Finals - Attainable Icon Challenge - 80s Sport Sedans

Attainable Icons

Gary Fox has made it. He’s 32, and just sold his personal computer business for millions of dollars. His wife and three kids, however, had begun to grow distant as his workload increased to keep the business running at peak performance.

So he sold it and retired.

Deciding to live in a way where just writing books could sustain him, he bought undeveloped land near the mountains of southwestern Virginia and built a home. He bought a few boring cars, and settled in.

Fast forward a year, and things are looking great. Gary has way more in the bank than his bills will ever touch, even accounting for sending 3 kids to college. And then some.

That last part is the thing. Gary was a busybody in his old job, but now he has nothing to do. He wants excitement, yet also some work, and something to show his status. But it has to be something his whole family can enjoy, or at least use.

Once, he’d been given an old Pegasus 260. by his dad, but while he loved the car’s all-out performance, it was getting old. It wasn’t up to doing road trips any more, likely because Gary hadn’t really taken the best care of it what with his work. Gary wanted a car that could bring everyone along in comfort, including the back seat. So, he pulled out the old Bottom Gear magazine, Auto and Operator, and scanned the local ads for cool sedans.

Spotting a number of options in his area, Gary said goodbye to the family and hopped in his old-reliable Mara, excited by the possibilities promised by the new wave of sporty sedans taking the media by storm.

TLDR; an early retiree with a mountain home seeks thrills that he and his family can all enjoy.

Schedule & Car Naming Conventions

Rules deliberation will be open for 3 days from time of posting, until noon EST on Nov. 7. Entries will then open, and remain open for one week, until noon Nov. 21. Results will be out one week later, by midnight Nov. 28.

Your car’s Model name should be “AI - (your forum username)”. All other naming is free.

  1. Model, Variant, and Trim years not to exceed 1989.
  2. Must have at least 4 doors.
  3. Must seat at least 5.
  4. Maximum combined techpool costs (the third number at the bottom of the techpool screen) of 80M.
  5. Must run Regular or Premium Unleaded.
  6. No Race parts or semi-slick tires.
  7. Must pass WES 8.
  8. Keep it realistic. Check real rim and tire sizes of the era and stay in the ballpark. Don’t accidentally put dedicated offroad sealing on your upper middle class sports sedan.
  9. US road legal, more or less! Do have your lights, third brake light, and visible side indicators. I know light fixture materials are broken so they don’t need to work, just look the part. Front and rear unscaled US plates. Some sort of crappy low speed bumper.
  10. No legacy bodies.

:red_circle: Major :red_circle:

  • Fun - Sportiness and Throttle Response added together. This is the whole reason Gary is buying a car.
  • 1/4 mile time - While Gary is more about driving experience, he would rather not lose to a 6 cylinder Mustang.
  • Handling - Gary won’t track his car often, but he does want to try it, and of course the mountain roads he calls home reward agility.

:orange_circle: Moderate :orange_circle:

  • 0-60 time - Not a true reflection of speed as much as a convenience for overtaking, but who wants to struggle to pass in their dream car?
  • Comfort - Simple as. This car is going to see use on family trips as well as spirited drives.
  • Drivability - Gary is no slouch, but he won’t be the only driver, and surely a few years down the line his kids will be interested, too.
  • Styling - It should look the part of a late 80s sedan, but not be too derivative of a real car. Interiors are a zero-factor.

:large_blue_circle: Minor :large_blue_circle:

  • Safety - Gary would rather not die, or have his family die, in this thing.
  • Service Costs - Gary wants to own this for a long time and actually use it.
  • Environmental Resistance - Virginia is still part of the rusty hell of the Eastern Seaboard, and some protection from the elements is nice.
  • Purchase Price - Gary is smart, and while being better is good, you have to justify every dollar.
  • Reliability - Since he isn’t working, Gary can maintain the car, but would like to trust it for road trips.

:green_circle: Tiebreakers :green_circle:

  • Fuel Economy
  • Emissions
Visual Inspirations


Nota Bene

Part of this challenge will be ease of judging & maintaining my personal interest, so we don’t have another TT2 incident, where judging was so complex it was taking hours.

