CSR 153 - Hail That Sweet Ride! [COMPLETED]

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wow a csr round from bxdroid i wonder how it will go

CSR153 - Hail That Sweet Ride!

July 2018
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

54-year old Jocelyn Teoh currently works as an English teacher in an international school. She lives with her husband, James Tan, a director of a major trading company in Klang Valley, in a high rise condominium located in the Damansara Heights area. Both of them have two children which includes a son, Andrew Tan, a software developer working in the United States, and a daughter, Cindy Tan, who currently studies finance in Australia.

However, daily spending for both of them were getting higher due to increasing costs, and the fact that James’s company is riding on losses since a while now. Despite earning high salaries she realized that they couldn’t maintain their current lifestyle without alternate sources of income, especially when she is going to retire soon and she don’t want their children to help them to pay for things.

At the same time, local technology company MYtec has just launched its new ride sharing app, MyRide, which became a hit in the country as many people have started earning money from that.

Upon hearing the news, Jocelyn decided that she wanted join MyRide Plus, which was less competitive due to small customer base, expensive fares and it requires better cars (C-seg/D-seg instead of the typical B-seg) than the standard MyRide, but she chose that option as she could have a much flexible time schedule and potentially earning more money from each ride, and the fact that she had back problems since a while now and she wanted something comfortable.

However, the car she had isn’t suitable for the job, as she owns a 2013 Audi A6 Hybrid, which is too unreliable and expensive for the job. She also couldn’t use her husband’s brand new BMW X5 xDrive40e either since its way too big and James always drove it to work everyday.

Luckily, she also has a budget for something else, which she can use it for such purposes, as well as shorter trips to the market which she bought ingredients from. Time to check the listings then.


Model Years: 2014 - 2018
Trim Years: 2018
Hatchback, sedan, or crossover/SUV body only. Wagons are unpopular and uncommon in Malaysia, but its accepted. No MPVs, vans, coupes or pickups since the app forbids those for MyCar Plus.
Min wheelbase: 2.6m (rounded)
Max wheelbase: 2.9m (rounded)
Auto/Adv Auto/DCT transmission only (since Jocelyn don’t know how to drive stick)
TC + ABS minimum, ESC recommended

Family Years: 2014 - 2018
Variant Years: 2018
Max cylinders: 6 (4 recommended for realism)
Displacement: 3000 cc max displacement (because road tax)
Fuel: 95 RON (premium) unleaded fuel
Turbos allowed

Techpool: Start with +2 on all techpool slots, 60 points car, 40 points for engine, +10 max cap for each category
Total tech points: 80 points total for car, 52 points total for engine (including +2 base on all entries)

Max Price: AM$ 23,000

3D Interior: Optional and will not affect results, but do whatever you want
Ad post required
Race parts, CF, fibreglass banned
CSR realism expected, you will get binned for making bullcrap

:star: :star: :star:

Comfort - She currently has back problems means that she need something that doesn’t break her while driving. And the fact she wanted to target a higher end market meant that she wanted something fancier.

Drivability - The car must be drivable enough for her to easily do her Ubering job.

Reliability - She wants something that doesn’t break on trips. A lemon with questionable quality is an obvious no-no for her since her Audi is kinda problematic on times.

Service Costs - Service costs should be low enough that it shouldn’t affect earnings from rides.

:star: :star:

Design - The car must look good enough that she isn’t seen driving one that looked like it was designed by 2 monkeys in a shed.

Fuel Efficiency - Fuel costs were low in Malaysia, but she wants to spend less on fuel considering how the car is used.

Practicality - The car must be practical enough for multiple people, loads and other stuff. Of course not every time, but it is still greatly needed.

Safety - She wanted a safe car for herself and her passengers, considering she is used to the loads of safety features of her Audi sedan.


Performance - The car should be fast enough for trips. While she doesn’t need a supercar, she don’t want some slow ass shitbox either.

Value - She comes from a rich household, earning decent salary, but that doesn’t mean that anything could works. Overpriced shit is still a no for her.


Sedans and hatchbacks:

Honda Accord Proton Perdana (original model shown, refresh is acceptable too but looks like shite)

Honda Accord (real)

Honda Civic

Mazda 3

Mazda 6

Toyota Corolla Altis (local version of the Corolla)

Toyota Camry

Kia Forte/Cerato/K3

Kia Optima/K5

Lynk & Co 03 (not sold in Malaysia)

Geely Borui (not sold in Malaysia)

VW Golf

VW Passat

Opel/Vauxhall Insignia (not sold in Malaysia)


Proton X70/Geely Boyue

Toyota Harrier

Honda CR-V

Nissan X-Trail/Rouge

Subaru Forester

Mazda CX-5

Hyundai Tucson

Peugeot 5008

VW Tiguan

Ford Escape (not sold in Malaysia)

Submission Times:

February 16, 2023March 9, 2023

Send the car file to me via DMs only, not via Discord, email, physical mail or even pigeon ffs I wouldn’t care if you send to me with anything other than the DMs


Please use the format CSR153 - username on your model and family names!

Suggestions for rules may start now until challenge submissions starts.

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Is the wheelbase figures in-game figures (e.g. 259 cm “2.6 metre” allowed) or do they mean that 259 cm and 291 cm is banned regardless of what the game list them as?

Is that 60 points on top of the +2 base already on the pool? And is it add a maximum of 10 or the maximum figure is 10, so add only 8

Rounded values so people can use a larger pool of bodies.

Yup. Max figure for points is +10, so +8 max for user defined points.


This CSR is set in the modern era, and as such a 3-way catalytic converter of any kind ought to be mandatory.

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I would hope that is common sense tbh, shall we mandate only radial tyres too


Definitely. With OBD2 being mandatory worldwide by 2014, EFI of some sort (preferably multi-point at minimum) should also be required.

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i’m assuming the ones we start with also count towards the limit?


Base tech pool doesn’t count towards the final total.

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I would like to formally announce that I won’t be participating for the dig at Audi.


Audis are cool lol dw (it just that the exact model is known for some issues and a fact that Malaysia has the most C7 A6 Hybrids for some reason)

Jesus Christ, that’s enough TP to vandalize a house!


ACTUALLY PROTON PERDANA | You Cannot Improve On Perfection


@BannedByAndroid is there a benefit in seating beyond the standard 5? For instance, ride share programs sometimes look for 6-7 seater suvs and crossovers for transport. Thoughts?


FWM enters with the 2018 Ruger GS
Premium Performance at an Affordable Price!


I say its okay as well. 7 is the limit I will accept only on SUVs/wagons, and it wouldn’t really benefit much beyond the typical 5.

I’m still not quite getting it, is max techpool 60 and 40 or 80 and 52?
(the latter would be the actual numbers adding +2 base to all categories)


+2 on all categories on start, which you can add 40 to the engine and 60 to the car. Just none of these should exceed 10 (2 base points + 8 user defined points).

ok, so the final numbers would be 80 and 52, right?