QFC23 - Mafioso Motoring [Results out!]

Mafioso Motoring



Jay is a 27-year-old chauffeur for his mafia boss. Following an unfortunate incident with some of his ‘competition’, involving spent ammunition, major collateral damage and the troubled IAS Serpent he was driving being irreperably damaged, his boss has tasked him with finding a replacement for the vehicle, something equally as prestigious, comfortable, stylish, and perhaps a bit more than that. Along with that, Jay wants the vehicle to be capable of escaping sticky situations without becoming a new shape wrapped around a tree.




His boss expects the vehicle to be equivalent to laying on an exquisite reclining sofa with dancers on the side to keep him entertained. Jay can't quite fit said dancers in the car, so it needs to be more comfortable and exquisite to compensate.


A mafia boss needs to look the part; Stylish outfits must go with a stylish car. Chrome, hood ornaments, presitigious-looking badges and strong names, all work towards a powerful image, though Jay has also noticed that his boss has an affinity for more and less flashy types of designs.


The boss simply won't accept any cheapness, even if it is well-hidden behind a cloud of otherwise good stats. Fortunately, the boss has a history of embracing changes; one of the reasons he's still in business. Thus brands that may have previously been known for producing cheap vehicles will not be excluded.
Not like i'd be able to scour everyone's brands and vehicles anyway. Just saying that vehicles with lots of 'quirks and features' are accepted and will not be punished for unconventional styling or engineering decisions. Just try to explain why you've done something extraordinary and I'll keep it in mind.



The boss won't accept 'cheap' vehicles. However, Jay is concerned that a vehicle that is too expensive might get him reprimanded for wasting money that could have been better spent elsewhere. He will choose a more cost-effective alternative if it's a dead tie otherwise.


Jay likes to have his vehicle somewhat drivable in case of similar incidents as the one that destroyed the previous vehicle. Wrestling with the thing to get it driving straight under pressure is best avoided.


Winning a race to 60 might be the deciding factor between life, death or arrest. Thus, a vehicle that can get off the line, and stay at a high speed comfortably is very much preferable.


Running costs

The less 'Vehicle running costs' is on the monthly report, the happier the boss will be. This includes fuel economy, reliability and service costs. His coffers are deep however, so don't get too worked up on these.


Let's face it, if the vehicle crashes it'd probably be better to die and avoid punishment than to live, both for Jay and his boss. However, it still needs to pass safety standards, even if just barely.


The car isn't going offroad everyday, but it's better if it is at least vaguely capable, just in case a 'job' or elaborate escape route requires it. No need for Land Rover or Land Cruiser levels though.

Stats that don’t matter:

Sportiness - The 3-star comfort priority makes it hard to get high sportiness, and besides, Boss isn't driving himself.

Enviromental resistance - The fact is, this car is probably going to last for maybe a year or two before it gets shot up irreperably.

Practicality/Utility - That will be left up to his henchmen who’ll drive some inconspicuous hatchbacks instead.

TLDR: Chauffeur looking for opulent executive luxobarge with comfort, speed and prestige front and foremost.

Model and Family name: QFC23 - [Forum username]
Trim and Variant name: Unrestricted
Model/Family year: Unrestricted
Trim/Variant year: 1995 or prior; Boss wants a proven design.
Must be road legal in the US. Meaning markers, cats and dogs. And lights, I guess.
Maximum loudness of 45.
95 RON (91 AKI) recommended; 98 RON (93) allowed, but with 10% fuel economy penalty. 91 has no benefits.
Minimum/maximum price (in detailed stats): 30k - 80k // 4 points will be detracted for every 1000 over/under
Tire width must end in 5; no slicks allowed, must be radial.
Even though this challenge would benefit from V16s, I don't have the DLC. Thus no V16s.
Must have at least 2 seats. All body styles allowed.
How would you even get the two in the car otherwise?
No Legacy Bodies allowed.
Be reasonable and at least a bit realistic; no drums all-round or 3 cylinder engines on an executive barge that weighs 2 tons.

Advanced Trim Settings
Advanced trim will be kept under a 'no cheese' rule. Fixing weird rake on the body? Go ahead! Lowering your suspension so you get no bottom-out with a super soft suspension setup while not looking like a monster truck? Rather not. Unsure if something is allowed? Just ask!
Start with default techpool (Everything +5). Add 30 extra points as desired. Do not go above 10 points per category.
This means you start with +5 techpool, and can add up to 5 extra points per category, with a maximum of 30 extra points. You cannot go below +5 techpool on any category. You can however not spend all of those 30 techpool points, but you're missing out on free stat benefits that way.

