HTM 2000 - A Racing Challenge

Wing + spoiler looks sick. (Favorite wing, wing buddies :heart: )
Nice job getting the body to have that downforce look with the low ride height.
Great color scheme.
Love the square exhaust, and the extra big diffuser in the back is great too.


Wing buddies! hahahaha
Thank you - it was actually harder than expected to get a wing that both fit nicely on the body and suited the challenge.
There’s a bit of bodywork still showing through the diffuser that I couldnt fix :frowning:

Since there have been no more change requests, I hereby declare this challenge as OPEN until 5th of December 2023, when I will have done JOC hosting.

I Just can’t do two challenges at once.


Hey might be a dumb question but I want to get a photo of my car with all the stats written down like that. How do you do it?

That’s the poster Mode in the Open Beta.

Speaking about the open beta, can we use the custom image texure for our liveries, or does that cause problems when sending the .car file?

I’d also like to know how we have to send in our cars

how do you upload pictures on this forum?

Just drag and drop it from your HDD into the Post you are Writing

From a brand that only makes 4 Banger 12k rpm engines they have done their best with the rules at hand and produced ‘The Black Block’ 3.8L V8 producing 428.1kw (574hp). and put that heart into a rally inspired DTM Racecar. It might not be the fastest but the build was fun.

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Not sure if you’ve submitted yet, but note this rule:


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Do we have a rule about what game version we are using for the submisisons? I built mine in the open beta version, but I’m noticing some have been submitting some from the stable release of the game.
Might be a little unfair for those of us battling reliability penalties in the engines for stress.

Open Beta. Resubmissions for early entries are of course permitted.

Where will we have to send the .car file?

can we get the OP updated with Deadlines, Naming Schemes and so on so people don’t have to dig through 90 something posts to find the relevant information?

got the game to (somewhat) work!

If anyone wants to take better pictures tell me I hate the low res


What’s the best way of getting that down because I’m stumped ahahah

low res I know but i like that design, is proper racing car

Yeah tell me about it - there are a few things that contribute more than others (such as tyres, and top speed, and and some quality sliders) but the only way I got mine down is to sacrifice :frowning:

Yes, tomorrow noon as I am right now far away from Home and a PC

I just included the naming convention in the OP and now that I have almost done my current hosting, I set the deadline to the 8th of December, giving you more than a week to build your entrant.