Interest in an interior challenge

Hey yall, I’m planning a new challenge and wanted to know if anyone would enter it with a mandatory interior! Please vote on this poll! :slight_smile:

  • Yes
  • No
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There is an existing Interior Design Challenge series. What do you have in mind?

Just a regular challenge with an interior. I really like seeing interiors :slight_smile:

Can it be luxury-themed?

Yes I’m planning for the challenge to be luxury themed!

What era are you thinking? I’m on a bit of a 50s kick lately.

I was thinking 90s retro

That sounds even better! Count me in!

For me I think the bigger issue would be fitting a 90s retro luxury into one of my brands than making an interior for that :smile: IMO 90s interiors are pretty easy, especially the early 90s.

By contrast, interiors from 2010 onwards are generally more complex, to accommodate the far greater number of controls available in most cars from that era.

Looks like the aye’s have it! Challenge will be up in 14 days

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Here you go!