Mille Monti 1953 [OPEN]

You may want to move to a new copy of the sheet.

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The spreadsheet you’re currently using comes from when Der Bayer was still experimenting with the rules: he made a new version since then, the current links gets you there and it should work as intended.

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I’m doing about 11:50, but with a way heavier thing with a less than optimal engine.

                            - W.I.P. -

Weiß 164 Rennsport Spyder Ausf.I „Fliegende Badewanne“.
164 = 1st Generation, 6 Cylinder, 4MT.

The first in an illustrious legacy of sportscars built by Weiß Rennsport GmbH. The 164 RS and RS S would be sold both to enterprising racing teams and individuals off the lot.
For 1953 the pair could be optionally “Race Prepared” by the factory for an additional $400, with additional chassis and spring stiffening, larger vents, and a full or half roll bar for the Spyder. Weiß would send a works team to the 1953 Mille Monti to demonstrate the option to new potential customers.

For model year 1954 Weiß would introduce the 164 “Ausf.II” with an engine bored out to 2.2 L, revised bumpers, and an optional “Aero” driver and co-driver headrest. In 1956 the 165 was launched, identical to the Ausf.II aside from the addition of a 5 speed manual. Following the '53 Mille Monti both the “Weiß Werks Rennteam” and many customer teams would work closely with the manufacturer racing both ausfuhrungen of the 164 and the 165 until the early '60s.

The board of directors at Weiß wishes their competiton well and hopes for a safe race, may the best Manufacturer and Team win!

Here’s the car in BeamNG for all the prospective racing drivers among us! w/ functioning gauges & steering wheel!

( goes in " AppData\Local\\0.31\mods ", I haven’t shared a Beam car before, if this doesn’t work let me know and I will do my best to fix it.)


Those pictures are astounding! This definitely looks like a high visually scoring entry. The interior detail is impeccable. And you are very generous by offering your model.

I’ve started something resembling a Mini clone in the 1100CC S class.

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[UPDATE 4.04.]

After spending few additional nights by scrapping idea after idea engineers at Veloce made a breakthrough and the new prototype managed to cross finish line within 13:07:04.
It’s not only faster now but also looks more like a proper sports car rather than smiling toy.

What Error 422 means? I couldn’t add this to my previous post.


I will take care of getting the right numbers, don’t worry.

Yes, looking good! Some sportscars of the era had it in a similar way.


It’s fine, as long as the normal 2 full seats are selected for your seating. That’s the only think I will look for.

That’s an old version of the spreadsheet which still contained a mistake. Sorry! Please use the current up to date one.

I don’t know. Where do you get this error? A screenshot might help.

I must say I am super happy with the response so far! Keep up the great spirit and good luck building your cars! :slight_smile:

We have reached 50 entries already! :crazy_face: None has been processed on my end so far, so I don’t know if all of them are legit or not.


i love this challenge, i’ll leave this teaser here


Does anyone beat the 11h mark? At this point, I think the min/max is getting me crazy. Most of the design advantages comes from the engine department.

I believe the fastest people do

I am in the 10 hours mark with a 2L+ Sports car


I’m just under the 11h, starting to really doubt how far it’s possible to go under. Starting to run out of ideas how to improve my design.

Should be plenty of people under 11 minutes, not just in the 2l cars either

Hello! Got the game after seeing this challenge. This is my first car ever, it’s slow but it looks alright. (also who goes cycling in high heels?)


just to make sure: it’s not mandatory to run a front number plate right? I see a lot of cars in the real pictures not running them, and it wouldn’t really fit right on my car.

We both had the same idea :wink: Though after experimenting, MR vs FR vs FF is still not set in stone for me, I’m up to 20 prototypes so far and still feel like there is much more optimization to do. Funnily enough, my 1100cc is now down to 11h45m, beating my 2000cc car

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Wait what, THIS is your first car? Looks great for being that then.

I may have spent like 20 hours obsessing over it and learning how the game works :smiling_face_with_tear:


Looking at all these designs, i might end getting a 1 for mine :smiling_face_with_tear: