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Name of Car Company: SCM (Sorgere Compagnia di Motori)
Owner of the company: @Bebo
Website or Forum thread: SCM (Sorgere Compagnia di Motori)
Established: :it: Northern Italy, 1974
Company ID: #1974120

Name of Car Company: Hikaru J.K.G (Hikaru Jūkōgyō Kabushiki Gaisha or Hikaru Heavy Industries)
Owner of Company: Yuiichi Hikaru, @MoteurMourmin
Website or Forum thread: Hikaru Heavy Industries (光重工業株式会社)⁸
Established: :jp: (Japan) Sapporo, Hokkaido Prefecture, 1958
Company ID: #1951135

Official Banner:

Badge on car - 1970 example:


Name of Car Company: Volaro, a subsidiary of VOLARO Group (2008-present)

Owner of Company: (JTS, 1996-2008 - unknown - MJS, 2016-present)

(or, @DoesStuff)

Website or Forum thread: (Not yet)

Established: Malaga, Spain and Spain’s Asturias :es: mid-late 18th century, most likely 1763

Company ID: #1763-708

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Name of Car Company: Summit
Owner of company: @Sandstorm
Website or Forum thread: (Summit Motors Lore)

Company ID: 198736
Established: 1966, Nevada USA :us:
And a random 3 digit number of your choice: 763

Company Logo:


Name of Car Company: Maibatsu Motors
Owner of company: TheSaltyPixzel
Website or Forum thread: Maibatsu Motors
Established: 1984, Japan
Company ID: 1984411

Name of Car Company: Avian
Owner of company: @Sandstorm
Website or Forum thread: TBD

Company ID: 295620
Established: 1964 Melbourne Australia :australia:
And a random 3 digit number of your choice: 843

Company Logo:

Name of Car Company: BHI Group

Owner of company: @JustARandomCrackhead

Formed: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, 01/03/1958.


Forrest Motors - Consumer and Sports Cars, Brisbane, Australia, 12/12/1930.
Offenbach Automotive - Prestigious Luxury and Supercars, Berlin, Germany, 03/09/1904
BHI (Brisbane Heavy Industries) - Military and Fleet Vehicles, Brisbane, Australia, 01/03/1958

Website or Forum thread: WIP

Company ID: 1958042

Name of Car Company: Vulcan Automotive

Owner of Company: @imnotchildish

Formed: San Francisco, California, America, 1/27/1969

Forum Thread: Vulcan Automotive Lore

Company ID: 1969284

Name of Car Company: Rivera Motors
Owner of company: squiddude2578
Formed: Atlanta, Georgia, United States, April 23, 2015
Forum thread: Rivera Motorsports - #6 by squiddude2578
Company ID: 2024489

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Name of Car Company : Al-Zayid Mechanical (AZM)
Owner of Company: @AuntUnis
Formed: Al-Nemrah, Dalluha, April 09 1928
Forum Thread: WIP
Company ID: 1928581

Name of Car Company : Vermilion Motors
Owner of Company: @Flingang (Trevor Finn and Harry Lafayette in Automation Lore)
Formed: Vermilion Creek, Vermilion Isles, January 3, 1927
Forum Thread: Vermilion Motors | Automation Lore Wiki | Fandom
Company ID: 1927676

Name of Car Company: CreFaRo Automobili
Owner of company: The MiG (Augusto Boncompagni in the lore)
Established: 11th June, 1946
Country of Origin: :nigeria: Fruinia
Company ID: #1946870
Website or Forum thread: CreFaRo Automobili, the history of…

Name of the Car Company: Summer Auto
Owner of the Company: @Angelustyle
Established: 2nd of May, 1983
Country of origin: Victoria,:seychelles: Seychelles
Website or Forum Thread: None (will update)
Company ID: #1983690

Name of the Car Company: Vanovo Car AB
Owner of the Company: @quiz, 1989 vauxhall frontera fanboy
Established: 1932
Country of origin: :sweden:
Website or Forum Thread: Vanovo Car AB
Company ID: #1932837
Current Logo:

Name of the Car Company: Kojima Motor Co.
Owner of the Company: @TaxEvasion
Established: 1939
Country of origin: Akita, Japan
Website or Forum Thread: TaxEvasion’s Vehicular Devices
Company ID: 1939362

Name Of Car Company : Altran Motors Limited
Owner of Company : supardianto
Established : 1999
Country of Origin : USA, Washington, Seattle.
Website/Forum Thread : (no)
Company ID : 200082
Company Logo (if idk) :
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