CSR 138: A Thousand Words (Finished)

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CSR rules

CSR 138

A Thousand Words



An undisclosed village in South Russia
June 2000

Full brief

An Ural 4320 military truck pulls up to an abandoned farmhouse in the middle of an overgrown field. The photographer quickly scurries forward to get a better view, and watches in horror as multiple prisoners of war are forced out by Russian riot police, believed to be part of OMON. Lying in a prone position, his breathing is heavy as the officers line up the prisoners against the wall, forcing AK74M assault rifles and AKS74U carbines against the back of the prisoner’s heads. A captain fires his Makarov pistol as the officers gun down the prisoners at point-blank range with ruthless efficiency. All this time, the photographer has managed to snap several close-up photographs of these actions and proceeds to get away from the scene as soon as possible.

However, an officer patrolling the perimeter sees and hears grass being shuffled around, and notifies the captain, who orders the officers to fire shots at the potential intruder. As the officers fire several rounds from their AK74s and AKS74Us, one 5.45mm bullet manages to embed itself in the back of the photographer’s right lower thigh, crippling him. The police assume that they have killed him and leave the scene.

The photographer crawls to the side of a road, where he collapses. A farmer and his family find him by chance driving down the road, and bring him to the safety of their farmhouse, where the family treats his wounds. He somehow manages to request the UN for an evacuation from the area.

That photographer is veteran UN war photographer Thomas Deucher, who has been documenting an ongoing war between Russia and separatists for the past 3 years. Throughout his professional career, he has gained prominent recognition for his work, which are often presented in international courts of law. The UN has hired driver Robert Shock to try to evacuate him from Russia. However, their fleet of various heavy-duty pickup trucks and Toyota Land Cruisers they would normally use are deemed not quite up to standard, and also might attract too much unwanted attention due to their UN associations. Thus, our driver is in need of something that can get the job done right.



  • Trim year 2000
  • Wheelbase must be between 2.6m and 2.9m (rounded)
  • No semi-slick tires allowed
  • Trim emissions limit of 300
  • $45,000 maximum hard price limit
  • Minimum safety of 50
  • Minimum enviromental resistance of 40
  • 135 trim et max


  • Variant year 2000
  • 145 engine et max
  • Three-way catalytic converter required (both types are ok)
  • Unleaded fuel only
  • Engine noise limit of 40
  • At least one muffler mandatory
  • 90 AKI/95 RON unleaded premium max
  • 86 AKI/91 RON unleaded regular min


  • All results are final
  • Interior is recommended (a basic one is fine, we would probably take its layout into account when judging (controls, shifter, pedals, handles, wheel and gauges, handbrake, etc…), also helps with better photos)
  • If you are doing an interior it must be LHD
  • Having some lore will help us with the writing
  • An ad is required (see the CSR rules)
  • For differentials, the type selected will act as the center differential, along with being the differential for both axles
  • 4x4 WILL BE TREATED AS PART TIME. Full time 4x4 is impossible as of now in the game

Naming convention

  • Both model name and engine family name: CSR138 - (your forum username)
  • Trim name: Name of your car
  • Variant name: Your engine name




A balance of performance and drivability
-It’s important not to crash and have the peace of mind of ultimate traction, but keep in mind that Robert is a skilled driver, and he will need to execute various maneuvers, and also wants some level of driver control. And it is very important to be able to get out of danger fast.

-It needs to be able to carry quite a bit.

-This is an all or nothing mission.

Fuel economy
-We don’t need anything to go wrong. Plus we need maximum flexibility in planning.

-This is life or death.

-It must be a blend of durability, being able to push other vehicles around, and a good level of all-around performance.

-We don’t mind paying for much improved performance. Emphasis on much.

(this is kinda out of character but) Believable design


-It is better for the injured person after all.

Service costs
-Ease of maintenance is very key to a vehicle that will see a ton of hard usage in hostile territory.

-More of a soft-roader I’d say, but the roads (and non-roads) of the area don’t seem friendly at all. In addition, provides us with some more escape routes.


Enviromental resistance
-Seems like a short-term mission, but we don’t know how long he plans to use this.


-It’s mostly carrying a person and some personal items.


-shut up

-If it’s not stated in this post, it shouldn’t apply, unless we make an update or something idk.






These are the types of priorities that will be used. Some priorities are a combination of multiple types.

Traditional numbers
-Higher is better.

Minimum standard (number)
-As long as a minimum value is met, you should be fine, as long as other priorities are not adversely affected. In fact, extra high values may not even be appreciated.

