CSR 96 - It's Rewind Time

CSR 96 - It’s Rewind Time

As always, it would be appreciated if you aren’t sure about the rules around the CSR, that you follow the link to the general rules for this competition by clicking here

The story

The “Bropad”, Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles
December 2018

Hey what’s up you guys, Paul Logan here and welcome back to another daily vlog. I’m here with my bros for some more crazy shit…”

Yep, you’ve all heard it before. The intro of a crazy, immature, inconsiderate little brat that 10-year-olds admire like a divine figure on the popular site YouTube that has amassed millions of clueless subscribers and earns more than most people in a year within a single day acting a fool and selling questionable merch.

You see Paul Logan isn’t just all of those things. He’s actually worse, but that isn’t what that is all about. The great thing about these clueless “adults” and their seemingly limitless bank accounts is that they see it as exactly that. They know that the best way to stay cool and relevant, besides pranking everybody and inflicting self-injury, is to flex on em by spending as much money as they possibly can. And what better way than a car. Well, technically quite a few of them normally but in this case, we ask for just one car.

The “bropad” in which Paul Logan and Team 8 reside

So, you’ll be wondering about the title. Y’know the “I’m gonna buy the best car ever”. Well today we are going to do some car shopping and what better than to do than to bring you along for all to see. Can I get a yeet.”


So what are we looking to offer this, um, horrific specimen? Well if they are looking for the best car ever that is exactly what we need, right? It needs to be the ultimate flex. But what is the ultimate flex? Distasteful normally but could it be a super-rare sports car? Could it be a chrome luxury car? A simply enormous 4x4? An old banger that’s gonna be driven off a cliff for views? Maybe not the last one.


  • Model year 2018 or older
  • Trim year must be 2018
  • Minimum 55 safety
  • Minimum 2 full seats
  • 95 RON unleaded fuel only - there’s no way we’re filling it up with regular
  • Catalytic converters obligatory
  • Maximum trim emissions of 80
  • Maximum loudness of 35
  • Maximum engine ET of 200
  • Maximum trim ET of 200
  • ESC obligatory
  • Please use the current stable release

NOTE: As with CSR93 I want to leave the round very open to options and put some very generous limits on this round as well. There are no minimum drivability, sportiness, comfort requirements for this reason as well.

  • NO budget

Yep, no maximum budget. Remember, we’re talking a millionaire kid who wants to fucking flex on em. Cost is a factor for the verdict though, if something does a better job for half the price then even though this arsehole only has a few neurons he’ll still probably go for the cheaper option. Also ET limitations prevent the price going sky high.

Other requirements/permissions

  • Advert for any submission must be posted on the thread
  • All mods from Workshop are permitted


This needs to be the best car in the world. Period. EVERYTHING is important.

  • FIRST AND FOREMOST. Design! There is absolutely no chance that he’ll be seen driving around in an abomination. Actually there is a very good chance he’ll be seen driving around in a purple chrome full-size SUV but that’s besides the point, there is absolutely no chance he’ll be seen in something that looks awful from the factory. Do you really want the rich kid getting millions of kids spamming the company twitter for “trying to sell me a piece of garbage”
  • Drivability. This is a barely 20-something-year-old idiot with virtually no driving skills in what is likely to be a very powerful machine. Do you really want to battle a legal case and being EXPOSED for making a car that tried to kill him?
  • Comfort. This could be an important characteristic or not. If you send in a big SUV or luxury car then he’ll expect it to be the best in comfort. Send in a supercar and it really won’t matter. Just don’t make it too soft and spongey or rock hard.
  • Sportiness. No matter what car this is somewhat important. Admittedly, luxury cars aren’t expected to be mega sporty, but they are expected to be fast. This kid wants to get speeding tickets. Hell, he probably wants to try and outrun the police to get in those news headlines. For supercars though, ultimate criteria.
  • Prestige. Lots of it, ultimate flex remember?
  • BIG STATS. What is more of an ultimate flex than being able to outdo your mates in a cock comparison contest? Not literally, but just having the bigger number to shout out. The fastest, the comfiest, the lightest, the heaviest, massive power, stupid fuel economy. I’m not expecting stupid 0-60 mph times in SUVs but the stats just need to be impressive.
  • Reliability. Do you really want to be EXPOSED for selling a lemon when the poor sod’s car breaks down at the side of a busy interstate? I guess not.
  • BE REALISTIC. As much as this challenge sounds like the ultimate opportunity to send in the ultimate meme, at least make the entries realistic. Youtubers drive nice cars, not horrendously flawed monstrosities.

As always, the same naming system applies!
Car and engine model name: CSR 96 - “username”
Car trim: Brand, model and variant of car
Engine trim: Engine model/variant

Deadline is Tuesday 2nd April @ 20:00:00 CEST (GMT +1)
Submissions open as of Tuesday 26th March @ 20:00:00 CEST (GMT +1)

Submission opening time is subject to change should there be any major dispute over the rules that haven’t been finalised prior to this time.
Should anything happen during this time, for example, an update that breaks anything, this can be changed to allow people to fix their entries.

Please do not rush your entries, take all the time you need, within the obvious limitations of course.

NOTE: Once submitted I will not accept resubmissions. If your car doesn’t meet requirements first time around you will be given just one chance to submit a car meeting requirements or you will be disqualified.

Good luck and have fun!


Well this is awkward.

I have already built this car for the New York autoshow…

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Time to build a 6000 pound flex mobile

Time for thanos car


I may have an idea up my sleeve for a dark purple SUV with, shall we simply say, “a bit too much” power.


80 max emissions on trim, don’t get comfident about the emissions stat when buildin the engine, it goes up when you put the engine on the car.

about the tyres… you didn’t say anything about semi slicks

Semi slick tires will hurt drivability, I reckon.

by stable release Its been a few months as i dont know what release to goto

Maybe the last one.

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so they want to be in a stuipid fast hpyer car try this hazzard 9000 for size after filling out a contract saying that we are NOT liable for any injury death or damages.

JKJK an actual build is now in progress this pic was for giggles XD


does this mean…

quality spam??? :smiley: finally I can show the people for who I really am!!!

EDIT: not total quality spam but there’s definitely a LOT of wiggle room for this one, I’m excited

Make. Them. Notice.

600 horsepower, 700lbs/ft of torque. The 2018 Shromet Levine RINO.

Now with a mild hybrid motor so you can hog the carpool lane guilt free!

A Chevy Suburban with a Mercedes-AMG BiTurbo V12 and a mild hybrid system… I wanna drive one :thinking:

i think the devil is knocking on my car


Now I get why there aren’t any PU limits for the engine or the trim - the ET limits are restrictive enough for a round without a maximum price value, regardless of whether or not markups have been added.

Look abg imma let you finish but I just gotta get this off my chest:

This round is pure vomit. It’s so disgusting it’s brilliant. It’s so brilliant I think the CSR should die in a fire after this.


It might be the ultimate way to reduce entries, make everyone hate building the car!

but CSR 100


I’m honestly sat learning a track in Beam for an Idea I have had for a while - losely based on past challenges made by @Private_Miros but most likely a little less well - put together. No date on when it’ll happen tho, I’m busy IRL prepping for A-Level exams

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Submissions are now open

Good luck to everybody and I’m looking forward to seeing what you have to offer!

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