CSC63 - Function Over Form [COMPLETE!]

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CSC63 - Function Over Form

You receive some mail… Are they the taxes?


To you

Congratulations! You have successfully passed the first rounds of the selection process, and have moved onto the in-person evaluation.

For this next stage, we have sent you a package containing a parts bin, a Polaroid camera, and a complimentary IED.

You will then design your car with the parts supplied, take some photographs of the design, and then send it to our headquarters in Curacao, which will then be evaluated by our design department.

Failure to do so within one month will result in the detonation of the complimentary IED, though shipping costs will be fully reimbursed.

Successful entrants will be provided a fully reimbursed round trip to our headquarters in Curacao for in-person interviews. We thank you for your time, and expect a submission back within the month.


Johnny Di BetterDeals,
CEO of BetterDeals

Welcome to CSC63!

As part of the hiring process, you are designing a car for evaluation by the BetterDeals design department. The car is meant to be directed to restaurant owners. The best entrants will be hired onto the design department, complete with high starting salaries and benefits.
  • The entrants are designers who have passed the first stages of the hiring process.
  • The designs are a way for BetterDeals to evaluate the skills and creativity of each designer, and see who finally gets hired on as a BetterDeals designer.


BetterDeals is primarily a company that tries to find weird and unique solutions to problems, that maybe don’t even need them. Sometimes the problems barely exist. One could say they are a joke.

Creativity and weirdness are the name of the game.

At this point, BetterDeals is well known for their… Lets say questionable designs.



The “Model” and “Trim” Year must be set to 1980.

The wheelbase can not be longer than 2.6m.

Usage of Advanced Trim on the wheelbase is not allowed, unless very minor.

Needs headlight, taillights, and indicators, if meant to be road legal.

At least one person should be able to fit inside of the car.

At least four wheels must be present on the car. Their arrangement is up to you.

Only 1 entry per person!


Before we start with the actual priorities, it is important to state a few things.
The car is meant to be directed at restaurant owners.
The cars will be rated like they are being reviewed by restaurant owners.
Keep this heavily in mind. Consider how useful they are for them.
Make sure to remember that Restaurant Owners need cars for a lot, such as delivery, transport, possibly cooking, and many other things. Think about it before you make a car, I would say.

:star: :star: :star: Functionality

The design must be functional above all else.
This will be judged by how functional it looks. For example, being able to transport lots of food is considered functional.

This will be judged separately per car. If your solution to a problem works really well, you’ll do better than if someone else’s solution to a problem doesn’t work.

NOTE: It is important to come up with your own solutions to problems, no matter how radical or unnecessary they may seem! This will always be reviewed better than something super conventional and generic.

:star: :star: Compactness

There’s no restriction on length, width, and height (apart from wheelbase), but it is encouraged for the designs to be as space-efficient as possible.
For example, being able to transport more food is better. Of course, being able to transport more people is useful too.

:star: :star: Originality

Try to be as original as you can be. It is heavily recommended to take a look at the “inspirations” and “previous cars” at the end of the post though.
Try to come up with your own weird or creative solutions to problems.

:star: Beauty

As the name of the post says, this is all about how functional it looks, not if it actually looks any good. But if you can manage to make something that is both, that’ll be a bonus.

NOTE: 3D fixture cars are not at all a requirement!!!


The deadline of this challenge is the 3rd of March, whatever time.

Model: CSC63 - Username
Trim, Engine Family, Engine Variant - free

State what your design’s primary function is in the submission post, or Discord DM.

Make sure to say how it works if that is unclear as well.

NOTE: Entries from Discord are allowed as well!

My Discord username is Djadania, if you would like to send there.


A small scale truck with enough space to walk around in.

Car with an engine on the side for extra interior space in the front and back.

A sports car made from parts from other cars to save production costs.

An extremely small FWD race car to save weight.

The infamous HPD. As simple as it gets.

A tiny Le Mans car to save fuel.

An MPV built to be a cube to save space.

Land Speed Record car with an extremely weak engine to be cheap.

Nuclear powered car with an extra ICE engine in the back.


Delivery van built to last as long and haul as much as possible.

No need for 2 seats in a Terminal Truck.

A funny looking food “truck”.

Interesting looking delivery thing.
The restaurant needs to be kept clean, no?

A restaurant on wheels! One wonders if it’s comfy or not.

If you can’t carry it, tow it! Not counting as wheelbase.
Why not just heat food up with the engine?

Why not deliver over water instead?

Oh god… What is that?
You can try putting food on the other side of the car too!

-Djadania and Rise Comics-

Gotta say it.
this doesn’t seem like a CSC at all.
There is no brand, no previous models, and not even a goal of the vehicle?? and your inspirations are all completely different vehicles.
I suggest you re-read the few previous CSC’s to see what this challenge is supposed to be and make some changes, or change the name so it doesn’t tarnish this once great challenge


Honest question,

How would a winner be chosen?
If only cosmetics are being judged, (even though it’s literally called Function over Form) how are you going to judge how practical or well the vehicle does its intended job?


Especially since BetterDeals is best known for meme/troll builds in other forum challenges. The rule set, however, is vaguer than I thought, especially since only three priorities are listed (and none are ranked in either increasing or decreasing order of importance), and the inspirations are so disparate as to be disjointed. It could be better to spin this off as a standalone challenge if attempts to make it a worthy CSC prove fruitless.


