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Interior Design

I know I read that this is not in the game BUT I do hope that the devs consider this for a future addition. Interior design is almost as much of a car design as the engine and body. At least being able to decide on seat configurations, 2 seat, 4-seat, 5-seat or even 7 seats for those larger vans, SUV’s and station wagons. Oh wait the latter two are the same. LOL.

Seat configs are planned of course, actual interior design is just as complex as exterior design however and so is left out

How about an abstract options box that changes available “stats” depending on year and technology… for example: AM radio, AM/FM radio, 8-track tape players, cassette, CD, multiple CD changers, etc. That way there isn’t any “design” but the vehicle specs can be customized - adding of course to cost and price of the vehicle but affecting sales and consumer demand.

Great Idea! In fact so great its what we’re already doing :stuck_out_tongue:

Great minds think alike… if I should say so myself.

Good to know!!

Hopefully we see moon roofs/sun roofs, power windows, power seats, power mirrors, defrosters, engine heaters, various stereo configs… also would be nice to have a few “blank” fields where we could add whatever we want plus a cost… then I can make my James Bond Car with flamethrowers… for an extra $15k of course.

What’s a moon roof? Or more to the point, what’s the difference between a sun roof and a moon roof? :wink: I checked, and I can see both the sun and the moon through mine (though not at the same time, unfortunately.) Is this some kind of special combined moon and sun roof? :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Flamethrowers sound pretty good though. I’d definitely take that option.

There’s actually several definitions…

A sun roof originally was only a metal window opening and did not have “glass” while the moon roof originally was glass that did not open. Nowadays these are all combined as one where the window glass retracts (the moon roof) and when closed you have a roof panel that you can slide closed to keep the sun out.