  • Edited colors for clarity.
  • Tweaked brief for readability and references.
  • Banned legacy bodies.
  • Extended deadlines due to update.
  • Removed toe limit.

All the inspirations are sedans (and one coupe), but are wagons, hatchbacks and fastbacks allowed?

The 3rd brake light is often hidden inside the rear window, and it doesn’t sound like interiors are required. If someone wants this look and isn’t doing interiors, can they just say “its inside” or do they still have to 3D a light into the interior?

Also minor UX critique: the orange and yellow circles look really similar, almost identical on some displays. Might wanna find another color, like blue.


It just needs 4 doors and 5 seats, with styling being important. I will say the visual inspirations are mostly just there because sporty family vehicle meant sedan at the time, but hot hatches and wagons are welcone, though the latter is totally shafted stats wise right now.

I will edit the bubbles!

80k techpool? Not 80M?

Passing power is better reflected by 80-120kph time than 0-100.

Price? Standard or lower Superiority levels, or will he pony up for a full-fat Supremacy trim?

No fixed price, but if you go crazy, you better be twice the car you’re twice the price of.

80K is a typo- it’s supposed to be 80M.

0-60 is intentional and based on Virginia road laws. Very few roads are above 55mph speed limit.

What is “dedicated offroad sealing”?

Diminishing returns is the nature of the beast. An E34 M5, by the numbers anyway, isn’t five times better than an Accord that’s a fifth its price, but nobody cross-shops the two… some general expectations of what class we’re in would be helpful.

It’s not, but if you submit an Accord you’ll be thrashed on your key stats anyways. Take it less literally and more just keeping an eye on those diminishing returns. I think your priorities and the title communicate that there’s a few viable methods to winning. I could see something like an “Integra Type R” being competitive with “BMW M5” and “Top Spec Legacy GT”

Also, “Corrosion Resistant Steel” is offroad polymer sealing. I don’t know why it’s not called “Offroad Undercoat” or something, since that’s what it is.


It seems you have learned a lesson from me when I hosted JOC4B - this should help clear up any confusion.

Correction: the rear seats must be full-sized, not +3.

The third brake light can be mounted at the top of the rear fascia or in the interior, just ahead of the rear window.

It is possible, but not necessary, to have the car meet WES 9 or later - but considering the era in which this challenge is set, a 3-way catalytic converter of some sort will be required.


No, it must seat 5. I don’t care how you do it, because comfort and safety are priorities.

WES9 is possible yes. I’m not mandating a 3 way though. As mentioned, other than passing WES8, emissions is just a tiebreaker.

I do not care where your 3rd brake light is as long as it falls under “center high mounted” since how that looks varies wildly.

I know it isn’t mentioned but do interiors matter at all?

I’m assuming it won’t be necessary (or even desirable) to install a fully detailed interior.

Nope. It’s not specified, but nope.

Is there a max on how much quality you can use per slider?

Also, is there some sort of price range we should try to aim for?

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No max. Price is vague intentionally, just keep an eye out for diminishing returns.

I present to you:
Roamer Executive 3.5 EX


Haven’t touched this car in months, since building back in April. Think I found the car for this challenge after making it a 4 door instead of a 2 door sedan.



For this year, our classic sports sedan and coupé, the Celestia has gotten a total makeover. All new, aerodynamic styling. Now with double wishbone front suspension, for an even better driving experience than ever before.

The 2000 GTT model is the top of the range among the sedans. 2 litre, turbocharged 212 hp inline six. Limited slip differential. 16 inch sports tyres on lightweight alloys. Half leather sports seats. Leather sports steering wheel and gearknob. Spoilers front and rear.

IP Celestia 2000 GTT sedan. Because practicality doesn’t have to be boring.


this probably isn’t gonna win but here goes
The EUDO Z5 is an oddball mexican sports sedan which is way ahead of it’s time.
includes a 5-speed advanced auto which allows you to switch from auto to manual mode.

Starting at only $23,500


There’s a new member to the Sidewinder family

We gave it…

2 more drive wheels

2 more cylinders

and 2 more doors

Wells Sidewinder 4


The Ascot Ensign SX 2.2T, the beginning of the new era.