Not-So-Hot Hatches Thread

For all hatchbacks. I feel like liftbacks are more suited to the sedan (or regular coupe for 3 door) threads, but they are fine here too.


2008 AMS Autan 1.6 S 3-Door

Not a true hot hatch, more like a warm one.


Finally somewhere to post them…thanks!



The fourth generation of Saarland’s front wheel drive compact was released in 1980. Compared to its predecessor, it had a totally different chassis layout, instead of the double wishbone front and leaf sprung solid rear axle that had been around since 1962, it now utilized a McPherson strut/Torsion beam layout. The 54 hp 1.2 litre OHV four in the base model was still a development of the engine from the first Adjunkt in 1962, but there was a range of new SOHC engines in the higher trim levels, even a fuel injected 1.8 litre in the ES version.

The most popular version was the 3 door hatchback, but there was also a 4 door sedan and a station wagon available. The fourth generation Adjunkt was replaced by the more aerodynamic fifth (and last) generation in 1985.


My Second reall attempt at making a car, the 1975 Eagle Omega, a 1 ton 3 door with a 98 bhp 2.0 liter I4.
Not exactly fast but reliable and nippy in its initial form


This is what happens when an economy hatch stays almost completely unchanged from the late 70’s through to the late 90’s (Sampo Vinha! in it’s various refreshes through it’s production run 1979 - 1998)


A line up of the current trims of the Chèvre Hatchback: The 1050i 3 Door, 1400i 3 and 5 Door, 1800i 3 and 5 Door, 1800is 3 and 5 Door, 1800ic 2 Door and the 1800is-R 3 Door. This is without having any trims with Automatics either. the 1050i is a 1.05L I3, 1400i is a 1.4L I4, the 1800i and ic is a 1.8L I4, and the 1800is and is-R is a tuned up version of the same 1.8L. Power ranges from 50ish to 105 hp.

Here and here are some more photos of the model, with the two images posted here being an overarching view of all the models.

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1994 Primus Persua young

The new Primus compact car was unveiled in 1994, however, it was a quite serious car, neither appealing nor fancy, a solid and affordable all-rounder.
To attract younger buyers, Primus positioned the “young” special model against the Rigel Tinto, which had a no-extra model with peppy colors at low cost.
Primus in contrast added to the 1.2 CL (67 horsepower) base model not only daring colors, but also ABS and a slightly better cassette stereo, the first pleasing the (grand-)parents that pay the car, the latter is something the happy young owner will surely like.

Thanks to @Skygel14 for the idea, creating a group of special models like the Golf III and Astra F had.


The Rigel company takes note of the new competition for the youth market :face_with_monocle:

Nice car my friend!

Better GL model, including aluminium door parts, Airbag, CD radio and RPM counter as well as an 1.5-L-engine with 90 horsepower. Not to forget the new electric power steering, front power windows, standard also on GL. Car shown here is equipped with optional A/C. Other options for GL were automatic transmission and sunroof.
Also right from the start in 1994 the GL came with another special model, the Spirit (only available as manual), which had a sunroof, gas dampers and a peppier interior with daring color options.


DVK F3-9 (1950)


DVK F3-9 (II) and DVK F3-10 sales from 1955 to 1963


I quite like the front end design.


The Persua reminds me a bit of how the early 90s Mazda 323 could have looked if they had kept the traditional looking 5 door hatchback instead of replacing it with the sporty F model…is there any Mazda influence behind it or is it just a coincidence?

DVK F2-9 (1935)

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DVK F4-11 (1964)

Here we have the start of a completely normal 80s hatchback

Absolutely nothing abnormal about i…

Goddamn Archaran Madmen…

2L flatplane V8 (built from MacGyvering two 1L I4s together) making some 85hp.

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2022 CB Persona (In stylus trim) for the British citydweller for whom a Corsa is just too boring.

Engine? It’s a generic 1.5 litre turbocharged eco 3-cylinder don’t worry about it. What CB would instead like to tell you about is the characterful face, hiding the projector headlamps behind a DRL fascia, or the largest alloy wheels in the B-segment, or the ability to personalize your Persona with different DRL and grille patterns.

Clementon might’ve started out making plastic sportscars, but now they make plastic hatchbacks for the style conscious crowd who still need to carry plenty of their gear with them, hence the addition of the Borough nameplate to make CB. With a large hatch and a low entry lip, you’ll have no problem getting your corgi or whatever kind of dog you young people like in there.

So what are you waiting for? March into your local shopping centre and visit a CB boutique now to go say hi to your new Persona. Because with it’s unlocking DRL animation your persona is already saying hi to you!


Beautiful. Not boring at all, I love it. @albacete84a what body is the DVK F3?

This is a F3 body