Chronos Designs - Oskiinus can develop random designs!

Hello, this is my random thread of random designs that don’t fit to other company stuff. Below you have a list of all those designs :smiley:

List of those weirdo things
1987 IF94-7
1999 Millenia Concept
2017 Azula
2017 Corpon
2017 Macactanne

1999 Chronos Millenia
I know, this car looks like a 80s nightmare weirdo or ricefest by some kid, but when I checked Prowler body (Razyx’s?) I found out that I need to design sorta weird family car that is vision of 21st century cars, you know. Those brave design visions which sit as random design expressions that never made into reality. Same thing with Millenia - it was designed as super economical family concept car and features premium stuff, you know. That weird Camry.

@szafirowy01 thanks for turbo tips, but eventually I made my own good setup for this car, so

[pictures deleted due to fact that I’ve started to have tryphophobia looking at this abomination]


trypophobia alert in the title pls.


Title of the thread is correct, I was referring to corrupt English which Polandball is using, but I can change it :smiley:

Write “Trypophobia Alert!” at the title, please!
Not that your car is ugly, but I started to feel really bad after looking at it.

Google Heuliez Pregunta, you will feel better xD

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You are not a speed12, so do not try to have as many headlights as one! >:U


Lol I saw the trypophobia alert in the title and wondered what you had done. Good lord, that’s confronting (and I don’t even have a pathological fear of clusters of holes).


Looks promising, but next time please place the headlight and taillight bulbs into a single cluster. With more conservative styling this could be a winner. I also see potential for this car having higher-performance variants. It even has suicide doors!

At least the Pregunta has some order in it’s madness, this doesn’t even follow that. I have to be blunt: keep it simple, more fixtures do not guarantee good looks at all.

To je Oskiinus, tego nie ogarniesz :smile:

@squidhead That sounds like cool idea, car that’s as insane as Cerbera Speed 12. :smiley:
@strop Well… That’s the point actually.
@abg7 I have another car ready, this time with fixed headlights. Sorry, I just HAD to go mad :smiley:
@ramthecowy I know that this car may have no logical sense, but trust me, it has.
@szafirowy01 :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Sorry for late response guys, I’ve been busy with my side project.

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2017 Chronos Corpon

This time something more normal from looks (probably).
Wanted to make something as boring as Toyota Camry - car for typical businessman. Ended up with sort of BMW M5-esque thing.


That is one handsome machine, but why isn’t its engine direct-injected? At least it’s normally aspirated, which is a departure from the turbocharged conformity found in real life.

I tried Direct Injection, DI version had 477 hp and slightly better economy but overall this wasn’t very worth the struggle.

Here’s a tip: in addition to this thread, you may consider posting your designs in the open source car design thread, especially since there is no lore attached to them. Also, why the 40-valve setup? I reckon VVL with 32 valves, when calibrated correctly (and you should learn to do so), could have provided a significant improvement in economy.

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That certainly seems to be a very sensible car (aside from the 464 hp V8 :wink: ). Impressed at how high that safety rating is even with aluminum panels as well.


Oskiinus cannot into VVL :wink:


@abg7 I’m at stage of learning to use VVL without stupid power curves :stuck_out_tongue: About open source thread, thst sounds like a good idea however I must think about rules of trademarking, you know. And why 40 valve? Because no 32 valves. :smiley:
@DeusExMackia You probably won’t trust me but it’s loudness is comparable to city compacts and it’s pretty smooth overall


@Oskiinus Nah I can believe that, V8s can be surprisingly quiet when you need them to be