CSC 62 : Autocrat's Automotive Dreams [RESULTS OUT!]

CSC 62 : Autocrat's Automotive Dreams

April 1967, Great People’s Place, Centreville, Democratic Republic of the Commune

You, among others, have had the privilege of being invited here, at the People’s Palace by the Minister of Transports.
This is probably very important, but neither you nor the people around you seems to know why.
Either they wanted to create a surprise, or the information was more likely not communicated correctly.
Upon reaching the entrance, you and your fellow invitee comrades were escorted to a large meeting room.

The Meeting Room

Going forward a few minutes enters the Minister.

The Minister of Transport

Sitting on a chair, he silently scrutinized every invitee for what seemed like a minute, then exclaimed :

“My dear comrades, it is with great pleasure we invited you today.”
“As you are aware, we, the people of this great country, have been relying on our comrades from the Komintern to provide us with automotive transportation.”

A few seconds of silence ensue, he looks at his papers and once again glances at the invitees.

“Our great leader tasked you with designing an automobile for our people.”

Another moment of silence. No comments from anyone could be heard.

“We will go through the details and specifications decreated by our Great Leader.”


-Engineering will not be judged, since all the mechanical components have been sourced for production.
-Wheelbase should be comprised between 2m and 2,6m, with a tolerance of up to 5cm included.
-Front, rear, or even mid-engine layout, the choice is yours.
-The car should either be a sedan or a hatchback, with between 2 to 5 doors.
-The car date should be set to 1968.
-The people from the Commune drive on the right side of the road.
-Adding a simple interior will be a positive, although not mandatory.
-Licence plate should use the European format, you’re free to choose any texture you like, if you can’t choose just use the archana texture.

"Our Great Leader also stated that our automobiles should reflect the history and culture of our people, and as such should avoid following western design trends."

-The design should try to look unique, not a copy of an existing car.
-The car should be asymmetrical since this would set us apart from Western car designs.
-The car should have either one or three headlights, no two or four or them.
-The car should have one single taillight.
-Blinkers are still authorized of course and are mandatory on both front and rear.
-You’re free to do whatever you want for brake lights.
-Reverse lights are not mandatory and you are free to choose if you want them symmetrical or not and how many of them.

Potential inspirations





Submission Guidelines

No resubmission will be accepted

Naming Convention:
Car and engine model name: CSC62 - Forum Username
Car trim: Up to you
Engine trim: Up to You

Rules are subject to change until November 30, 2023 00:00 UTC+01:00
Entries open November 30, 2023 00:00 UTC+01:00
Deadline : December 30, 2023 00:00 UTC+01:00

"This is all you need to know, take your time and refine your design well. If you succeed, this design is likely to last for decades to come."

The Minister ends his presentation on that note.
It is now up to you to design DRC’s first people’s automobile. Have fun! The winner will win a blender model of their car.


Added details such as what side of the road is used and what license plate to use.
Added potential inspiration pictures.
Added specification for brake lights and reverse lights.


This is the first CSC to explicitly require an asymmetrical design - but I bet it will be worth it for all involved.

Will there be any rules on techpool? While TP is mostly used for engineering purposes which won’t be judged, it does also allow one to unlock bodies earlier than they normally would.

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This is a design only challenge, engineering will not be judged.

Are collabs allowed?

Collabs are allowed.

Yes, I understand that. But what is preventing someone from putting +15 techpool in body/chassis and using something that unlocks in '83? Or would this be acceptable?


Considering the need for unique designs and lack of reference cars, I’d say using newer bodies won’t exactly provide any advantage if not executed well

Honestly, I don’t care what body you use just make it look like it’d be coherent and logical in 1968, of course if your car looks like it’s from 1983 it’s not gonna work


Oh, I have some questions:

  1. Do people in the Commune drive on the left or right side?
  2. Would a taillight spanning across the back of the car considered as one taillight?
  3. If say, I’d like to add license plates, which one should I use?

Very good questions,
people in the commune drive on the right of the road, a taillight spanning across the whole rear would count as one (altho I’d be curious to see that on a small commie car from 1968) and for licence plate just use the European format with archana texture (it’s not really important but I’ll suggest that).


I added some potential inspiration pictures in the brief, I hope this clarifies a bit what kind of asymmetrical fuckery I was thinking of, although you are still free to go for other stylistic choices as long as it’s asymmetrical in some way.

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Does the car also need one brake light or can that be two?

Good question, I didn’t think of that. I’ll allow two since it wasn’t in the brief originally.

Is one plate on the back good enough or is a front plate required as well?

What level of detail on the interior?

Plates should be front and rear, and the interior doesn’t need to be hyper-detailed if you want to make one, you can use premade parts to spare some time and effort. If an interior is made it needs to look decent from the outside of the car, if not it’s better not to put any. Stuff like a dashboard with a steering wheel, a floor, door cards, and seats are what I’d consider a minimum in that regard.

Forgot to say it but,

Entries are now open!


I’ve been using Automation for years and my main thing right now is mid-century asymmetricalism so I’d love to do this challenge, but I’m kind of new to the whole Automation forum and its challenges, so I have no idea how to submit finished designs. Since this is just a design challenge, do we post pics of the car here?

If you wish, you can create a post to present the finished product here, but sending me the .car export through a forum message with the right naming scheme is mandatory. If you have more questions or doubts about participating in challenges I suggest you ask in Automation’s Discord Challenge channel, there are plenty of people ready to guide you on the usual procedures.