Global Grand Prix Challenge (Double-sided race & homologation challenge)

It's the beginning of the development period for the brand new 1996 Global Grand Prix, and you're in the captain's chair for lead development in your company's Class GP1 car. But alongside creating a race-worthy craft, you also have to balance creating a prestigious, drivable and reliable homologation car to keep your bosses happy - the rules stipulate that a whopping 100 homologation models need to be built, and they don’t want to waste money.

The majority of these rules (but not all of them) are extrapolated and assumed from real-world 1996 FIA GT1 data. If anything seems oddly specific or restrictive, it’s safe to assume this is why. It’s advised that, while always keeping both cars in mind, designing the homologation and then the race variant ought to grant you more flexibility overall, as opposed to the other way around.

Full Rules List

Visual Inspiration List

12/27/24 - Altered rules surrounding minor infractions in article 5, shared techpool requirements and production units/engineering time in article 1, and scoring values in article 6.
12/28/24 - Clarified ruling conditions in article 6.4, removed magnesium wheel ban per further inspection of period cars, and altered aerodynamic regulations in article 3.2.4.


Very cool looking rules list I must admit. They seem solid and there isn’t anything that I can see immediately that would be a struggle or overly specific that wouldn’t work in the automationverse. Looking forward to this one when I get back :smile:

does maxim wheel size 710 mm mean the diameter or combined width of one side?

Will the racing portion be simulated through Automation and/or Beam testing?

wheel diameter

automation stats, the beam stuff is just for flavor

Then am I just stupid or is there no maximum width then? 710 mm diameter will already get 395 wide tires

the clk gtr had 345 rear wheels as standard, if you think such a wide tire is gonna be beneficial then by all means go ahead. but this better be a good looking machine.

GT1? Hell yeah. And what timing! I was just thinking of cooking a high-quality road version of the HTM winner. Not for some weeks, tho, so glad there’s ample time.

Will you allow some leeway for livery realism? I’ll redo the bodywork, but if permitted, would like to dress it up as more art car than corporate billboard.

Rules are mostly quite sensible and clear. Only the scoring system is a bit murky.

yes but the aesthetics need to be believable from both a decorative and aerodynamic standpoint since it’ll be the criteria with the most focus. i’ll be honest; as it stands, this would need a lot of work in both regards.

now this is epic

Quite interesting rulesets.
I’ve tried creating an engine for that, and hit the “cooling wall” as I’ve accidentally over 700 cooling… ouch…

i think i can cook something up for this

As of about an hour ago, it's fair to assume that since there are no more unanswered questions on the rules,
The Challenge Is Finalized, And Entries Are Open!
Good luck, teams!

Here’s one really fast baguette…

Colere Pyrenes GT1, both race version and road version.


As a GT1 enjoyer, I have the moral obligation to remind people of this challenge, so here’s a teaser for my car:


I made this, am i correct in assuming a less than 2% or 2 points whichever comes first is the leeway we have before getting marked with an infraction?

Ie. My HP and Torque are both slightly above 650 but within that margin.

no, this would be in penalty of a minor infraction because it’s within 2% on each; the hard limit is 650 on both.

1996 Montiago Carasone
Ready for the road and the track

On NA cars does the techpool for aspiration still have to fall between 3-10?