QFC24: A Change For The Worse? [DONE]

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A Change For The Worse?

The story

Granada, 2018
WRROOOOOOOOooooooOOOOOOoooommmmm, krrrrrrtttsch
“Damn, thats my neighbour again!”, said Sergio, a young man trying his luck as a mechanic in Spain.
When the door bell rang, an old, friendly man in his mid-80s stood in the door.
“My young fellow, here are the groceries, too bad your car is broken and you cant afford to fix it. But I guess mine is failing, too. It cant get foward.”
“Well, Ignacio, since you are torturing your clutch more and more, this was about to happen. It’s finally burned out, I guess.”

Ignacio Fernando Gutierrez Castillo de Rueda del Coche, so was his full name, looked sadly to the floor. “And I also hit the fence… again… I kept the car in perfect condition for almost 30 years now, and now I ruin it.”
Sergio shrugged. “Oh, I will repaint it for you, since you are like a second grandfather to my family. And I will repair your clutch, don’t worry.”

“What’s the use”, he said with a shaking voice, “This car is too large and too fast, and my pedal control is too bad for both the engine power and the clutch.”

“Yes… but it has been your partner for 30 years, Ignacio. Are you sure about that?”
“Unfortunately yes. I can no longer stand hurting my closest friend besides your family, and I am a danger to the public with this fast car.”

“So, dont worry, my old friend, we will find you something.” After storing the groceries, both headed to the 1989 Primus Astrona 200 GLS that just mowed down the fence… again.

In short: An old man is no longer capable of using his rather fast stickshift sedan, and needs something easy to handle. He is not the most rich person, since he has only a rather small pension.


Three Stars

  • Drivability (Ignacio is an old man with slow reactions, and turning the head in all directions is painful. He is well aware of his shortcomings and strongly prefers a car that turns him in a less dangerous threat to others in traffic

  • Comfort (His back hurts, his legs hurt, its easier to tell which does not hurt: Actually nothing isnt worn out, and he wants a car that is at least as comfortable as his 1989 Primus Astrona.

Two Stars

  • Safety If he crashes, which he is increasingly afraid of, he wants to be excellently protected.

  • Design Even if he did not seem like car guy at all, Sergio wonders how and why Ignacio ended up buying one of the sharpest sport sedans available in 1989. Maybe because he acutally wants something sharp?

  • Price and Service Cost Since Ignacio fears a final crash that will cause him to finally give up driving, it should not eat up all his savings. Thus, he is neiter rich nor is his pension a lot. He was a plumber all his life, he had a solid, but modest income.

  • Reliability Ignacio has his young friend Sergio, who can fix the one or other thing. But being an old and increasingly weak man, being stranded in the middle of nowhere fears him.

One Star

  • Sportiness When flooring his potent Primus, the old man cried tears of joy at times. His requirements changed towards comfort a lot, but he would start to miss his old car if his new one would be too bland when driving.

  • Fuel Consumption Since Ignacio does not drive much as a pensioner, he does not care if his car needs 6 or 7 liter for 100 km. But a borracho would make him turn away from it.


  • Ignacio is open to most body styles. A small sedan would work, as an old guy in Spain he is used to small sedans. Hatchbacks are fine or maybe even a small city SUV is something he would not hesitate buying as well if it’s a good car. Soft rule: Length not above 4.2 meter. He will look at cars that equal the Astrona in size, but he is convinced that a smaller one is easier to handle for him.

  • Ignacio wants to avoid having to use a third pedal. Soft rule: Automatic transmission, but it will be hard convincing him to use a manual again.

  • He prefers to buy a car with at least four seats, because you never know if you might need them. A Smart car is maybe too much downsizing for him. That said, a three-door is no disadvantage, since he would use the back seats only at very rare occassions. Hard rule: Minimum two seats. Soft rule: Four seats, because you never know if you need them.

  • Please avoid too much power. If he mixes up the pedals by accident and causes a mayhem, it was the wrong car. It does not need to be painfully slow, but there is absolutely no need to be faster than his old Primus that makes 100 kph in 8 seconds. Soft rule: No more than 165 horsepower.

  • Hard rule: Minimum 30 comfort

  • Hard rule: Minimum 60 drivability

  • Hard rule: Max. price is 20.000, soft rule: He will be pleased if it is below 18.500.

