CSR 139- Luxury, Uncompromised (Completed, Winner Announced!)

CSR 139- Luxury, Uncompromised

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Somewhere in Downtown New York, November 2020

The year is 2020. David Eckert, a humble restaurant owner from the Big Apple, has just arrived home from filming “Best Chef”, having bested 14 other chefs, and taking the grand prize of $250,000 with him. Now, back in his home city of Manhattan, David has used most of his prize money on renovations of his restaurant, Arcaea, which was forced to close at the height of the pandemic. Now with his restaurant back up and successfully pulling money in from delivery/outdoor dining, he wants to use what’s left of this money to buy himself a new ride, and finally upgrade from his (falling apart) 2001 Einhoff Icarus. Taking the $100,000 he has left, he wants something with style, performance, comfort, and most of all, luxury.


Trim/Variant Year- 2020
Maximum Engine ET- 180ET
Maximum Trim ET- 180ET
$100,000 maximum budget
No V16s
98 RON/93 AKI maximum (you can use lower grade fuel, however it won’t offer any practical benefit.)
3-way catalytic converter and at least one muffler required
Maximum engine loudness of 40
At least 2 full seats
No more than 2 doors
Minimum wheelbase of 2.6m (standard rounding rules apply)
Advanced 20s Safety required


Of highest importance-

David wants something that looks stylish and contemporary. Anything that doesn’t look the part won’t interest him.

David is looking for a GT car, and that means he wants it to feel the part too. If it handles too much like a granny car, he won’t give it a second thought.

While David wants something that feels thoroughly sporty, he also doesn’t want to die in a fiery ball of wreckage every time he takes a sharp corner.

One of the hallmarks of a good GT car is comfort, something that very much interests David. If the car rides too harshly, he won’t see much reason to consider it further.

David wants his new car to feel special every time he gets behind the wheel. If he gets something with the prestige of a baked potato aka a Mitsubishi Mirage, he’ll look elsewhere.

Of some importance-

David can’t count how many times his current car has left him stranded, whether it’s a serious issue or not. Any car that can keep itself together better than that will be much appreciated.

While David’s car isn’t unsafe, he doesn’t feel that it’s as secure as it once was. If this new car makes him feel safe and secure, then it’ll be more than good enough.

Of lower importance-

Fuel Economy-
David’s current car is decently thirsty in it’s older age, so he’s used to spending quite a bit at the pumps. That said, he doesn’t want Hummer-level efficiency either.

Service Costs-
David has owned several luxury vehicles, and knows that they tend to be more expensive to service than your average family sedan, so he’s okay spending a bit more in that department. That said, he doesn’t want to spend his entire salary on an oil change either.

Anything not mentioned here is of no/minimal importance, and won't affect judging.


  • With the coming 4.2 update, cars/engines will be rendered incompatible with the new version of the game. That said, if the update drops during this round, I’ll remain on stable until its conclusion.

  • Value is important here. While David has a fairly substantial budget to play with, if a 85k car can do everything the 100k car can and do it better/offer a more compelling package, he’s obviously going to go for the more affordable car.

  • The standard CSR realism is expected here. Anything that’s obviously minmaxxed or outside of the scope of what’s expected, will be binned.

  • David has no preference on drivetrain/engine type. Anything goes, but be sure to keep it within reason.



  • Submissions will be taken over Discourse PM only.

  • Submissions will open at 12:00 PM PST, Tuesday, July 6th. Until then, the rules will be up for deliberation, and are subject to change.

  • Submissions will close 1 week later, at 12:00 PM PST, Tuesday, July 13th. The countdown timer is here.

  • An advertisement of some kind is required. (doesn’t have to be detailed, just a couple photos and the name of your car will suffice.)

  • There will be no resubmissions.

The naming scheme is as follows;
Model/Engine Family- CSR139- (your username)
Trim/Engine Variant- whatever you’d like

Beyond that, good luck, and may the best car win.


  • Increased price cap to $100,000.
  • Increased Trim ET to 180.
  • Clarified safety requirement.
  • Following some confusion on Discord, allow me to clarify exactly what I mean with fastbacks. I’m not looking for what’s basically a wagon/shooting brake (see; Ferrari FF/GTC4 Lusso), when I say fastback, I mean something more along the lines of the original Ford Mustang.
  • Added a clarification for wheelbase.
  • Adjusted deadlines.
  • Added countdown timer to the original post.

Oh would you look at that, I might already have something just perfect for that :smirk:

BTW, as an owner of a 22-year old car I’m a bit surprised by a falling apart 19-year old car :wink:

My 2001 C180 was falling apart many years ago… :joy:


Which advanced safety is the minimum?

I think I might enjoy this challenge quite a lot. I have a big taste for luxury cars.

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Advanced 20s. I’ll add that to the OP, forgot to clarify.

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Are coupes the focus of this challenge? Or can we submit a sedan or SUV?

Coupes, seeing as there’s a 2 door limit.

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Ah ok.

I think this would still allow for the use of hatchback coupes with a fastback rear end, or even convertibles and targas if the body choice allows it.

I would personally change this to 95 octane premium fuel, as 98 hasn’t been available at pump gas stations near me, and Wikipedia agrees

As per this website (https://find93.com/), 93 AKI (also listed in your screenshot) is readily available in New York. As I said, you can use a lower grade fuel, though it offers you no benefit.


Correct, there’s no mandates on convertibles, nor fastbacks.

Edit: following some confusion on Discord, I’ve added a note about fastbacks in the Changelogs section of the original post, please be sure to read it.

If only I didn’t have a month long rotation. I have a couple items that could do well.


What this means is that bodies with a wheelbase shorter than 2.6m will be accepted as long as their wheelbases are equal to 2.6m when rounded to the nearest 0.1m.

That would be correct, yes.

Submissions Open

CSR 139 submissions are open now, and the rules are locked in. Please be sure to reread the original post and the Changelogs section, as it has changed since first posting.

Countdown Timer


Are mods allowed? And how will the cars be judged, do you test them in BeamNG or do you just go by the Automation stats and graphs?

Do we have to make a 3D interior? or is that optional but not mandatory?

Mods are allowed. As for judging, it will be based primarily on your car in Automation only, and interiors are optional, yes.

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