Maybe this thread could be more “complete”, and yet with not a much different brief after all, if the goal was to create a concept car that captures the spirit of Betterdeals, and some of their older builds were presented in the thread, and all of that was made clear from the start?


Apologies for all the unclearness, guess I’ll get back to the drawing board, but a few responses.

I’m mainly going off of the last CSC, which had no brand or anything. But looking at the inspirations again, looks like I remembered wrong and they were all very similar.

For choosing the winner, it’s all about judging whether your solution works and is unique. For example, will having 3 wheels on one side make it go faster? Will having the cabin on the side allow for more cargo?
This would be judged by mainly creativity, compactness, and usefulness. Yes it may be difficult to judge them against eachother, but if they are good at what they do, that’ll work well. If you build something unique but with no use, that won’t work.
The whole idea is build something incredibly unique that is built to function as well as it can.

I will be honest; I don’t know much about CSC, but I thought it was worth a try.

Sorry everyone, I’m disappointed in myself. Entries closed for a bit, for now Rise Comics and me will try to get things back on the rails. We’ll take your suggestions, of course. Please give us them, if possible.
Once again, I’m disappointed in myself, and I will try to redeem myself.


Relax, knock it back a bit, this is an Automation challenge, don’t act like if someone’s life did depend on it. Fucking things up is part of a first time experience, we all know this is your first time as a CSC host and we understand and accept it. I don’t see anything wrong with the ideas behind it in itself, I know that Betterdeals is an…ehrm…rather special brand, and that a Betterdeals CSC isn’t to everyone’s taste. Myself I would be more interesting in joining it, than joining another “make a 2020 crossover/hatchback/whatever for this brand by someone that makes designs that are pure perfection that I never can live up to anyway” since it would spark my creativity in a whole different way. It was just missing some parts of its execution, but I am sure you know about the phrase “learning by doing”, right? Some polishing and you’re good to go.


Thanks man. Indeed, it needs polishing. I’ll get to work on it when i come home from school later today.

Ok, ive made some changes to the post. Please give advice, and if it’s ready to go it’s ready to go.

i think the biggest problem with this challenge is the core idea, unfortunately. it seems far too open-ended for anyone to really understand what exactly you’re looking for, outside of the general “function over form” idea. the inspirations are all over the place, and don’t really do much to inform what’s desirable and what isn’t. is a well-made tube-frame rat rod going to lose to a hastily-made post truck, because it lacks the carrying capacity and utility of the latter? based on how high the functionality is rated compared to everything else, that feels like it may be the case. i can read the room in understanding you want a little bit of quirkiness with the submissions, but outside of that i’m pretty lost to where i should start.


Good point.
I do have an idea though.
What do you guys think of having 3 “trophies” (something like performance, utility, and military), and then we choose the best out of those as the overall winner. Would that make it a bit clearer where to start?

I’ll add my two cents in here, just to try make this competition better for all of us.

The design definitely needs to be cleared up, there’s solid rules around what year to make the car for, and there isn’t any engineering required for this so that doesn’t matter.

There is an idea, but like kaybee says the inspirations are all over the place. The cars are from all areas of the market and that makes it hard to tie down the theme (especially for judging). Each inspiration is a different theme in itself. Choose one, and make the rules around that.
Say you did the fan car, “must include a fan at the back”
Say it was the jeep “must include easily accessible parts and storage”

Each of those images could be a separate competition, let’s pick a lane and send it.

Well done for stepping up and hosting, it’s not easy as you’ve found. Hopefully we all help to make it a good competition and you’ll have more experience to host another one later.


Thanks, i think i might put in a rule like that. Im currently thinking about multiple categories which would definitely clear up stuff, allows people to be more direct on how they want to do something.

That still doesn’t fix the problem which is how do you decide who wins out of these

both can be winners of their catagory, and now you have the same issue as before. Which is there is no clear way to judge “function” as they both serve a different purpose from each other.


Then you start judging by Compactness, Originality, and Beauty right?

Judge by quirkiness, something that captures the spirit of a BetterDeal. There doesn’t have to be 100% a theme, but as people said, maybe some direction to be known. That said, I think we the community like drama despite our dislike for it, it creates division and the halo idea of what is right.

Your idea was just subject to judgment without the sight of which you saw sort of. Most people here are used to a theme and to the building by it, which most people here would not build an Automation car unless there were a challenge with multiple rule sets and such of which people dislike ambiguity.

That said, that is my opinion on this challenge, hopefully I’ll join in this challenge


I think what most people struggle with is the lack of a specific “category” of car (or specific function).

If you narrow down the intent of this round slightly (e.g. “build me a car for a lumberjack”), I reckon it would probably be enough.

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Weird delivery van would probably cover it too maybe, or perhaps open it up to any utility vehicle that has the most ability for the least size

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i feel like the challenge is intentionally vague for the sake of being funnny, to not overly restrict people to realistic use cases (for example currently you could make a car that is the most efficient at baking bread or growing tomatoes, or overthrowing a government, or going to mars or whatever).


Ok, ive got a decision that needs to be made.
Please vote on what we should do.

  • Keep as is
  • Add categories to clear things up
  • Add specific car type to build
  • Other
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