HHD Round #7: 1986-1992

His Highness Demands Round 7 : a car for large families and for foreign exchange earnings.

Link to the first round and lore click me

His Highness Demands is an ongoing (for a while) challenge, that will follow the Communist monarchy Semyonovia (the only of its kind!) through 2 rulers, 5 decades, 3 wars and 1 rebellion.

Gevketovt III wants descendants! He would like a boy to suceed him but… her fourth child is still a girl… He realizes that Semyonovian carmakers do not yet offer minivans to Semyonovian customers.

He is looking for a designer to engineer a minivan to rival the best from Europe and America.


  • Due to the fall of the USSR, the public purse is empty. Designing a new engine is not an option. Engineers will need to reuse the Decarlis D70 engine.
    HDD6 - Arn38fr - Decarlis D70.car (68.0 KB)
  • However, they can modify: compression, cam profile, fuel system, fuel mixture, ignition timing, RPM limit, exhaust diameter, catalyc converter, muffler. Each modification will be taken into account.
  • Variant year 1992
  • Two-way catalyc converter required
  • Max loudness : 35


  • Trim and variant year 1992
  • MPV body type
  • Minimum trim reliability 40
  • Minimum safety 40
  • 7 seats minimum (no 5/2*)


  • driveability
  • comfort
  • safety
  • price
  • Divide the Automation price of the car by 7.
  • Then, (since Semyonovia is full of little, cobblestone roads), apply a “wheelbase-tax”. Add your car’s wheelbase length, (in inches) to your final price. So watch how long your car is!
  • fuel economy
  • cost of service
  • passengers et cargo volume
  • Trim ET & PU
  • Variant ET difference between 1986 engine and yours


  • styling
  • offroad is of slight importance as the roads are cobbled so nothing too sporty or teeth will be lost

When it comes to design “Must have a respectful reference to the Semyonovian communist monarchy somewhere in the car, i.e. calling your car the “Whatever-bit-here Persktokt Special”, after the capital, or something about the design, colors, ads, etc”


I’ll leave these rules up for a couple of days in case anything is missing.

Use the following naming scheme as with other competitions
For the model and trim: HHD7 - Username | Car Name
For the engine and variant: HHD7 - Username | Engine Name

Entries open from Saturday 4th January and end on Friday 17th January 23:59 GMT.

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Why not a three-way converter? Is it due to cost, or simply because Semyonovian emissions standards are well behind those of most other regions?

This is quite literally csc, but 4 years earlier lol


That was my first thought, you’re just doing the design and the chassis

Just pointing out, man. His Highness Demands = HHD
Edit: NVM it got fixed

The Communist monarchy Semyonovia don’t have money enough to pay to the US patent-holder the right to use three-way catalyc converter . :frowning_face:

1992-1996 Alissa Vamo Mk. I

An American inspired Korean minivan.

Alissa Motors ™


The car here is made out of car :thinking:


Hey, I’m new here, if posted incorrectly, please aim me where to post :slight_smile:
HHD7 - ARK4N | 1992-1996 Dostoverno Tekntoz
Solid, yet cheap and pretty powerful for the engine given to be used.
It packs a cassette tape system, 7 full sized seats, and a 4WD system, to help on the bumpy and sometimes muddy road.

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you need to post the photo of the car here, and send the .car of your entry to the host

Sparsam TransVan 2.7 Persktokt Special

At just under 4,200 Dakotz (including wheelbase tax), buy something that's nice to drive and comfortable for your family, cost efficient and reliable.

It's not a Trans Sport okay?

Submissions are closed. His highness will be back soon to give his choice!

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The request of his highness did not pack the design studios. He received only 4 proposals.
The study of the proposals was therefore… quick!

4th @ARK4N - Dostoverno Tekntoz

First of all, you did not follow not the proper naming scheme. Given the small number of participants, his highness still studied your proposal.


  • passenger et cargo volume


  • fuel economy (19,7 L/100 km!)
  • cost of service
  • style

Bad fuel economy et high costs of service are unacceptable for Semyonovian families. His highness therefore did not accept your proposal.

3rd @desperatedonut5 - Alissa Vamo Mk. I

Once again, someone did not follow not the proper naming scheme. Given the small number of participants, his highness still studied your proposal.


  • cost of service


  • Passenger et cargo volume
  • Fuel economy (15,7L/100km)

His highness did not accept your offer beacause of too small passenger et cargo volume.

2nd @GetWrekt01 - Sparsam TransVan 2.7 Persktokt Special


  • comfort (from far the best one!)
  • driveability
  • fuel economy (8,9 L/100 km)


  • Cargo volume
  • Cost of service
  • Price

His highness really appreciated the style, the comfort and the driveability of your proposal but objectively the last competitor offer better met the expectations of Semyonovian families.

Winner @Fletchyboy100 - the unnammed van


  • price
  • cost of service
  • fuel economy (10,3 L/100 km)
  • passenger et cargo volume
  • Trim ET & PU
  • Variant ET


  • driveability
  • comfort
  • japanese utilitary style

His highness did not appreciate much the style but he acknowledged that your proposal answer to Semyonovian families needs.

Congratulations to @Fletchyboy100


Thank you, well done all. I’m currently catching up on challenges so I should try and get one out by Tuesday/Wednesday.

Edit: Got it done a lot quicker, still room for change until tonight, so feedback is welcome on the rule set etc. Also I did not mean for it to turn into a onebox… just unlucky lol. His Highness Demands Round #8 (1992 - 1998) The People's Uprising

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