CSR122 - Uncompromised Compromise [completed]

CSR122 - Uncompromised Compromise

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The year is 2014. And it is somewhere in the USA.

Alexander Anderson is living well. Happily married to his wife Lisa a few years back, bought his own house, working a well paying desk job in a stable business. Even got himself a sporty luxury coupe to drive as his daily, plenty of power, plenty of speed, while being comfortable and easy to drive. So really, it sounds like he got things all figured out right now.

Well, life doesn’t always stay the same and Alex here, well, he and Lisa will be having a kid pretty soon. And though he was stubborn about it, it was pretty apparent that his sporty luxury coupe was definitely far too impractical for having a family. It had far too little space for all the things he had to carry and it wasn’t exactly ‘family safe’. So, a new vehicle was in order.

Now, the sensible option here was to get a minivan and be done with it. It has space, it has safety. Its literally the vehicle designed for a family. But Alex, he’s not exactly sensible about his vehicle choices. Afterall, life is too short to drive something boring, that’s his line of thinking. Not to mention, he can afford something interesting, something uncompromised. Why get something worse when he can get something that does all he wants. And what he wants, is something that can do it all, something that’s capable in practicality, space, safety and performance…and arguably look good at the same time.



  • Trim year: 2014
  • Max Engine ET: 170
  • Max Trim ET: 175
  • Maximum 95 RON.
  • Minimum Safety 40
  • Max loudness 40
  • Must have catalytic converter
  • Must have ESC minimum
  • Minimum 5 seats
  • Soft cost limit of $85000. You can go higher but if its not worth it its not worth it. So it better be worth it.
  • Anything goes for body styles but SUVs preferred.

Primary priorities:

  • Styling - Alex is paying a premium for a premium vehicle here, so make it look the part, simple enough. Note that while I’m allowing entries of any vehicle type, a SUV will be preferred.
  • Drivability - This will be what he will drive the majority of the time, so he will prefer a vehicle that isn’t difficult to deal with
  • Safety - High safety is a must, afterall that is one of the reasons that he’s getting a new vehicle here.
  • Comfort - Again, part of what he’s paying for, plus what he’s used to. If anything, he expects this to be more comfortable.
  • Practicality and space (Cargo & Passenger) - The primary reason he’s getting a new vehicle. Note that there is a thing as too big to be practical, so try to aim for just right (see vehicle inspiration for what I mean)
  • Sportiness and Performance - That’s right, no compromise. This vehicle, while likely to be slower than his other car, must also be quick and handle the part.

Other things that matter but are not a primary priority:

  • Cost and running costs: Look, if a car is better for cheaper, Alex will go for the cheaper one. Its just common sense. This includes all running costs, that being fuel economy, service costs and reliability (because breakdowns are costly). That being said, he’s well off and not looking for a dirt cheap car here.
  • Prestige: Alex is buying a top trim vehicle here, this does matter a bit
  • Offroad and Utility: Its a nice to have for what he’s looking for, so if its good at these that’s all the better.
  • Loudness: A less loud vehicle is preferred
  • Realism: Obviously limited to an extent, but be realistic about your choices. Somewhat believable yet unrealistic choices will be marked down, but blatantly unrealistic vehicles will be binned and if you get binned for this that’s your problem.

Vehicle Inspirations

Click for Images

(^but do better than BMW and Mercedes did with this if you do this)

Submission Deadline and Guidline

So I am aware my hosting is in a period where we may get a patch drop. I will be keeping this on stable version however. That means rules may change, and that this may go on hiatus till things are sorted out. If it drops in the middle of submission period, I will allow resubmissions after the rule change.

Otherwise, no ReSubs!

Rules will be finalized April 01 00:00 UTC (unless patch drops)
Tentative submission deadline April 08 00:00 UTC (unless patch drops or otherwise issues occur)

Naming Convention:
Car and engine model name: CSR122 - FORUM USERNAME
Car trim: Brand, model and variant of car
Engine trim: Engine model/variant

Good luck!


How “preferred” are SUV’s? Would a luxury sedan/wagon (5-series-esque) be viable?

Yeah I just finished an AWD luxury wagon build so I’m wondering if I could just use that. Does Alex like many enthusiasts hold wagons in high regard, especially all-weather focused ones that can do a bit of light offroding if so desired? Like an Outback but more luxurious, or an Audi Allroad?

Other questions…can Alex’ wife (or Alex) drive stick or have a preference towards automtics? Doe it need to be a 7 seater like many larger crossover are, or are he and his wife fine with a two row vehicle and the limited practiclity it might be affected by?

edit: saw the 5 seat minimum so let me rephrase that: is a third row preferred?

I accept wagons - the bias being if there’s a SUV and a wagon with similar stats and build quality, the SUV will win out. Perhaps even if the SUV is slightly worse.

