Powerful American Insanity National (COMPLETE)

Okay time to make a 600HP mexican hoon cartel edition of my shitty 80s coupe - japan, fuck yeah!!!

I am pretty sure I know what I will submit for one car, but I have a 70s concept for the second one to try out, but my amount of visual design talent ran out many blue moons ago, so I would like to ask if:

  1. Collabs are allowed and,
  2. Would anyone like to collab on a car?

A proper manual sequential gearbox (like in a motorbike but stronger), which is often seen in racecars, as opposed to the Lamborghini-style single-clutch automated manual transmission which was incorrectly called a sequential in earlier versions of the game.

1957 Bruckell Aero X1

By 1957, the research team had developed the Aero X1. This was later referred to as the Aero I, which was essentially a jet airplane on wheels. The design is entirely impractical, with a [bubble-topped canopy] over a 2 seat cockpit, a bullet-shaped fuselage made entirely of [fiberglass], short wings, and a vertical tail fin.


to make it clear, its not a open wheeler body, its a normal body but deleted all the body and trims, and fully built usng 3d parts

So… What exact body set did you use for this? At any rate, I suspect you set most of the body/chassis components to transparent just to hide them.

Anyway, here’s my entry - the TSC Thunderwolf 5.0 GTS, a revised version of the oldest of my three FM4 entries, whose original incarnation was shown here. I was originally going to enter that car as-is, but cloned it, engine and all, and switched up the trim options for better performance, while also using as much of the budget as possible - with a $40k price cap, I felt it necessary to go all-out.

The original FM4-friendly version was not submitted with a detailed interior, but I added one after the deadline for that challenge passed, and I tidied it up for this latest version.




Took an old wagon and replaced all the drivetrain, suspension, and chassis bits with an AWD 1995 Armor AM-Van (Armor’s version of an Astro Van). 5.0 liter Engine and 6-speed transmission are from a 1995 Armor Hurricane GT. Engine is fully built with twin turbos, making 777 hp. Car is fully compliant with 1995 regulations (since that’s basically what it is now).

She’s a heavy girl, but hopefully it has enough poise to make it through the sharp corners (you may have to utilize the handbrake).


Will give it a relook
Just seen all of these ads being posted and constantly being busy so I just sent mine in.
Also is Advanced Safety fine instead of standard safety

i said at least standard safety, so advanced is fine

also looking at your car, you got the naming convention wrong

oh no i guess a glober is inevitable now :skull:

fuck it, i’ll just add more meme inspos to add fuel to the fire

Quick and Easy Fix


So… Couldn’t I have brought something more fun than a 30+ year old sedan for this?

Well, this particular example is tuned by IMOS (IP Motorsports) which bumps up the power output of the 3 litre turbo V6 to 295 hp, putting it on par with the best sports sedans of the era.

All while still being surrounded by this comfortable, air conditioned, leather clad environment.


Be careful I was just testing the manual sequential thing and my car in beam spawned without wheels :frowning:

does your car have any quotation marks in it’s name by chance?

No not at all!!!

correction, it’s because the car has special characters in it’s name that it spawns without wheels, not !race!
the ones that i know of are ", /, and & (lol)

that can’t be it there some other problem idk what it is :frowning:

what characters are even in it’s name besides a - and letters?

PRIMUS Ares Turbo II Type X (1991) and Turismo Type S (1998)

Two sports cars that could not be more different: On the one hand a racing coffin that had its origins in a Group B race car that is - recently facelifted - meanwhile a little more comfortable than a fakir board, but still: NO COMPROMISES! I WANT SPEEEEEEEED! The Type X is even a lot hotter than the regular Turbo II road car.

On the other hand a distinguished gentleman racer. Rounded shapes, a comfortable, but not too soft suspension, and a V8 breathing totally free. More pleasant to drive than most sports cars, but better at cornering than the majority of GTs. It makes fast driving a convenient experience. The Type S is a bit less luxurious and high-tech stuffed, but returns more power than the standard model - aiming at the purists among the gentlemen.

glober glober glober glober glober glober glober glober glober glober glober
Roadwolf Earthwalker X3 R750 V8 S.H.A.R.T. Tune (2008)

The greatest (and also first) vehicle from the Shibusu Hard Automotive Racing Team. A 40-ton cabover truck upgraded with bigger twin turbos for the 10-liter V8. Producing 1500 horsepower, this special vehicle can reach speeds of up to 200 miles per hour and reaches 60 in a mere 4.1 seconds, all in a vehicle looking completely stock.