Minimum standard (features)
-If you have the right features, then you should be fine, as long as other priorities are not adversely affected. This means that if you don’t have certain features, we won’t care how high the corresponding numbers are, and will bin you on sight. The vice versa can apply too.

Realism clause
-Your normal CSR minmax policies are in play, and will override any other policy if applied accordingly.


Estimated start of submission:
Saturday May 22: 12:00 am EST

Estimated end of submission:
Saturday June 5: 11:59 pm PST


Please tell us if we did something wrong (sorry first time lol)

“The drawing shows me at one glance what might be spread over ten pages in a book.”
-Ivan Turgenev


Comments, Questions, Concerns?


there’s a lot of vacancy in my skull, so I’m not too certain what exactly we’re supposed to be making, as in like just a straightforward answer. Are we just making a crossover SUV as if it was straight from a manufacturer or is it a car modified/designed for the purpose of traversing Russian wilderness?

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Judging by the inspiration sources, I take it that we are supposed to aim at a “RAV4” rather than a “Land Cruiser”?

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From the Manufacturer of course.
Something midsize with a little oomph is strongly hinted.
@Knugcab, a RAV4, BMW X5 or RangeRover is up to you.


very cool

Given that the vehicle being proposed to the client has to be road-legal, it would make sense to ban the use of racing intakes or exhaust headers.

Also, for this round, practicality also includes cargo volume and load capacity, doesn’t it?

i think having reliability as a top priority and “Believable design” too is already like banning racing parts


I dunno if making some sort of bodykit + stock range rover mashup is gonna go well in terms of originality points but I’m not planning on winning any time soon.

low detail atm but pretty swaggy

I take that to mean “if you put a turbo engine in your submission for this round, don’t tune it so that the torque curve emulates that of a real-life diesel engine”.

You write a story about taking candid shots of Имран Захаев, and then use inspiration pictures of somebody wanting a beach trip where they might drive on the sand. Is concealment with civ-pop a top priority, or would УАЗ-469, M1009, or Navistar SOTV be an acceptable casevac vehicle?

Obviously you are not looking for a white pickup with UN on the door, but are we anticipating a rugged overland drive to the border, smuggling a passenger through back road check points, or a car to car shootout down a highway?


I’m pretty sure LCs would have more elite than UN associations in Russia. Honestly, I’m still not sure what’s the point of the expected vehicle, if a Land Cruiser wouldn’t fit. Is it just any “Russian-roader” that is explicitly not that one model?

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apparently the customer has no problem spending the entire budget as purchase price is nowhere to be found in the priorities

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It’s in the rules at the top. Soft cap of $40k, hard cap of $45k


Concealment with the ability to get away when needed. So unmodified off the shelf civilian cars, that might be armored (but as aftermarket). Should be inoffensive yet elegant.

Offroad is probably going to more cover driving on wet grass and some mud and going through a pretty shallow ditch and then going up a pretty steep and slippery slope (to reenter the road, etc…). Mostly you’re going to be barreling down the highway, or some twisty roads.

@Hshan More emphasis on on-road performance

@abg7 More of a realism rule


apparently the customer has no problem spending the entire budget as purchase price is nowhere to be found in the >>>>priorities<<<<<

we know the budget, we don’t know how important the budget is. Is 45k just as ok as 40? Would he really rather spend 30 instead? How big of a penalty will the cars going over 40k incur?

Also, kinda feel like there is a lot of vagueness in the rules, we want a fast car thats economical, an off road car that handles great on road, a practical car able to carry lots but we dont care if it can carry lots, a large and rugged car able to push around other vehicles but a small nimble car that can outrun others.

I don’t really get why a Land Cruiser doesn’t cut it. Don’t take it the wrong way, I’m just trying to pick holes that can be exploited/misinterpreted. For example, what exactly constitutes a fake diesel in terms of this challenge?


Looks like what’s desired is a jack of all trades; the client doesn’t know precisely what they might encounter so something that can cover all the bases is desired, but obviously no car can do everything; picking what elements to focus on and which you’re willing to sacrifice will be a big part of the challenge. Unlike the previous CSR, there is a huge range of possible solutions, no one right answer.

I’ll add as well, there’s clearly an action movie slant to the premise; while something like a Land Cruiser is logically the right choice here, the emphasis on paved-road manners and the ability to shove other cars around leads me to believe that a car chase is probably in store.


there doesnt seem to be many SUV bodies from this era, most unlock around 2005 or slightly before

Use the lancer body and make it look like an SUV :man_shrugging: