CSR 107 - Wake Up (It's 1984)

CSR 107 - Wake Up (It’s 1984)

As always, the general rules of CSR are here.

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“Okay Dario, now listen to me. These bags have to be shipped to Colombia by next Thursday, can you handle that?”

“Of course Boss, failure isn’t an option here.”

“Yes… you know, you’re lear- are those sirens?”

“…Judging by the cop car which is approaching behind us, yes.”

“Crap… alright, get us out of here!”

The sound of two rumbling V8’s fill the sound of air in the tropical forest of the Florida Keys.

Mablo Sierrabar: “Dario if you don’t lose these bastards off our tail, you are gonna pay for it!”

Dario Miguel: “I’m doing my best Sir, but this damn thing doesn’t have any power left”

Seconds later, a loud crash sound is heard from behind.

Sierrabar: “AHAA, THEY CRASHED INTO A TREE! How lucky was that, eh? Okay Dario, you can ease it off now.”

Mainland Miami, at the Sierrabar warehouse.

Dario: “Boss, I’ve mentioned this a couple of times but this time I really mean it - we need a replacement for the Silver-York.”

Sierrabar: “Wha- It’s still basically like brand new. What’s the need for a new one?”

Dario: “Did you not notice how we hardly got away from those cops? The only reason why we’re here is because they managed to crash into that tree.”

Sierrabar: “That’s a sign of you being a bad getaway driver.”

Dario: “No… it’s a fact that the S-Y can’t outrun those Sistens.”

Sierrabar:Sigh… fine, we’re in need of something new.”

It’s the magical year of 1984 in sunny Miami. Reagan has just been re-elected into office, AIDS has been identified and Miami is the home of international drug cartels. The Pooble Cartel fronted by Mablo Sierrabar is the biggest underground cartel in North-, Central- and South America. They traffic around 300 kilos of cocaine per month around and to Colombia and Peru. With huge ties in the business, Sierrabar has established himself as the King of Cocaine.

Mablo Sierrabars current mode of transport has been a 1975 Silver-York Brougham. It’s huge, brash and with the black finish also very menacing. But as was demonstrated with the chase, it’s struggling more and more every day when it comes to outrunning the police. The age of the car is also starting to harm his image around other drug lords, that’s another reason to acquire something newer.


Sedan? The go-to choice.
Wagon? Bold choice but do-able.
SUV? That’s gonna be a hard sell but maybe.
Anything else? No.
When it comes to design, there’s basically two routes to take. Either you can make it brash and bold fitting the personality of the buyer or you can make it subtle and restrained, more fitting for the alleys in Miami.


As has been stated above, this new vehicle has to outrun the cops with ease. The old Brougham and the Sisten police cars do 0-60 in about 9.5 seconds. A V8 will be appreciated.


Comfort is a key point here and needless to say, the old S-Y was damn comfortable. Sierrabar isn’t expecting the same levels of pure comfort due to the added need for speed, but he is not going to accept anything remotely uncomfortable either. As for seating, 4 is minimal and 5 is expected, but not necessary.


This new car is going to take part in dangerous chases and it has to be able to take corners without oversteering to hell or understeering into a lightpost. Dario, the assistant and chauffeur is a big car person and likes having fun while driving, though Sierrabar discourages this.


The old model was expensive to maintain. Very low fuel economy figures and high service costs attributed to this along with the less than excellent reliability records for the car. And Sierrabar… can go through this experience again. He once threw money into a campfire to get a bit of heat, after all. Despite that, he would prefer at least a bit better fuel economy figures and a better reliability index.


It’s a common situation where they have to transport around plastic bags filled with [TRASH] in the boot, so the suspension needs to be able to load a decent amount in the boot.


Trim year must be 1984
No Race or Limited Production parts
95 RON unleaded fuel only
Minimum reliability - 50
Maximum loudness - 35
Maximum ET - 110
Any use of a turbo will be disqualified

Trim year must be 1984
Minimum of 4 seats
Minimum of 4 doors
Maximum trim emissions - 1200
Minimum safety - 45
Minimum reliability - 52
Maximum ET - 105
Maximum price - 10500 material costs

An advert of the submitted vehicle must be posted to this thread for the vehicle to be accepted.

For a little inspiration, have a look at the images below


If you want to get into the mood with actual 80’s music, here’s a handy, if a little short playlist.

And a Youtube playlist due to request.


Engine name: CSR107 - [forum username]
Engine variant: [engine name]
Car name: CSR107 - [forum username]
Car trim: [car name]


Before submitting, please check that your car meets all of the requirements. Please do not hurry your designs.

Submissions will open on the 26th of July @ 12:00 (GMT +3).

The deadline is Thursday, August 1st @ 12:00 (GMT +3).

Click here for a countdown until the deadline.

Good luck to all!

Thank you to @ProfessorP3PP3R and @Keikyun for lending me some of the cars for this!


No 4-seater coupe? Personal luxury cars were at a prime in the mid 80s, something like a Lincoln Mark VII would fit right in.


Mr. Mablo Sierrabar does like to be chauffeured around with the driver in the front and him sitting comfortably in the back, so coupes are out of the question. Great image though

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Awesome write up! Would it be possible to get a bit of info on his silver york (power, reliability, 0-100…)

1984 in the US, let’s be honest, 91 RON unleaded is going to be the majority of fuel available. This is in the days where your normal gas station sign would have the price for “Regular” (leaded) and Unleaded. Premium unleaded was not in very wide use. Though I don’t see why this clientele wouldn’t just rip out the cats and run whatever made the most power.


yo can i send in a ride from sinclare?

So can anyone point me toward what exactly affects the trim emissions? I have no Idea what to do (besides downsize the body/wheelbase) to get them below 1200.

Engine emissions are the main culprit. Lower those and your trim emissions will follow. The trim one is just based on the engine emissions and then affected by overall fuel economy. So improving fuel economy is also a way to lower that.

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Stable build or open beta?


Second this, I’m on Open Beta, don’t want to have to shift around installs to compete, but would like to compete.

Definitely enjoying this premise. Taking submissions on playlist additions? I know i’ll have Yaz’s “Situation” on repeat while I work on this car.


This is understandable considering that our client wants a comfortable drive, and the on/off nature a turbo might ruin that recipe, especially with the primitive technology on offer in 1984.


Correction: submissions will open on July 26th.


@zschmeez The 95 RON rule comes from the internet which said that at least three of the examples in the op used such fuel.

@schultzie Could you please stop with these rather low quality questions, please?

@abg7 I’m judging these in open beta.


Awesome, thanks.

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You better not gonna delete that Spotify playlist after this CSR is over, I’m gonna keep listening that.



Sidenote: the old Silver-York featured a comfort level 50+ and around 10 US MPG.


Now I am doubting over the use of inline sixes here, might as well switch to V8’s and V12’s while we are it.

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Same, I was going for a beefed up E30 i6 engine. But now not so sure considering the efficiency and what not. I’m making decent power but still…

One more question: Why aren’t there any trim or engine PU limits for this round, even though I was expecting either or both to be present?

Simply because it encourages more creativity and freedom in a challenge where many of the entries could be very similar to each other.

Also, a reminder that a Luxury interior is allowed.

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