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##Ikebukuro, Tokyo

Welcome to Enthusia Speed Factory’s website. We are a Japanese tuner known for high quality made to order parts developed from our motorsports know how and both attractive and functional styling and aero parts for your beloved cars.

We tend to specialize in Saminda machines ever since the beginning of our company history. In fact our development of performance parts for Saminda machines in the 1980s proved very popular and allowed us to become one of Japan’s premier automotive aftermarket builders

We will make parts for vehicles of any sort provided they prove popular enough and even a demo car if we find the chassis and powertrain more than satisfactory.

Enthusia Styling House makes high quality FRP and CFRP styling products such as bumpers fenders and GT wings. All of our aero parts are highly functional and have been tested at the track with great results. All of our parts are made to order to ensure the best fitment.

Presenting our 2005 Demo Car: The Enthusia WARLOCK CZ6 TURBO

The Saminda CZ6 is Japan’s premier sports car, and is famous for retaining drivability, comfort and road usability while providing supercar level performance. The WARLOCK’s design brief was to build a tuner car that most people buying our parts will, a vehicle that is properly fast at the track, at the straights, civil enough on the roads and draws a huge crowd whenever it passes.

Parts list:
Enthusia WARLOCK widebody kit (CFRP)
Enthusia SUPER AERO CFRP Downforce Undertray
Enthusia Atlas GT4 CFRP adjustable GT Wing
Enthusia Atlas F4 Titanium Exhaust kit and sports muffler
Enthusia fully adjustable suspension kit
Enthusia Ported Cylinder Heads
Enthusia Performance Cams
GReddy Twin TD04 ball bearing turbo with GReddy top mount intercooler and wastegate
Enthusia Atlas Stand Alone ECU with scramble boost capability
BRIDE racing seats
ENTHUSIA CZ6 Carbon Interior Accents
Toyo Proxes R888 F 235MM R 315MM R-Compound tire
Enthusia 8:3 Compression Forged pistons for the CZ6
Enthusia Titanium Connecting Rods for the CZ6
Cusco racing harness half cage
Enthusia sports cold air intake
8500 RPM remap.
Enthusia 410CC Fuel Injectors and Independent throttle bodies
Project Mu F 2 piston 250mm R 2 piston 260mm vented disc brakes

Final Specs:
Power: 450 HP @ 7900 RPM
Torque: 447 NM @ 6500 RPM
Weight: 1288 Kg
400m : 11.5 @ 200 km/h
1000m: 21 @ 244 km/h
Tsukuba HOT VERSION Time Attack: 1:01.30
Nordeschleife lap by a customer with identical set-up: 7:51 (True time: 7:43, but I added 8 seconds accounting for traffic and the customer’s not perfect driving skills)

Call for pricing on parts or visit enthusiaspeedfactory.jp.


Awesome…put me down for one for the dsd museum

This looks like a promising start for a Far Eastern tuning company, taking the Saminda-Auxuras flagship and improving its performance and involvement levels as much as possible.

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Deskyx - First Gen CZ6.zip (34.0 KB)


I’ve deleted the original trims as @Starfish94 has not made the car available for public download, thus it wouldn’t be right of me to just spread it around.

If anyone wants their vehicle modified with a proper JDM touch hit me up!


I am not at my computer atm but i will try and send you the FFM famas if thats cool it can be found here as well

You got something not as high strung? It is ridiculously difficult to crack the 200 hp/l mark while maintaining sane reliability and drivability figures, and your car is as high strung as it can be. Hell the CZ6 was already a pain to tune with pretty much as high HP as the engine would make stock.

And uh something less styled so I can go crazy with body kits. Like one of your DSD cars… Oooh I so wanna JDM a muscle car.

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That can be arranged i need to update the dsd thread. Take your pick any model you like


The Erin Scarlet is an interesting sports car. Where it lacks in track performance, it makes up in driving performance. Not wishing to pass up the chance at a free demo car, we set out to work to make the car as fast it could be.

Full Parts List:

-ENTHUSIA CYCLONE DRY CFRP Front Bumper and Splitter
-ENTHUSIA CYCLONE DRY CFRP Side Diffuser and intake
-ENTHUSIA ATLAS GT4 CFRP Adjustable GT Wing with Active setting
-ENTHUSIA STORM Downforce Flap with Active setting
-Quaife 7 Speed Straight Sequential transmission with noise insulator
-GReddy Twin TD06 turbo with Front Mount Intercooler
-GReddy Boost Controller
-Project Mu F 3 Piston 325mm R 1 Piston 280mm Vented Disc
-Cusco 6 point Roll Cage
-ENTHUSIA DRY CFRP Doors, Trunk, Front Fenders and Rear Bumper
-TEIN Coilover Suspension kit for Competition Use
-TOYO R888 R-Compound tyre 325mm F & R

Power: 854 HP @ 8400 RPM
Torque: 800 NM @ 7600 RPM
Tsukuba Hot Version Super Lap: 57.46
Nurburgring Nordeschleife Lap test performed by Erin Sport Test Driver: 7:03.35

Yeah those things in the rear are my sad little attempt at bolt on flares.


