Hot hatches thread

Couple of Hot Hatches I made in 4.1, Volkswagen Golf GTI 16v + Aether Sirius GT-Turbo


You have put in so much effort into their exterior and interior design that remaking either or both of them for 4.2 is a no-brainer.

I’ll remake the Golf if the Delta body is added to 4.2

This is my first stab at a hot hatch.
I designed the car I want, not the car I deserve or can afford. So there were some must-haves:

  • Quality sliders left at zero
  • 2+2 seating
  • Low size and weight using mass-production methods (no billet) and materials (no magnesium)
  • 1.2g skidpad
  • Full double-wishbone suspension
  • Rear longitudinal boxer engine (leaves frunk, tunnel, and upper trunk as cargo / fuel areas)
  • RWD with sequential gearbox
  • Cd < 0.3
  • Roll Angle < 3 deg

With the engine I had but a few rules:

  • Has to run 98RON, 14.7AFR, with modern cat
  • No stress flags on the dyno
  • Maximum power for the given engine bay length (width was surpringly not the issue)

Engine specs (common):

  • AlSi Block and Head, lightest crank, rods, and pistons
  • 5 valve/cylinder with VVT, DI per cylinder
  • Exhaust has hi-flow 3-way cat but no mufflers

Engine specs (4-cyl):

  • 1.74L Twin-Turbo Boxer-4
  • 10.2:1 Compression
  • 294hp at 8800rpm, 240.8lb-ft at 8500RPM

Engine specs (6-cyl):

  • 1.83L Twin-Turbo Boxer-6
  • 7.2:1 Compression
  • 455hp at 8,400, 291lb-ft at 7,900RPM

Car features (common):

  • Aluminum semi-space frame with aluminum panels
  • RWD 7-speed gearbox, geared LSD
  • Sport tires (P235/45R17 front, P275/40R17 rear)
  • Vented disk brakes (2-piston front, 1-piston rear)
  • Electric Variable Power Steering
  • Full double-wishbone suspension with active sport springs, semi active dampers, passive sway bars

Car specs (4-cyl)

  • 1409kg
  • 0-60 5.47s
  • 60-0 32.7m
  • 1/4mi 13.86s
  • Vmax 182mph
  • 9.6L/100km
  • Approximate Cost $44,600

Car specs (6-cyl)

  • 1405kg
  • 0-60 5.7s
  • 60-0 32.7m
  • 1/4mi 14.10s
  • Vmax 189mph
  • 11L/100km
  • Approximate Cost $52,600

Lets go for the Non turbo version instead :wink:

2015 Otari Tempest GTH

TV Inline 4, FWD, 2.0i 16v, 157hp@6300rpm


With the mechanical specs you’ve given us, I think it’s more of a track-focused coupe than a hot hatch, and it should therefore be more appropriate for this thread.

“Hottest” trim of the 1992 Salon Petit facelift. Sporting a SOHC 3V 1.2 inline-four engine that makes this tiny bean absolutely fly, which may or may not make the car somewhat dangerous with its questionable amount of safety…

(A thank you for the pictures goes to @Secrane)


Introducing the Disco Turbo Sport 2.1

This friendly-faced car is light, fuel-efficient, affordable, but also big on power.
The boxer engine is located under the trunk floor. Open the Dash-Door™ to now carry your skis inside the car.
No center tunnel means a flat floor for maximum space. Pooping your pants at 300 km/h on the Autobahn can now be a family activity.

Steel unibody, 3-doors, 5 seats
2.3m wheelbase, MacPherson struts, monotubes, passive ARBs
DOHC Boxer-4, 287kW @ 8600RPM on 95RON
5-speed manual, geared LSD, 0-100 in 4.8s, top speed 300 km/h.
Hydraulic Power Steering, ABS, 0.94-0.97g skidpad on medium radials
1125kg, 7.6L/100km, $32300 in-game

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