Powerful American Insanity National (COMPLETE)

Powerful American Insanity National

Present Day

It’s just another boring day while taking out the trash, made even worse when a sudden gust of wind blows some garbage out of the bin. While picking everything up, there was something in particular that interested you:

An invite to a street race found in the dumpster? This doesn’t seem sketchy at all! You were immediately interested, and now all you need is some wheels. Luckily, you “know a guy who knows a guy” with plenty of exotic rides just for this occasion.

Welcome to PAIN, possibly my most absurd challenge ever.

You’ll make cars (for me) to race on a gruelingly long time trial in BeamNG, specifically the 82km time trial in American Road. Yes, each of your shitboxes being ran on that entire distance.

I’ll also record the entire video of my suffering and upload it to YouTube for your own masochistic entertainment.



  • Trim year: Unrestricted
  • Max Price: $40k
  • At least 2 full seats
  • Quality sliders no lower than -2
  • Tire quality must be at 0
  • Tire profile must be at least 35 or the tires will burst upon spawning in beam
  • Using semi slick tires will reduce your budget by $1000
  • Must use at least any form of standard safety at 0 quality
  • Top speed must be at least 155 mph/250 kmh to ensure that the car isn’t too slow, though it’s recommended to go higher
  • Any aero fixtures must be visible on the exterior of the car, and not stacked in one area

Trim Year Dependent

  • Minimum 12 comfort, ±.3 for each year past/before 1980 (this would be 24 in 2020)
  • Minimum 49 engine reliability, ±.6 for each variant year past/before 1980 (this would be 73 in 2020)

A calculator for this can be found in the starting position tab


  • Variant Year doesn’t have to match the trim year if you want to simulate engine swaps
  • No more than super unleaded/leaded fuel (98 RON) (there aren’t any benefits for going lower)
  • Catalytic converter required on model years 1975 and newer
  • Max loudness: 62

Description Modifiers

If you go to the description box (in the testing tab) of your car and enter these following phrases, it will affect your car in beam in the ways described. Here are the rules regarding them:

  • !race!: This gives your car an actual sequential in beam, no matter what transmission it came with originally, but the number of speeds will stay the same. It’s allowed, but using it will reduce your budget by $500.
  • !ev!: This turns your car into a (honestly terrible) EV in beam. It will barely accelerate at all, but most importantly, it will DIE halfway through the course. IT IS BANNED FOR YOUR AND MY OWN GOOD.


  • Open wheel mod bodies, as they’re the most likely to break in beam


  • Because I don’t want to deal with this shit for a casual challenge, don’t go above the default +5 allocation. I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE.

Advanced Trim

  • No settings that change the size of the wheels (wheel width, diameter, etc)
  • No lowering the suspension
  • Wheel offset is only allowed if it is necessary to fix fitment that the actual offset can’t
  • Wheelbase adjustment is only allowed if needed (centering the wheels in the arch, moving the arch, etc) but be cautious as this sometimes breaks cars in beam
  • Anything else is allowed, but if you need an exemption to anything above, just ask


  • Submissions open 2023-08-06T04:00:00Z, and close 2023-08-21T03:59:00Z
  • Model name: PAIN - (your name here)
  • All other fields are free
  • Each person is allowed to submit 2 cars. Bring it on.
  • You’re allowed to resubmit if you broke a rule, but if you just don’t bother before the deadline, into the all-consuming flames you go.

The Track

The track that these cars will be racing on is the American Road 82 km tour. This is truly the ultimate test of a car, as the course consists of everything from bumpy hairpin roads, where you will be scared to even floor it, to long highways that are perfect for hauling ass to 200 mph and beyond.

There are also around 2 minutes of light dirt sections, so I don’t think this should influence your car’s off-road capability at all, but to each their own, I guess.


Even with the fastest cars I tested, it still took them over 30 minutes to complete, so just be glad you don’t have to drive… unless you really have the balls to, which is fine by me. Here are just some rules to follow if you do:

  • Finish the entire course in one take; I am putting you through the same pain I am going through. Deal with it.
  • Have a recording of your efforts, whether it’s in a YouTube video, twitch stream, or whatever you choose.
  • Try and stay on the track as much as possible. Some minor cuts here and there won’t do much harm, but don’t try and intentionally cut entire portions of the track.

i expect no one will want to but just in case

And for those who want to actually see the track in action, here is a playlist with 4 different runs:

playlist text

Starting Position

The less sketchy cars will get the pleasure of being ran first, and the starting order will be determined by the equation below. (YES, BASIC MATH😱) The higher the number, the more likely that it will be ran sooner.

(Style Points (max 10))+(Comfort/4)+(Drivability/2)+(Safety/5)

Yes, I know that this is absolutely horrifying to you, but fear not as I have prepared a calculator that also helps you determine the minimum requirements based on your year. You can find it here.

or just submit a fixtureless undrivable shitfuck and start dead last


  • I have done loads of practice and mental preparation for this; trust me, I can handle it.

  • Fuel economy surprisingly shouldn’t be an issue, since even I managed to complete the full course with a 1500 hp, 8000 lb behemoth of an SUV which gets 6.5 mpg at best.

  • Most cars should drive fine in beam, but if you are really unsure if it will implode or not (I get it), you can send it to me early to test it.

  • Try to make your car not die on every single corner. If I struggle with it too much, I might just give up and bin it.

  • Besides from the starting score, engineering won’t have any other impact.