Model and Family name: QFC24 - [Forum username]
Trim and Variant name: Unrestricted
Model/Family year: 2012-2018, Ignacio accepts driving a rather “proven” model, but if it becomes too old, he might just keep his 1989 Primus.
Trim/Variant year: 2018 for trim, 2012-2018 for the variant
Must be road legal. Meaning lights, wipers, catalytic converters, just use common sense.

95 RON (91 AKI) fuel, since those small budget cars would scare away their customers with requiring expensive fuel.
Tire width must end in 5; hard longlife tires, must be radial. I won´t bin medium compound but it has a disadvantage in service cost.

Techpool Just use the default one.

No interiors required, but if you provide one, it will increase the depth of the review.

A presentation/advert here is mandatory.




2023-04-25: First ruleset
2023-04-26: Clarified default techpool, desired seat count and some general hints about body styles, approx. power and a preferance of automatic transmissions. Three real-life inspirations Ignacio would definitely consider (Suziki Ignis, Seat Ibiza, Ford Fiesta Sedan) were added as well.
2023-04-29: Rules fixed, submissions open

Submission time frame closes at May 6th, 5 PM GMT+1


I suggest that catalytic converters must also be of the three-way variety - be sure to clarify that ASAP.

Two-way cats are just terrible in every aspect, I don’t think anyone would be silly enough to use them. And if they were, they’d probably just go for no cat or high-flow three-way


Techpool I assume is default as it’s not specified here?


Why limit the lower family year? I get that for the model, but some pretty fresh cars use engine families going back 20+ years.

Not that I have one fitting this, but that makes it more tedious to use an already built car, especially “lore” car. And easier to get an oversight instabin.

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I guess requiring an Auto/ DCT would make sense here, considering why he is trading his old car…


When I am at my destination (which will be at 10 PM or so) I will answer all questions and make the one or other clarifications.

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Well… Do I bash my head against the keyboard trying to design a 2012 to 2018 version of an AMCW, or do I just ignore this challenge on the premise of “Car design is too new, I can’t do it.”

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Any budget, techpool, or quality restrictions or are we free?

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I’m bashing my head designing right now, and I hate designing modern things. I suggest to just try it out and see what happens

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I actually have a sedan that would be perfect for this QFC! I rarely design modern stuff but my Rosenthal should do great here.

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You guys voted for this, remember that.


Honestly, I’m kinda sad that this won; but because I do like this type of car, yet know I probably won’t have time to participate. :(

Not that I find modern cars very easy to design either, tbf. Heck, most actual car companies seem to struggle with it half the time…

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I’m fairly sure that I didn’t.


As this will be my first QFC how are interiors rated? Are they ignored entirely or is it more like (oh that’s nice) type of thing?

Also minor detail (even ones that are hidden) such as actually going about building screens and what not, are those taken into consideration or is this more of a “stats first, looks second” type of deal?

It all depends on the host, but since QFCs are meant to be quicker & simpler challenges, they usually have lower expectations for detail and place little-to-no interest in interiors.

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I meant that with common sense.

Because of exactly this, but I can clarify this nevertheless.

This is a very good question, and I thought I leave techpool as default, since it has proven itself as a quite reliable reason for bins. However. QFC is meant to be easy, a CSR hosted by me would definitely have some advanced techpool rules. Or is here a strong desire for some techpool math stuff? Then I might put my plan in doubt.

Family will be allowed from 2012 on. Older would not make sense, it will give you a noticeable reliability penalty.

Definitely! I thought everyone would read that between the lines, a manual will not be an instabin, but Ignacio prefers avoiding a third pedal.

A budget restriction will appear, but I cant build test mules right now to figure out a fair limit.

This is already correctly quoted by Edsel. QFC is meant to be easy and accessible, however, a nice interior will be reviewed in text form and will increase the depth of the review Ignacio gives your car.


" 95 RON (91 AKI) fuel, since those small budget cars would scare away their customers with requiring expensive fuel."

Does this mean that we should avoid or use 95 RON fuel?

Can we get a general idea of how comfortable the Astrona is?

95 RON/Octane. 91 would not be illegal but since nobody offers that anymore in 2018 Europe, you would shoot yourself in the foot since you give away some compression (or boost If you use a turbo)