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Name of Car Company: Lopardo
Owner of company: MattLPR
Website or Forum thread: Not in development
Estabilished: 2020
Company ID: 2020296

Name of the company - Sunburst Automotives
Owner Of Company - Rumble
Established - 1945 March 28
Website or Forum Thread - Sunburst Automotives
Company ID - #1945784

Time for some squatting I guess…

Name of Company: Mara Motors [Mara Motorni Fabryky]
Owner: @AndiD
Forum Thread: Mara Motors Company Thread (now up to date till 2000)
Country: Archana
Established: 1925
Company ID: 1925064

Name of Company: Mayster Avto Manufaktura / Avtostudiya & Manufaktura Mayster (AMM)
Owner: @AndiD
Forum Thread: Mayster & AMM Company Thread (Mara performance division) V2.0
Country: Archana
Established: 1960
Company ID: 1960128

Name of Company: Greenhills Motors
Owner: @AndiD
Forum Thread: none (this is my non-lore / catch-all brand)
Country: Gasmea / USA / UK / New Zealand / wherever it needs to be
Established: 1929
Company ID: 1929911

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Country: Gasmea
Company ID: #2019201

Name of Car Company: Sendo Automobile Atelier
Country: Japan
Website or Forum thread: Sendo
Established: January 1985
Company ID: 1985000


Name of Car Company: Starley UK
Country: Britain (England)
Website or Forum thread: WIP
Established: January 1908
Company ID:1908623

Name of car company: Wangaro Experimental Cars Company (Wangaro ECC)
Country: Indiana, United States of America
Forum Thread: Wangaro Experimental Car Company Thread
Established: Febuary 1948 (April 1969 under current guise)
Comapny ID: 1969420

Name of company: Shijiazhuang Motors
Country of origin: China
Forum Thread: WIP
Established: 1992
Company ID: 1992075

Name of Car Company: Hanseung Motors
Owner of Company: @BannedByAndroid
Website of Forum Thread: WIP
Country: :kr: South Korea
Thread Created: 2021
Established: 1967
Company ID: 1967939

Name of company: Ares Track Innovations
Owner: @AMuteCrypt
Forum Thread: Coming Soon™
Country: Hetvesia
Established: 1990 (Road Car Division)
Company ID: #1990608

Name of Company: Shannon Motor Company
Owner: @RodKnock99
Forum Thread: Shannon Motor Company
Country: USA
Established: 1946
Company ID: 1946992

Some more real estate for me for the long-term future:

Something sensibly Swiss humbly Hetvesian…

Name of company: Weissenberg Fahrzeugbaugesellschaft mbH
Owner: @AndiD
Forum Thread: probably well after LC4.2 is stable
Country: Hetvesia
Established: 1921
Company ID: #1921921

… and its fiery Fruinian cousin

Name of company: Montebianco Auto S.r.l.
Owner: @AndiD
Forum Thread: probably well after LC4.2 is stable
Country: Fruinia
Established: 1946
Company ID: #1946946

… and the Hetvesian holding company: Weissenberg Montebianco (WMB) Group

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Name of Car Company: Peregrine Motors
Owner of Company: MCzenman

Company ID: 2018756

Name of Car Company: Veso Motor Corp.
Owner: @VibGamer14
Country: Italy
Website or Forum thread: Veso Motor Corp & website WIP
Established: June 1996
Company ID: 1996140

Name of Car Company: Anbura Motors / Anbura Motor Co
Owner of company: umbra
Country: Japan
Established: 1918 December 2nd
Company ID:1918555

Name of Car Company: Avadio Motors
Owner: @VibGamer14
Country: India
Website or Forum thread: Avadio Motors
Established: January 2003
Company ID: 2003191

Name of Car Company: Spartan Motor Company (SMC)
Owner of company: @Steve
Country: UK
Established: 1990
Company ID: 1990522

Name of Car Company: Akamatsu Motor Corporation
Owner of company: @slashdotretro, @Leone
Country: Japan
Established: Unknown, most likely 1791
Forum or Website link: Akamatsu Motor Design Thread
Company ID: 1791582

Name of Company: Accolade Racing Development Team
Owner of Company: @slashdotretro
Country: Japan
Established: 2019
Forum or Website Link: Same as above
Company ID: 2019288

Name of Car Company: Osoka Motor Company
Owner of company: RodKnock99
Country: Japan
Established: 1915
Company ID: 1915493