Late 90s GT Car racing [RESULTS !]

.Madrias - 97GT-Madrias-Storm Bullet
.Deus_Ex_Mackia - ErinSport GT95
.Darkshine5 - juliusgraham5485 - GTdarkshine5
.High_Octane_Love - 97GT-HighOctaneLove
.Tycondero - Astana Griffon
.First Order TR8R - TR8R-90GT
.Matoyama Motors - XXR-1

RESULTS ARE HERE. points are from 0 to 10

BEST DRIVEABILITY (the higher the better)

10 points - Madrias - 97GT-Madrias-Storm Bullet
9 points - High_Octane_Love - 97GT-HighOctaneLove
8 points - Tycondero - Astana Griffon
7 points - SkylineFTW97
6 points - Deus_Ex_Mackia - ErinSport GT95
5 points - Matoyama Motors - XXR-1
4 points - First Order TR8R - TR8R-90GT
3 points - GTC-AirJordan
2 points - Lordvader1 - ARES
1 points - Darkshine5 - juliusgraham5485 - GTdarkshine5

Best sportiness (the higher the better)

10 points - Lordvader1 -ARES
9 points - Matoyama Motors - XXR-1
8 points - Darkshine5 - juliusgraham5485 - GTdarkshine5
7 points - SkylineFTW97
6 points - Deus_Ex_Mackia - ErinSport GT95
5 points - GTC-AirJordan
4 points - High_Octane_Love - 97GT-HighOctaneLove
3 points - First Order TR8R - TR8R-90GT
2 points - Tycondero - Astana Griffon
1 points - Madrias - 97GT-Madrias-Storm Bullet

BEST SAFETY (never sacrifice safety for weight or cost)

10 points - Madrias - 97GT-Madrias-Storm Bullet
9 points - Deus_Ex_Mackia - ErinSport GT95
8 points - Tycondero - Astana Griffon
7 points - lordvader1 - ARES
6 points - Darkshine5 - juliusgraham5485 - GTdarkshine5
5 points - First Order TR8R - TR8R-90GT
4 points - Matoyama Motors - XXR-1
3 points - SkylineFTW97
2 points - High_Octane_Love - 97GT-HighOctaneLove
1 points - GTC-AirJordan (shame!)


LeMans (1.4 MB)

10 points. GTC-AirJordan-----------------------------------------------3:24.59
9 points. Matoyama Motors - XXR-1---------------------------------3:28.96
8 points. lordvader1 - ARES--------------------------------------------3:32.09
7 points. Tycondero - Astana Griffon---------------------------------3:32.54
6 points. Deus_Ex_Mackia - ErinSport GT95----------------------3:35.16
5 points .Darkshine5 - juliusgraham5485 - GTdarkshine5-------3:35.41
4 points. First Order TR8R - TR8R-90GT---------------------------3:35.80
3 points. Madrias - 97GT-Madrias-Storm Bullet----------------- 3:36.03
2 points. SkylineFTW97------------------------------------------------3:39.83
1 points. High_Octane_Love - 97GT-HighOctaneLove----------3:59.03

FINAL SCORES ARE HERE (driveability + sportiness + safety+ lap time)

Madrias - 97GT-Madrias-Storm Bullet-------------24
High_Octane_Love - 97GT-HighOctaneLove----16
Tycondero - Astana Griffon---------------------------25
Deus_Ex_Mackia - ErinSport GT95-----------------27
Matoyama Motors - XXR-1----------------------------27
First Order TR8R - TR8R-90GT----------------------16
Lordvader1 - ARES--------------------------------------27
Darkshine5 - juliusgraham5485 - GTdarkshine5–20


Long story short, this is the competition I’ve been waiting for.

But, on a serious note, you need to have a few more rules, namely:
Maximum Cost
Perhaps a Max Tyre Width

Also, how do you intend to calculate this? Spreadsheets, lap times etc… And what factors will be important? Drivability, Sportiness, Reliability etc…? And, is this going to be a series of races or just one?

Please don’t take all these questions as me being critical, just want to make sure you consider all this as well :stuck_out_tongue:

i was thinking doing about 10 races with 10 different tracks

Does +15 mean that a quality slider of +15 is mandatory?

Minimum engine and avg reliability?

How about other stuff Deus pointed out?
Also minimum cooling?

We should probably have fuel economy as one of the factors too.

its not mandatory

i was thinking that fuel economy would not matter because you pit stops :smiley:

what are you suggesting fn- 2187 ?

FN-2199 actually. :laughing:

I think that there should be a minimum reliability…or penalties for low reliability.

I’ve got a fast car but the engine is fragile. :slight_smile:

how 50 engine reliability and
50 average reliability sounds like ?

+15 on everything? Not tactically spreading your quality between the divisions of your car to be able to fit into a tight budget? Sorry, no, this is boring, pass.


You might want to start less ambitious. It’s the first run of these series, and it’s the first time you run a competition.

I suggest doing a “pre-season” single race testto see if your rules hold water. Zero restriction budget and R&D will tend towards homogeneity, so if that’s what you’re after that’s OK.

oooh Im in for this. I would recommend putting a limit on entries as I have found even a small amount of cars adds up to alot of reviewing and takes a (forgive my french) SHITLOAD of time lol. Also RWD and AWD allowed?

only rwd this time

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Rules look good. The series will essentially become more of a formula style event, with everyone having similar base cars and then being different with regards to the engine and what not.

However, it would be really helpful to add some information about what calculations you’ll be using with the race.

i was thinking about this scores

  1. driveability, sportiness , average reliability, etc (points from 1-10)
  2. lap time (points from 1-10)
  3. user voting

i calculate the the 1+2+3 and get a list who made the best one

do you have any suggestions, this is my first competition

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Interesting. That sounds quite good actually and it would make it a lot easier for you not having to do loads of calculations.

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