There’s not really much of a brief, but just in case you want something

Chevrolet Corvette

Nismo Skyline GT-R Z-Tune


Audi RS3

Mazda Furai

BAC Mono

Lamborghini Miura SVJ Jota

Singer 911 DLS

Ringbrothers Mustang “Unkl”

Toyota Land Speed Crusier (knock yourself out, rhania)

GM Firebird III

Auto Union V16 Type C Streamline

Bagger 288

this spike roller thing from spongebob

troll science magnet car


  • Changed safety rules
  • Unbanned race parts, but stated a penalty for semi slicks
  • Made rules regarding description modifiers
  • Changed starting position formula
  • Unbanned engine stress, since that made the reliability min redundant
  • Changed overall reliability min based on trim year to engine reliability min based on variant year
  • Slightly raised loudness max
  • Added more “inspirations”

1969 Centurion Industrial 1000 Series

Centurion Industrial H1000 Ladder Truck

For decades, Centurion has provided for the people of Araga with emergency service equipment ranging from tow trucks, to ambulances and fire trucks, to search and rescue, and we plan to continue this legacy with the 1000 Series.

This H1000 Ladder Truck has been designed to respond to large emergencies that other fire engines may not be fully equipped to cope with: it has an ability to reach higher than any other vehicle this side of a helicopter.


Is the 155 mph rule beam or automation stats? I’ve seen a few entries where they don’t match because fixtures/drag/some differences.

Also, are we allowed to use the various exporter tricks like “!ev!”? Or does it have to be entirely from Automation?

The top speed will be from automation for simplicity’s sake, but i have just been threatened to get given a car with 1 hp built on a frictionless body :skull:

I’m not so sure about the exporter tricks, especially EVs since they are extremely jank and don’t actually function like a real EV unless you tune it right and also use nitromethane for the torque

So '56 cars and earlier can get 0 comfort?

It sounds to me like every car up to 1980 needs to have at least 8 comfort, but after 1980 you have to start using the math equation.

hold on, i didn’t write it down after i changed it, a 1956 car would actually have a minimum of 4.8

How did you get the time trial thing set up I can’t find it on the map

there’s a section in the main menu with time trials, just go to there and select american road, then the time trial in the post

Yeah, I can probably cough a car up for this. Not sure whether to give you a front-wheel-drive Sinistra or a rear-wheel-drive Bricksley. Either way, I think I can get either one of them up to the needed speed.

Edit: Okay, if you’re letting in two cars… I may not have to choose which brands, just which car in that brand you get.

Edit 2: Note to self: 20.7 comfort, 66.6 reliability, 2009 model year. I’ll have to see if the '09 Bricksley Grand Warden and the '09 Sinistra Traville can manage that. Especially considering one of those two will be packing some serious potential stupidity.


…kinda temped to just send in my entry for the weekend warrior challenge since I don’t think it violates any of the rules of this challenge.

Two very different ways to accomplish a similar goal.

The Sinistra on the left is a factory sleeper with a roughly 600 horsepower twin-turbo V8 driving the front axle.

The Bricksley on the right got a trip to Twin Hearts Racing, where they fitted the Bricksley 532 for a pair of snails, so it can properly fry the rear tires.

The Sinistra is a dual-clutch, the Bricksley a 6-speed-stick.

Both will surely be a handful.


I’m assuming that 98 RON fuel of some sort is actually mandatory, and not merely an upper limit.

I take that as “the maximum techpool limit for each and every area is +5”, and not “all techpool areas must be set to +5”.

Also, entrants may equip driving aids on their cars if they want to, but I’m presuming that traction and stability controls will be toggled off, if either or both of them are fitted.

This is not only a hard limit, but also applies to all decades, in contrast to FM4 which had different price limits for different decades.

However, when testing entries before the actual challenge, you may want to keep these in mind:

  • Active aero is not implemented in the exporter, and any spring types other than standard or progressive (i.e. hydropneumatic, air, and active sport/comfort) do not operate in Beam. I’m not sure if adaptive/semi-active dampers and any sway bar type other than passive works properly in Beam, though, but on the assumption that they don’t, I’m fitting mono-tube dampers and passive sway bars to my entries.

  • According to the OP, tire tech pool may be set to +5 at most, but there’s a good reason why cars are more drivable if tire tech pool is set at 0:

It also explains why I’m setting the tire tech pool on my entries to 0, unless the rules are changed so that tire tech pool must be set to +5, without any exceptions, in which case I’m bumping the tire tech pool up to 5 for my entries.

Now this sounds rather interesting TBH… :thinking:


Tyre techpool and quality at zero isn’t a bad idea at all actually since they seem to export a bit weird

yes this is one of my entry


For my first test mule, I went to the trouble of cloning the oldest of my three FM4 entries (including its engine), and making a multitude of changes to its engineering, to bring it right up to the $40k limit. My second test mule costs exactly the same, and is also V8-powered, but its (mid-mounted) engine is smaller, revs higher, and makes a little more power.

And after seeing the Crista, I tried creating a third test mule from the same body set - it’s quite a sleeper sedan, what with all the performance mods I made to it, but I’d rather be brave and enter something that leaves the start line later, but can record a faster lap time.

I also have this. My 2nd entry.

Not the most original idea, either irl or in Automation. But it is what it is.


…did you do this with a keyboard
holy shit

even better
controller with about 20% of the left thumb rubber remaining

i should really buy a wheel soon