MLC2 - Let's take the car again: Now with the original English reviews!


Dearest friends who use community.

I always wonder why new cars have so much technology. They are full of work we don’t need. That makes it expensive – £3,000! A person who needs 3000 kilos of green metal is a guru!

I have a clear plan that meets my expectations. We cannot say with certainty that this is always possible.

I have clear and concise criteria.


This car must be newer than the 1895 model.

The correct ground clearance must be measured. The clearance must be adjusted intelligently.

If the car is parked on the side of the road, it can be picked up.

If your car is on the pavement, you have to live with it.

The car looks nothing like a French car from 1913. The lightning somewhat resembles a torpedo. This is blasphemy.


The vehicle must be at least equivalent to a motor vehicle.

Does not require indoor space


Username: My loving car 2 - username.

Participants must be on board by November 8.

My power is to do what I want to do.

A government car should cost no more than $ 20,000. External factors such as oil consumption must be taken into account when selecting the machine.

Here are some tips to help you be more successful.

If the car does not look like a passenger car, its fate is unknown.

I may be a bully, but I’m not a bully.

The menu is similar to the tea.

The car must be able to move, but not fall apart.

This program reminds me of tea.

The tea may be good, but it may not be ordinary tea.

The habit is offensive, but less common and stereotypical.

During the race, you can open your tire.

Due to the police’s smaller budget, the dimensions of the car were not measured.


Literally Schrödinger’s Automation


Let’s say, hypothetically, I ran over someone on the pavement and now the victim lies between the vehicle and the pavement, would I need to pay for alimony?


Is there a technique restriction on deadlyness?

In seriousness I am concerned that the broken English may be a bit too much ridicule of kalan. Parodying kalan’s crazy bowling test and other such things are fine, of course.


► A clear contradiction has been found here: As though it is necessary to build light passenger cars, and at the same time several cargo autos are exhibited
► And since there are no clear requirements here, I could give out a cosmic target to better determine which model turned out to be better
► It was not a question, but a comment, at case the rules would have clarified
►There is constructs opinion that there you might build anything that is not violated by rules


Don’t get me wrong, I weren’t intending to ridicule anyone here. The rules have simply been put through Yandex translator so many times, it started getting borderline incompressible. I mean no harm here.

I think I will build something with a jacuzzi and a rubber duck.


This is what you are referring to - a meme build for sure, but audacious nonetheless.

For sale: slightly modified destiny of Kamaka from 1980

I’ve been selling and buying my time for projects I’ve been working on and have been thinking about for months: camac and a little difference. Lena has an extensive garden, made of excellent materials and a large number of material mines. It can be said a little surprising about the engine that if it were the latter, there would be a devastating explosion of the Egra, but fortunately we will replace the Egra engine. many complain that he is not afraid to leave, he drives on dry land at home, Koda thinks that he is afraid of everything. if you drive, a person who is always afraid not to see aphids in the house will not get hurt, and that’s okay. that’s why it was time to look for a new home and the owner found me. -


E ta e tempu di BetterDeals!

sob 900 times
HelloHi created

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What’s it called? Also, is that the bee movie script?


a) sob 900 times (it’s the heading i swear)
b) not anymore


A real sleeper.

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this whole thread feels like listening to eurobeat

I’ll be sure to participate

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Hello Customer, Are you tired of the fun stuff? Are you ready to take the next step in your life and enter SUV user consciousness? Most importantly: Are you broke? You are lucky. Because Kotatsu has a way. The Grinder is a compact SUV that fits your budget. It can be seen from the design that Kotatsu tried to make it look as cool as possible. The 1 liter engine is very economical and low power so you can go anywhere. What we really mean is “really”. The availability of land, the excellent location and the interior space of the house guarantee this. Don’t forget to bring a spare mixing bowl to hold another sample in case something breaks. This means fewer spare parts and faster color delivery. what are you looking for? Buy your machine now and change your style!


by Kotatsu Design Team


This is already a super cool car. You can turn on by choise the type of lights: running or position lamps, upper or lower level. Geniusly!

2024 Montagne Fourgonnette

Is the face of the modern vehicle too difficult for your preferences? Is your enterprise or the family members in need of a large indoor space? Are you in yearning of the after war design of the machines from France? The answer of the desires is the Montagne Fourgonnette 2024. With the base of the bestseller Montagne Parisienne light goods vehicle, the machine is very capable for the cargo and the passenger as well. With the construction by the MBA-Longwang partnership in Shanghai, the price is accessible for the budget but does not sacrifice the comfort and easy use, or the safety of the European rule. The machines in availability include petrol or Diesel four cylinders and an electrical option for the ecological.

The photographic collection.

If the car is parked on the side of the road, it can be picked up.



There are 4 wheels, radial tires, and a lips and wings. Which is very progressive for 95. The motor? Yes, it's here. 4 transversely mounted cylinders that drives in motion crankshaft, and that in self turn – FWD. There is no antenna on bodywork, you need specially to buy in addition her, but the advanced entertainment system has mandatory access to the radio. We would can assigned this model into a hardtop coupe, so the side pillars don't carry a big of load in the case rollovers of wheelbarrow on roof. Leaving your wishes in the involved dealer center or in our factory, and for you will be chosen more suitable seating arrangement. Dynamic acceleration in 11 seconds and a maximum speed of 200 km/h will be scary, since the car is not as stable as it seems.

Gallery with Karas Letara Codex:


Introducing Rizz Ohio’s newest vehicle, the Kai Lunch GyattMobile. The flexible design has two wheels so we can make it smaller. Very efficient, fuel efficient and very fast, it is better than any Mercedes in every way. Since the Fanum only has two wheels, there is no toll.
It is safer to drink the tea and leave it to sit as you go.
Many music legends like Dr. Dre, Lewis Hamilton, Superman and the LS Swapping RX7 own and love them.
Available at a Rizz dealer in Ohio for just $14,200.|attachment (45.0 KB)

Warning! You must die in the morning!