CSR160 - The Pannonian Sailor [ENTRIES OPEN]

The Bizarre Shining Diamond From the East

Duwang Krystal 1.5

Are you filled with ambitions, dreams, and expectations? Are you short on money, sexual appeal, and satisfaction? And lastly, do you need a car? The Krystal may be just the car for you. A product of China’s Duwang Auto Company (DAC), the Krystal 1.5 is made to satisfy the miserable modern work and life culture, while also bringing life to it.

The 1.5L 4-cylinder heart contains breakthroughs like never seen before, enabling it to produce 120 horse powers while suppressing its own fuel greed. Coupled with cutting-edge 5-speed automatic transmission as well as a traction control system, the Krystal offers a smooth, convenient, yet flavorful driving experience within your reach. And if that isn’t enough, DAC has been generous to fit in a quality entertainment system to aid travel, or just to spice up every trip. Its liftback design also offers decent practicality and ease of access for shopping trips, extended journeys, or storing work equipment.


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And it’s because you drive a 2009 Quix iE, first car ever with turn signals!

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What a beautiful Duwang


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2009 Altamont Squish


Silly text aside, that is one handsome car design


'09 AMS Abella 1.0

A city car with the conveniences of a larger family car, yours for just $13k AMU.


With it’s sleek, aerodynamic styling the 2009 Airman Shrike line will let you glide through traffic with confidence and purpose. And, with the bare bones entry–level EC4 trim it’s more affordable than before. Now only $13 000 AMUs.

[COMMENTARY: I did the best I could blending the A–pillar and C–pillar back into the body. Also, I don’t know if y’all have the issue of fixtures not showing on a load sometimes, but adjusting the layer by one up or down and back should fix it.]


2009 Montagne Roraima Ciel

New for 2009, the Ciel edition of the Roraima brings twin glass panels to the stylish supermini, along with all the equipment of the top-trim Premier - projector beam headlamps, front fog lights, electronic stability control, variable-rate steering and a six-disc CD player. The glass panels bring openness and airiness to the already spacious (for its size) Roraima.



I’m designing a car but I think my abysmal engineering would let it down, so someone can let me know if they want a design to put their engineering into

Your French designs are always great

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I would help.
Send me a PM, I’ll give it a look

Courageux Petit

Powered by a clean and fuel efficient 1.25 four cylinder engine and with a fully automated EZ-shift gearbox the Petit is the perfect car for the busy city.


Just to avoid stupid mistakes and since I’m outside the CSR for a while… I have to keep the sum of this 2 total costs less than 55 million, am I correct?


yep, that’s it

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2009 Rusa Kura. The small and comfortable everyday hatchback.


I got a car engineered, but my designs most of the time are just awful. Would be somebody interested in doin the design?