Many eras lack body types

There has to be a better way to the current body/market system, currently you’d need dozens bodies added every five years to keep a style running.

For example in the early seventies there’s nothing that could become a commercial vehicle without the ‘old body’ penalty, actually to get a cargo bay in the 1970 you need to go way back to 1955 chassis.

So, either some bodywork have a longer shelf life, or the old body bonus gets applied to cars that have particular but dangerous shape (but which would receive a ‘style’ bonus to make up for it, or something), or body style years gets limited by other ‘customer satisfaction’ factors, or bodies get more variants, or something else is needed.

There are still heaps of bodies/body styles to come, I’m pretty sure the dev’s have this shortfall covered in their plans. A little bit of patience goes a long way.


I partly agree. It’s the system itself that’s kind of flawed, with this setup you need the basic three volume car repeated over and over year after year even if the body shape is basically the same. This is particularly evident with ‘range rover like’ body shapes

That’s because there simply isn’t a plethora of bodies. With only 5 to 10 mods who have at least produced a body each, there isn’t all that much variety. At the moment there are literally 3 active modders. In any case with the Unreal port looming it doesn’t make sense to keep churning out mods when in all honesty they probably won’t work in IE without a lot of coaxing. It’s an indie game and the community is small. It’s somewhat unrealistic to expect so many bodies available at every time period. We’re always working, though :smile:


No, not again… The point of having “old body penalty” was discussed here, not only once. The basic designs HAVE to age, because you don’t see modern cars in the same shape as 80s or 90s ones, and there aren’t many examples of then-modern 90s cars in the same shape as 60s or 70s ones and so on. And there are reasons for that, such as safety, trends and aerodynamics. Of course there were some cars produced for 20+ years, but they WERE less safe and generally less desirable than their competitors by the end of production. This is exactly what the old body penalty is in the game. Nothing stops you from making a car that gets it maybe apart from that it often makes not much sense. Choosing SOME bodies to have that penalty later or sooner makes no sense either, as that wouldn’t be fair. That would be more limitng than the current system, as many people would just choose the body with relatively lately triggering penalty, ignoring the rest, and it would additionally need some sort of rating to choose which body has longer “lifetime” and which has shorter. And what should it be based on? Body type? The game already takes that into account in form of different penalties for different demographics. Original car production? But what if that car wasn’t produced long because its looks and safety didn’t get old, but because it was cheap, durable, simple, loved for sentimental reasons? Then the penalty should apply anyway.

What other solution do you have? Because sorry, but I don’t see any actual and clearly stated suggestion in your post. The only solutions are time and more mods - and the latter will possibly speed up coming after the UE4 update. Yes, there are too little bodies in the game, and yes, bodies usually could have more variants, but no, we cannot really do anything about that but to create more bodies ourselves.

Oh, and REALLY, pretty please, use the search function before you write some suggestion. This forum exists for quite a bit of time, and really many people here have some ideas about what that game needs. Some other threads about more or less the same things:

And sorry if I sounded harsh, but not using seach function is really a plague among new users.


I’m fine with body somewhat aging

but scrolling trough dozens upon dozens bodies to find the one that allow a cabrio variant, or a utility variant as needed is not really my idea of fun. this game has enough excel sheets as it is.

so, no it’s a very real UX problem, which gets stifled by intertwining it with the game mechanic for which I’m fine.

In the body selection you can click on the body style icons to filter by body type. You can filter to convertibles only or trucks only.


You can also sort to see only the bodies in the last X years (10 and 20 IIRC?)

And lets not forget that many more bodies that currently only have a variant or two will probably receive the variant spam treatment.

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They will Indeed, not that they’ll see release prior to UE4, but I’ve got a number of additional variants on my pad right now


Dang it! I was going to reference my “updated” 40’s large sedan again… the 2009 version

For now I suggest using the filter buttons to filter to which bodies have convertible/utes etc. that makes it fairly easy.

In future there will be more bodies and varients for sure, we’re always adding more.