His Highness Demands Round #8 (1992 - 1998) The People's Uprising

HHD Round #8 - The People’s Uprising

Link to HHD Round #1 Click Here.

Seeing the fall of the USSR, the Semyonovian people are planning an uprising, and His Highness needs to keep them sweet.

He sees how their old Autozavod Victors (sorry @Caligo ) are failing, and how the rest of the world isn’t facing this problem. His Highness sees the Swedish, and how strong and dependable these tanks are!

His Highness wants a piece of that action. His Highness demands a safe, practical, reliable car for the people!

He wants to be a safety pioneer! (And also a strong platform for a car to house his armed guards at parades)


Trim Year set to 1993, all other years have to be pre-93 (i.e in the case of a facelift of a pre-existing car),
At Least 4 doors,
Tyre Quality set to 0,
Advanced Safety required,
Fuel Economy has to be lower than 14L/100Km (approx. 16MPG US and 20MPG Imperial),
Max Cost 4000 Dakotz
(Semyonovian Monetary System:
Ok. The Automation dollar-to-Semyonovian Daktoz is simple:
Divide the Automation price of the car by 7.
Then, (since Semyonovia is full of little, cobblestone roads), apply a “wheelbase-tax”. Add your car’s wheelbase length, (in inches) to your final price. So watch how long your car is!)

Fuel Type has to be “Regular”/91 RON,
3 Way Catalytic Converter mandatory,
Max Loudness 35.


Fuel Economy.
Passenger Volume/Cargo Volume,


Model & Engine Name: HHD8 - Username
Trim & Engine Variant: Car’s make/model or Engine make/model etc


The Swedes:

Saab 9000:

Volvo 850:

Rest of The World:

Mercedes W124:

Volkswagen Passat:

Toyota Camry:

Entries Open On 20/01/20
And Close On 27/01/20

Hope to see some interesting entries! Good luck and enjoy!


From this it can be assumed that the maximum approximate cost of the car is $28,000 (as shown in the markets tab), including taxes.


can we use high flow three way catalytic converters cause… ya know 90s and all

I didn’t say you couldn’t.

So no restriction on estates? I feel a Stagea coming on…

No restrictions on estates, you can build a VW Polo so long as it fits the regulations.

I present the 1993 Knightwick Steed


KGB Taka in FUS and RS Sedan form

Tough, reliable, fast, the new Taka reflects the core principles of KGB.

AWD and forgiving suspension tackles any environment thrown at it with ease. The 2400cc SOHC Turbocharged V6 that powers the entire range delivers 0-60 in 5.7 seconds in its detuned form while maintaining 24 MPG.

Built with longevity in mind, no expense has been spared in the quality and craftsmanship of materials throughout, ensuring strength long in to the future for the masses. And we do mean masses as our FUS (Family Utility Sport) model will retail for $27200, 3995 Dakotz after tax in Glorious Semyonovia.


'93 HAM HC6 2.5


1993 Decarlis D50 Persktokt

Only 4,000 Dakotz !


Only now have I found out that “pre-93 for all other years” applied exclusively to facelifts of older cars, which means that entering an all-new car (as I did with my entry), in which the model year is set to '93, is acceptable.

And regardless of how this round turns out, I have no regrets about sending in a cheaper, detuned trim of my CSR 118 entry in this particular contest.

The Orion Automotive Company is proud to announce its first foray into the Semyonovian market with an exclusive trim of the all new M Series. The MS525 will be offered in Semyonovia with a 2.5L, naturally aspirated inline 5 making 140hp, seat five in comfort, and get 24MPG on the American test cycle. We expect the MS525 to cost ¤3538 Daktoz (including tax) when it hits the market.


1993 Katsuro Eluna GT

Safe, efficient and fun.

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The 1993 Armor Motors Viva Semyonovia. A tough car for a tough people.

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Guys. My automation has died… I will be looking at HHD #7 for a new judge… please bare with.

OK, so @GetWrekt01 is the new judge for HHD, please send your entries to him, so they can be judged.

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Right due to technical complications with Fletchy’s PC, he has handed over the judging duties to me as I came 2nd in the previous round.

Those of you whom I’ll be mentioning, please resend me all the entries ASAP through PM:


Please note that the round will be the same and the only difference is it will be judged by me.


Popas Cheechi, a comrade you can trust


Right, last time of submission should be about 34 hours away according to the original host’s time. To have the reviews come as early as possible, I’d advise anyone wanting to send me their entries within the next 24 hours.

Good luck all!