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The Budget Beaters Blitz
Its 1982. Jerry wants to enter Formula 1. Problem. He has no money.
One thing he does have is 2 kidneys. He decides to sell 1, and gets his hands on 9000 AutoBucks. Unfortunately, 9000 Bucks does not get you to F1, or even the CCC. His only option is the dreaded BBB.
A racing series where bizarre cars, junk cars, and weird... Just weird cars race.
He decides to go to his local GT Auto dealer, where they tell him that they have a bunch of cars exactly for the BBB. What a coincidence! Anyways.
He is not sure what to choose yet, especially since all the cars just do not seem like good ideas. He feels like he is about to get into something that he should not...
Welcome to the Budget Beaters Blitz!
You will be making race cars for 9000 bucks. Of course, this is not much, but you can trust me in it being possible.
It will not be easy though, and for this reason there are barely any rules which will affect much.
You will have to use the money efficiently, and think of every choice you make. Or just make a car. That works too.

Anyways, lets immediately get to the rules. If you want any inspirations, look up the 24 hours of Lemons. I prefer if you just go wild with the design though.

Rule 1: The maximum price (Approximate cost) is 9000. To stop you from messing around too much, the minimum quality is -3.

Rule 2: Every year must be 1982.

Rule 3: The Techpool must be at default. (+5 on everything)

Rule 4: The fuel used must be Regular Unleaded.

Rule 5: Must have at least 1 muffler that is either Baffled or Reverse Flow. I don't wanna go deaf.

Rule 6: Ignition Timing must be set to 0 (The Default).

Rule 7: Internal stress can't be over 10% (Piston, crank, conrod).

Rule 8: At least 60s standard safety is required (Jerry is a coward).

Rule 9: No Modded open wheelers (Open Wheelers allowed, but has to be done with fixtures or some other way)

Rule 10: "1959 Coupe" (The LeMans body) is banned due to it being overpowered.

Rule 11: Only Visibility, Engine and Chassis Tunnel Size are allowed to be adjusted with Advanced Trim (These do not affect performance in BeamNG, the others do.)

Rule 12: The first 3 letters of the Model name have to be BBB. After that, anything is allowed. (BBB - Nissan - Silvia)

Rule 13: No stacked/hidden wings! I also prefer if you don't go too far with the wings, but that's your choice.

2 cars per person allowed!

NOTE: Anything not in the rules is allowed!


Make sure to make your car unique in some way. It doesn't have to look very good, if its just unique.

Jerry will only be driving on asphalt, so keep that in mind when tuning suspension.

Make your car drivable. Please. Jerry is not Senna (yet).


The deadline for this challenge is the 13th of January 2023. I'll try to drive the cars first on the 14th, but of course, if my health can't handle it on that day, there will be a slight delay.
The first video should come out on the 15th, but that is not a guarantee.

You can send your car(s) in any way, though i prefer either the forum, or our discord. Just make sure to send it before the deadline!

You can watch the videos on my channel, Djadania. I will attempt to give some commentary and advice on the cars, so if you want that stuff, come over there.

You can join our Discord. Not necessary, but if you would like to discuss stuff quickly, this is the place.
-Team L.O.O.G.I (Loosely Organized, Overblown and Generally Insane)

And again, this should be the first challenge of the year again! At least for me it is. I’ll quickly try to fix the red parts in the post. I’ll try to respond to stuff as fast as i can!

Not just the trim and variant, but also the model and family years must be set to 1982.

Will a catalytic converter of any kind be required, and if so, which ones?

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I disagree with the year bieng 1982. If its beaters, why would people enter brand new cars?


To catalytic converters, no. They are not required, these are not road legal cars.
To 1982, i don’t really have something to say against that. Yes, it is indeed slightly weird. Lets say that all cars have been in some sort of accident. Btw, the name of the challenge was made after we wrote everything. It was also partially generated by an AI (We do not have the budget to use our brains).
You can blame me on this one!

ah so it isnt actual Beaters, its just cheap ass shitboxes going racing

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Basically that, yeah. Not exactly always shitboxes, you can also enter an F1 car if you want to. Just not with F1 performance.

I smell kit car


Is it just me or do rule one and three contradict eachother? You mention in rule one that the miniumum quality is -3 but you also say in rule three that everything must be at plus five.


Quality and Techpool are seperate things.


I was thinking about something. Should i be allowed to test my own cars before the challenge, or do i drive it for the first time for the challenge?

I dare someone to make a Neco Arc car. If you do, you will get an automatic 10 on styling.

what circuits will Jerry be racing in? besides being asphalt, I mean LeMans is quite different from ATT short or Hirochi

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As a sometimes host myself, since you are aware of how the cars will be tested and what type of car the driver(you) prefers, I think that you are at an unfair advantage over the rest. So If I were you I would not enter my own cars. I could run them and show them nevertheless but not compete directly with the rest.


I wont exactly say, but it should be mainly medium speed. Hirochi short is a guarantee, so keep that in mind. The others will be basically randomly picked (from a reasonable selection of tracks that these cars can properly use).

To be fair, i dont really know what i prefer. Im gonna be driving on wheel ive never driven beam on after all. Is it fair if i just dont test my cars beforehand? Then i will have no idea. Or i can enter them, but not actually put them in the positions.

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Alright, will do. Unless it really doesnt go well. No point in not putting them if i finish last after all.

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one thing not addressed in the rules is the amount of aero. as it stands one can make loads of hidden wings ending up with unrealistic downforce for the looks of the car(even though the 80’s were quite lenient on that aspect)

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Oh yeah, i’ll add a “No Stacked Wings” thing. Anything past that is fine, just put a bunch of wings on if you want. You can build anything you want next to that. I know its kinda unfair, but this isnt the most serious of challenges after all. (Rule 13: No stacked/hidden wings! I also prefer if you don’t go too far with the wings, but that’s your choice.)

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