His Highness Demands Round #1 (1950-56) [COMPLETE]

His Highness Demands

What is it?

His Highness Demands is an ongoing (for a while) challenge, that will follow the communist monarchy, (the only one in the world), Semyonovia, through 2 different rulers, 5 decades, 3 wars, and 1 rebellion. Your goal will simply be to become the remembered Semyonovian car brand. Not a Semyonovia-based manufacturer, but one (whether German, American, British, or anything else) that is the favorite of the Semyonovian people.


Where is it? (mostly lore)

On the map:

Semyonovia, looks like this:

  • Persktokt is the capital, with a population of (in 1950) 238,921 people.
  • Tekntoz is the second-largest city in Semyonovia, with a population of 135,734 people.
  • Seydotzt is the third-largest city, with a population of 73,166 people.

There are many smaller towns and villages throughout the country.


For precision, if there are needed word decals on a car, i.e. a Semyonovian police car, flip the letters vertically. That’s it. No super complex language rules.

Semyonovian Monetary System:

Ok. The Automation dollar-to-Semyonovian Daktoz is simple:

  • Divide the Automation price of the car by 7.
  • Then, (since Semyonovia is full of little, cobblestone roads), apply a “wheelbase-tax”. Add your car’s wheelbase length, (in inches) to your final price. So watch how long your car is!

The Ruler(1):
Gevketovt II, born on November 4th, 1919, grew up as rightful heir to the Semyonovian throne. At the early age of 8, he showed a love for cars. Specifically the American racers and later the pre-WWII European sportscars. But sadly, Gevketovt I disliked automobiles in every way. So much so, that he banned them from Semyonovia. Thankfully for this challenge, Gevketovt I died on September 28th, 1949, which meant that Gevketovt II could finally un-ban cars. Which he did.

The Challenge Itself


His Highness Demands Round #1:

The year’s 1950.

Cars are here.

King Gevketovt II has declared that, along with cars getting un-banned, he is also looking for a partnership with a manufacturer, to try and get a car in every Semyonovian driveway. Rumor has it that the desired car is a rugged, dependable station wagon…

His Highness Demands Round #1 Rules:
  • Must have a respectful reference to the Semyonovian communist monarchy somewhere in the car, i.e. calling your car the “Whatever-bit-here Persktokt Special”, after the capital, or something about the design, colors, ads, etc.
  • Trim year has to be 1950. Model year can be older.
  • Maximum loudness rating of 40.
  • Maximum Total PU is 100.
  • Maximum Total ET is 50.
  • No ‘limited production’ or ‘no mass production’ parts.
  • Minimum Drivability is 28.
  • Minimum Safety is 24.
  • Minimum Practicality is 20.
  • Maximum horsepower is 240, max torque is 270.
  • Must be able to run on Regular Leaded fuel, if you can get down to Low Quality, that’s definitely a good thing!
  • Minimum seating is 4.
  • 1 muffler is mandatory.
  • Unless the car is incredible and only about 100 Daktoz more, budget is 1,100 Semyonovian Daktoz at a 0% markup. See “Semyonovian Monetary System” for details.
His Highness Demands Round #1 Judging Criteria:


  • “Commuter Budget” or “Family Budget” demographic score in Hetvesia.
  • Practicality.
  • Service costs.
  • Reliability.


  • Drivability.
  • Wagon body type. Sedans will work well too.
  • Fuel economy.
  • Utility.
  • Safety.
  • Quality.


  • Comfort.
  • Off-road.
  • Prestige.
  • Sportiness.


Car name/Engine name: HHD1 - username

Trim name/: Car name
Engine trim: Engine name

Submissions Close at 2/10/2019

Feel free to suggest anything or ask for clarification.


Given that the king wants an everyday car, I’m assuming sportiness will not be much of a concern here…

Yes. It isn’t a concern.

And, how could I forget:

Submissions open on 1/21/2019!

I look forward to this round, unfortunately I can’t use GMI as they don’t exist until '65 but I can make a cheap LLA, maybe something designed for the British countryside will work…

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[Muffeld HardBass]

Why is the budget so high? I’ve made something that feels pretty good and it costs just $900 (scores well over 150 in both family and commuter budget)

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This seems excessively high for 1950. Safety was not a consideration in the slightest for the designs of cars of that era. Only really became an issue around the 1970s.


Concerned about the use of ingame markets as a judging criteria. In sandbox, they’re a bit all over the place, and really make for some not-so-realistic design decisions when making cars.

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Why are both mufflers mandatory? It’s 1950. :thinking:

You say maximum horsepower and torque but do not fully specify the Units you are listing.

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Hmm, after inspecting a few Automation cars, including a 1948 JAF M13, I see your point. 1,200 Daktoz is probably more reasonable.

Well, since the public has just witnessed a new mode of transport become available to them, their excitement will lead to adrenaline, which in turn will lead to crashes. Many crashes. So, yes, it’s probably a bit high (and I’ll change it), but the king wants to be cautious.

The reason for the use of demographics is because, most likely, the king would use them. His finance and market research analysts would create the demographics for him to use. And besides, the other preferences should keep the non-realistic builds out.

In hindsight, (after looking at that JAF) you’re right in saying you don’t need both. I’ll fix that.

Ah, ok. I will clarify on torque, but, I don’t think there are any different horsepower units. (Correct me if I’m wrong)

For this competition the entries have to be made in beta?

I was just going to ask the same question. ET’s I have heard are kinda different right now in the Beta… I have a car in the previous version I could submit now.

@ELBruno and @GassTiresandOil, no, I will not be using the open beta, because it’s just not as stable as the standard version.

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The open beta isn’t so unstalbe now and have a better export than the normal game. For me you kill your challenge, everyone is using the beta.

Everyone? Actually, I’ve heard that some people are having trouble with the exporter in the beta.

I could see doing this round in the old version, then if enough is fixed in the beta by next round switching over.

currently, the openbeta has issues with .car importing.
but doing it in stable branch also has fixture-related issues

just have a look at CSR93.
the problem there is exactly the same

Yes, although I’d rather send in a car with the danger of some fixtures vanishing than not being able to send in anything, so that’s why I’ll stick with the standard version.

I sacrificed a little market score for something that actually drives ok in Beam

The Armor Motors Viva Semyonovia


How much is the bonus for running on Low quality fuel?
I can make my car run on low quality, but that will influence the markets in a negative way. Also i could of course get way more power out of regular fuel.