First car for my son

Like the CSR this is a shopping car challenge.

DISCLAMER, To avoid any misunderstanding: The following sentences only partialy reflect my ideas (as i explained HERE), there are made only to make a context to the challenge.

This may be very unpopolar: i’m tired of overpowed cars, every time all the cars submitted (and requested) to the challenges are IMHO largely overpowerd. For examples:
CSR 34, he look for a crossover, explicitly not too powerful, i submit a 120hp car (the same power of a Nissan Qashqai, the best seller in many european states) but it’s underpowerd
Purchasing Department Challenge: they was looking for a truck, i submit a 190hp pick up (more than any Mitsubishi L-200 ever made) but was too weak.
I can continue like this for pages and pages…
So, i think it’s time to end this:

Milano, Italy, February 2017

My 18yo son just got his licence and now he want his first car. Only one rules: make a car that is attractive for me to buy him with 18000$ (at 30% markup).
But be aware of the italian rules:
-For the first year of licences you can drive only cars that have less than 70kW AND the power to weight ratio is lower than 55 kW/t.
-Milan city center is restricted to pollutants (under Euro 5) cars.

EDIT!!! To make things more realistic, engineering time is penalized.

  -Price around 18000$ (30% markup)
  -Must be safe and economical
  -Not too big (parking space is limited)
  -Appealing for a young guy

  -Max 70kW (93.8hp)
  -Max 55kW/t (73hp/1000kg or 31.7hp/1000lbs) (with symbol "t" i mean metric ton, 1t=1.102 US ton)
  -Sellable in Fruinia
  -Under 75 emissions (last tab)
  -If the sum of car and engine engineering time is more than 145, for each month over the limit 100$ will be added to final price.

DEADLINE: 15/03/2017 23:59 GMT

Send me via PM the car named FC - username
All Steam Workshop mods ok
You will earn bonus points for advertise your car in the thread

P.S. In Italy the minimum octane rating at the fuel pump is 95, they don’t sell anything under that.

Questions I replied on the thread:

  • I can only use FF or RR? No, you can use all the configurations you like, FF and RR are only two examples.
  • I need to add 75kg to the weight of the car? No, even if the italian laws sum the driver weight, the weight to calculate power to weight ratio is the one you can find in the last tab of the car designer.
  • Can we get some more info on how the competition is scored? No, but you can read THIS to have an idea.
  • The price can be higher than 18000? Yes, but it’s not recommended.

So your lookin for something eay to drive & super safe?

Yes, for a dad prospective, but my son want something sporty and fun, something to attract girls :wink:
You need to find a good compromise. You need to convince both of us.

P.S. In reality I don’t have a 18yo son.

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To @Zabhawkin and @EnryGT5, don’t be mad with me if i’ve used your challenges for examples, i’m only a bit frustrated for loosing :disappointed_relieved:
I don’t think you have made horrible challenges, i think we have different vision of automotive world, for me the power is secondary in a car, where i live a 150hp car is considered very powerful (for everyday use), maybe in your country is different.


That’s a really cool car for your kid right there, as it basically mixes the Fiat 500 iconic design with some german flair added for good measure. great choice, bro.

well, there is one thing i can say, for @Zabhawkin purchasing department challenge, it was based in the US, and here i usually see trucks with horsepower ratings of 250-300 HP or so average


Exactly what i said above ;)[


YESSS! always wanted a city car challenge!

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A bit OT: The Opel Adam, i don’t like it, i will never buy it, i think the front is too long and not so proportionate, but in that photo it look terrific.

Nice competition! yeah it’s difficult for us try to guess the right amount of power, for CSR34 i’have submitted a 165hp crossover, here in Italy only few crossover are making over 150hp… And i didn’t comprend the reason why a crossover, or a medium size car as to be Automatic, in Europe the majority of cars are Manual, and that’s a good thing! i absolutly hate torque converter, only premium cars such BMW, Mercedes and Audi have good torque converter.
I will definitly enter this competition!


Speaking of automatics, the majority of automakers, like those you mentioned they are switching to robotized duble clutch.
I think the enirety of VW group use the DSG gearbox, BMW use steptronic.

Oh this is sooo true! Automation world expects 50% power increase over real world.


so a small wheel base
3 cylinder 1.0 engine making 50 hp it is

Yes, it will do the job. You can also go with RR, or I4 Turbo or a medium-small wheelbase with 70hp. Or you can go even bigger with 1300kg and 90hp.


It’s hard to explain the ideas in only few characters on the internet. With this challenge, and what i write, i don’t want to offend anyone, and i don’t hate powerful cars. I only want to make something different, i’ve submitted low powered cars because it’s a game, and my fictional car company tried to sell european specs car in america. With this challenge i tried to create something uncommon on this forum, something that reflect MY world.


Does it have to be FF or RR? Can it be FR?

It can be anything, i’ve mentioned FF for @lordvader1 and RR because Smart ForSomething and Renault Twingo were the first cars (with a different layout) coming to my mind.

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This is a challenge I can get behind. I have an entry lined up already!

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So the total weight of the car include the average weight of a driver as in the italian regulations?
Example 60kw engine /1100kg car +75kg avg. driver = 51kw/t

Yes, they add the weight of the fluids and 75kg for a driver but for easy understanding and interpretation you must use the

weight of the car you found in the design tab;

BTW you can still put a 60kw engine in a 1100kg car because the ratio is 54.5kw/t

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Cornaldie Automotive Co Ltd Proudly presents the Zip RS.

A car that will appeal to the young and fresh and won’t break the bank for their parents!

Equipped with as standard:
Double Wishbone Front Suspension
6 Speed Manual Transmission
Sporty Handling Setup
Inline 4 engine with Variable Valve Timing (VTech Kicked in yo!)
Lightweight for fast and Zip-py movement
Excellent fuel economy
Two Toned premium interior with many colour options available
Front Splitter
Rear Decorative Spoiler
Muscular design
Projection Headlights
Chrome vents
Fog Lamps
Reverse Camera

Full brochure coming soon!