me gusta

Do you wish to also include a rule about using a certain factory size? (for price calculations)

I’ll assume it’s the Medium2 factory size.

Why would utility matter in to those customers?

I’m for beta since it’s the way forward and sooner or later will become stable. Mind that if we go for beta, some rules must be set for those new engineering/factory tabs or else we will go straight for the cheapest options.

Anyway I think it’s an interesting challenge and I’ll be glad to participate.

if going for open beta, i already have the perfect engine for the stage 2, just gotta wait o this to start :smiley:

Sorry for not being updating this challenge, but I have been a little bussy. For the moment, I’m putting this on hold until the new stable release (since I want to figure out a few things about the factories and stuff). Also I don’t want this to end up in the middle of the forum transition.

yeah, fair enough. Gonna be pretty crazy for a little while!

I’m re opening the challange, if there is any question, this is the time before I start accepting entries :slight_smile:

As far as I know, the main idea of a Muscle car vs a regular sports car, is that the muscle is a bit more “practical” (supposedly), because it had a bigger trunk and they came in 5 seats or 2+2, even with 4 doors.

Also, the main idea of this stage is to get “the more for your money”.

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The muscle car is just finding the biggest fucking V8, and putting it into a car that you can still put your family and groceries in.

Looking at this, I could probably just enter my Raven MkI or MkII into this without modification.

Well, since it seems there are no questions, you can send your cars now. The deadline is May 8th.

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As Quick as that, I have entered this event, with the…

#Eden Citeria Valiente Raven MkII

Check my company thread for more photos and details.