That’s not a bad first try at creating something similar to a Liberty Walk body kit, and I must admit that it turns the Scarlet into a much crazier machine than it already is in terms of performance!

Wow! Seriously impressed with that you’ve done there. Knocked just shy of 50 seconds off its Nurbugring time!

We would be honored to let you sell tuned versions of the Scarlet in this form.

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During the hey day of the Mid Night Club street racing gang in Japan, legends of a blue heavily modified classic Dimension Paradox with otherworldy acceleration often came up. It was rumored for a long time that the founder of ENTHUSIA was a the driver and tuner of the car but he has never confirmed or denied the allegations. In 2006 as a tribute to the legend, ENTHUSIA revealed the Akuma P, a first gen Dimension Paradox with a turbocharged inline 6 off a Hadron sedan. It is widely believed that the show car is actually the same car that ran the Wangan 10 years ago. Whenever it hits the road, surgeons in black Porsches are mysteriously compelled to chase it.


Engine: JD31 Inline 6 Twin Turbo
Power: 700 HP/B @ 7800 RPM
Torque: 670 NM @ 6800 RPM
Weight: 1330 kg
1/4 mile: 11.34 @ 140 mph
250m Cornering test: 1.31 G @ 127 mph
C1 Loop Line run: 4:11
Wangan Top Seed: 192 MPH
Tsukuba Hot Lap: 59.25

Mandatory Listening:


Sorry, no, wrong music there buddy. This here is the proper one :slight_smile:


Don’t you guys get the arcade game? Real gud shit.

Arcade games is something I do not attend.

##Enthusia Hyper Rift 2005

The Dimension Rift SSP has proven itself to be an excellent budget sports sedan and a great platform for further modifications. The Hyper Rift has every ounce of possible speed extracted to build the ultimate track and highway warrior.

Parts List:

-Enthusia Hyper Rift dry CFRP full wide body kit (Includes front bumper, splitter, front and rear fenders, rear accesories)
-Enthusia Hyper Rift dry CFRP bonnet
-Enthusia Atlas GT4 CFRP adjustable GT wing
-Enthusia Hyper Rift Roof Vortex Generator
-Enthusia SUPER AERO Dry CFRP downforce undertray

LE20 block
-Enthusia Cryogenically Treated forged internals (crank, conrods and pistons)
-Enthusia Ported Cylinder Heads and Racing Camshafts
-Enthusia Atlas Stand Alone EMU with scramble boost capability
-GReddy T67 Ball Bearing Turbo with Greddy Front Mount Intercooler and wastegate @ 35 psi
-Enthusia Ultra High Performance Injectors and Throttle Bodies
-Enthusia Atlas F4 Titanium Cat-Back Exhaust Kit
-Enthusia Cone High Performance Air Filter
-Enthusia Water/Meth Injection kit with racing radiator
-Enthusia Lightweight Pulley kit
-Enthusia Triple Plate Clutch and Gear kit
-Enthusia Mechanical Differential

-Cusco Racing Harness Full Cage
-BRIDE Racing Seats with 6 point Racing Seatbelt
-Lexan windows
-Enthusia fully adjustable track suspension kit with pillow ball mounts
-Toyo Proxes R888 F 285mm R 285mm
-Project Mu Vented F 3 Piston 325mm R 1 Piston 245mm discs with racing brake pads

Final Specs
Power: 620 HP @ 8200 RPM
Torque: 576 NM @ 7100 RPM
Weight: 1210 KG
400m: 10.86 @ 217 km/h
1000m: 19.74 @ 260 km/h
Tsukuba HOT VERSION Time Attack: 58.68
Laguna Seca AMERICAN TUNER SPECIAL benchmark car: 1:34.03


LE20??? is that Saminda engine block?

No it’s a Dimension early 2000s block… my equivalent to a 4G63. I’ve had it back in 2015 for the original Rift


No wonder that front remind me of Evolution 9 , this car would be sick on street .

Imagine driving this around town with a loud exhaust . (ricer alert)


lmao all of the car is a pretty obvious Evo homage. Even those little indents on the grille are based on the C West Evo.


That is so JDM that it must run on leaded soy sauce.