2 row is fine, as long as there are at least 5 seats in a layout that makes sense (check the seating for the vehicle inspiration). Drivetrain is up to you, Alex can drive manual but its not a selling point for him.


I was working on a Swedish SUV until the update scronched my design, this CSR is a good pretext to remake it :slight_smile:

After several CSRs with a used car or period piece theme, it’s nice to once again have a round set in the modern era (2010 or later).

Anyway, although premium unleaded (95 RON) is the absolute maximum allowed, is there any advantage to using regular unleaded (91 RON)?

I don’t think there should be, seeing as premium fuel is available everywhere in the US.

Not particularly, I’m expecting 95 all around.

One more thing: those seats ought to be full-sized. Also, while a three-row setup offers room for more people, it leaves less space for cargo compared to a two-row setup, so entrants should keep that in mind.

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Bucket, then bench, then folding? This is normal for most 3rd row SUVs. Makes a 5 + 2 or 3 seating with cargo room.

Does Alex’ wife prefer automatic or manual transmission more?

Wife would prefer auto, its USA afterall :stuck_out_tongue:

What sort of power/speed/acceleration stats do the real-world example vehicles have? Just want to know what performance ballpark to aim for, as this is a vehicle category I have 0 IRL experience with. xD

Wayyy more info than you will need.

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I basically built my test cars off stats from that site, so if you do your research… well, you’ll be some of the way to a great entry :wink:


2014 MTC Tomahawk Trailmaster Estate

Because you deserve a practical, luxurious, good looking, and offroad capable family vehicle that isn’t tremendously boring to drive.

In an age where the streets are packed with aquatic looking crossover after crossover, you want something with much more of a sense of individuality that speaks to you. Something different, because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be different just for the hell of it.

For 2014, Australia’s very own hot rod wagon returns. Because sometimes an old dog can learn new tricks.

And this old boy sure did. Sporting a 5.0 L turbocharged inline six with 475 hp@5000 rpm and 591 lb ft @ 3000 RPM, this comfortable cruiser is no slouch, dashing from 0 to 60 in a mere 4.7 seconds. Built to prowl the Autobahn, the Tomahawk Trailmaster Estate’s claim to fame comes in the form of being the world’s fastest production wagon, at a top speed of 184 mph.

The fuel economy is solid for a nearly 3 ton vehicle as well, with 21.2 mpg combined, or an EPA estimated 17 city and 25 highway. And with a total cargo capacity of 1240L this wagon is every bit as practical as a sports utility vehicle, if not more. The 10 inch ground clearance, offroad underway, progressive suspension tuned for offroad use without sacrificing a bit of comfort, and full time AWD system with a 40/60 F/R split paired with a high tech electronic limited slip differential, make this wagon more capable in inclement weather or unpaved trails than any AWD crossover on the market today. Our traditional light truck based monocoque chassis give the Trailmaster Estate that extra bit of Australian ruggedness you know you needed. Indeed, its payload capacity of 3200 lbs and towing capacity of 6700 lbs rivals that of some pickup trucks. With state of the art safety features developed in the 2010s, it is sure to keep you and your family secure and protected in all situations.

Old meets new. We don’t claim to have invented the wagon, but we sure did invent the offroad capable wagon. And most importantly, we sure as hell did invent the offroad capable hotrod wagon.

And it’s a testament to the fact that sometimes, it’s okay to glorify the past, even romanticize it. Because life is short and it’s the experiences that matter. Behind the wheel of the Tomahawk Trailmaster Estate is where the legacy of four decades of the Trailmaster Estate’s history come alive, and before you know it, you’ll be cruising down the open road at triple digit speeds with a satisfied smile on your face. Just as Grandpa did in his heyday.

An enthralling and mesmorizing experience unlike any other, an epic journey to the Australian outback without the need to leave the comfort of your heated 27 way power leather seat, you too can join the fun and make yourself part of the MTC experience for just $58200 MSRP.


I should mention that submissions have been open for about 6 hours 15 minutes now.

2014 Atera Warusawa EX4

  • Brand new station wagon from Atera Automotives.

  • Brand new design language to be more cohesive or something.

  • $69,900 $72,500 is the price.

  • It has AWD drivetrain thus why it has high ride height.

  • Turbo 3.6L V6, producing up to 252hp, 321nm 351hp, 482nm of torque.

  • 0-60mph : 6.4s

  • Almost perfect weight distribution, 51% front and 49% on the rear.

  • Premium interior with premium infotainment, comfy and really quality interior.

  • Standard equipped ESC

  • Pretty nice power steering which is Electric Variable

  • Pretty safe car which it has advanced 10’s.


2014 Dokeshi Longroad ZC35 Sports Utility Vehicle (With optional sport performance package)


Were DRL mandatory on the US market in 2014?