8/4/2023 - Added inspirations, TLDR for the priorities section
9/4/2023 - Clarified techpool, added 'be reasonable' in the rules, tires must now be radial.
9/4/2023 - Rewrote techpool clarification, fixed TLDR.
9/4/2023 - Recommended fuel type is now 95 RON (91 AKI); 98 RON (95) is allowed with a 10% fuel economy penalty. Using 91 RON (87) does not provide any benefits.
9/4/2023 - 'No cheese' rule added for Advanced Trim Settings.
Submitting & Deadlines
Send submissions to my forum DM.
Submissions open - Sunday, April 9th 23:59 (GMT)
Submissions close - Sunday, April 16th 23:59 (Your timezone)

Feel free to ask how the techpool ended up on my end; provide the correct techpool if needed or desired. I’ll allow one resubmission.



Bentley Arnage - The vehicle was introduced in '98, but is still roughly representative.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class (W210) - Also a bit on the newer end ('95).

Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W140*) '93 - Bit more in the desired time period. * Thanks for the correction Knugcab!

Toyota Century - Very much on the comfort sweet spot, not so much about the performance.

Toyota Crown Majesta - Bit more in the middle, but good nonetheless.

Nissan President - I don’t know much about the car, but it’s in the same segment as the Crown/Century.

Lincoln Town Car - Again, don’t know much about it, but it looks the part.

Audi S8 (D2) - Not much to be said, looks fast, and looks luxurious.

Not so conventional, but interesting nonetheless

Audi 200 - He’s looking for something a bit more upmarket, but it works.

BMW E38 7-Series - Fast, perhaps not as luxurious, but great for getting away.

Aston Martin Virage - Nothing’s preventing him from looking at grand tourers and the like. Also great for getaways.
Toyota Chaser - Not quite luxurious, but great with the engine and handling. (and great looking :))

This is my first time hosting anything, please excuse any weird balancing and feel free to bombard me with questions / suggestions altering anything.


Some inspirations could maybe hint a little about where to aim? Yeah, I get the brief but still… it could end up with a not-a-Lancia Kappa against a not-a-Cadillac Fleetwood and at least knowing which one that would be the outlandish choice in that case could be helpful. :slight_smile: Fun theme, though!


Oh shoot, completely forgot. Apologies! I’ll add some in a minute.

Never done a QFC or any related challenge but I’ve seen people lose if all tech points aren’t spent/ or used for the turbo, will that happen here too? If my engine is N/A will I lose points for not putting any tech points into the turbo?


I havnt seen people lose, but it usually gets pointed out. My opinion? Just use the points, theres no reason not to
Also, Shibusu, I got an inspiration for ya


Small correction:

This is what an E-class W123 looks like

And it had been out of production for 10 years at the time when this takes place.

The car on your inspiration pic is an S-class W140.


You start off with 5 techpool points on everything. If your engine is N/A, you will have +5 techpool for the turbo regardless. Taking it away to spend on other sections would constitute a rule break, though I’m not inclined to bin (considering this is QFC).

Legal techpool example

+6 Family
+7 Bottom End
+7 Top End
+5 Aspiration (Turbo)
+10 Fuel Systems
+5 Exhaust

Illegal techpool example

+10 Family
+7 Bottom End
+8 Top End
+0 Aspiration (Turbo)
+10 Fuel Systems
+5 Exhaust

In the illegal example, aspiration has been reduced to zero. Despite both adding up to 40 points, reducing the turbo to zero despite the engine being N/A would violate the rules.


the turbo techpool thing is kinda a shit move tbh, since it punishes those who choose to build naturally aspirated engines

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I figure I should leave it to a poll.

  • Keep default TP +30 points
  • Switch to default with 0 turbo techpool, +35 points

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What about hand-made interiors? Will Jay accept those?

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Honestly being an NA enjoyer myself I kinda agree, but also special turbo rules are more work on the host and players for a challenge that’s supposed to be quick and a lighter introduction to auto challenges.

And honestly if I’m stuck with 5 useless TP that I won’t use and doesn’t affect my spending elsewhere? Yeah who cares at that point.


PRIMUS Legacy Imperator - the exclusive luxury version of an exclusive luxury car!


In addition to that, tires should also be radial, not cross-ply.

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Handmade/luxury interiors are allowed.

Conversely, anything that reduces production efficiency is allowed, as long as it is reasonable. (So no carbon ceramic brakes on the front wheels with drums on the rear.)

In addition to that, tires should also be radial, not cross-ply.

Thought that’d be common sense, but I’ll add it.

On top of that, what exterior colors do Jay and his boss like the most? Regardless, I don’t think bright neon shades are among them.

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If it looks right, it is right. Most vehicles in this segment do gravitate towards deep, dark colours/black. Along with that, it would probably be preferable to have a vehicle that isn’t said bright neon to make the vehicle harder to spot (By both authorities and ‘competition’).

How fast does the boss want the car to be, there isn’t much to go off of for speed stat

The faster the better. The baseline speed I set was 230km/h, more will earn you more points, but try not to go overly excessive amounts of speed. (>360km/h)

still waiting for the ruleset to be final, but the visuals are done and I´ll have few time next week so I better get the advert done…

1995 Primus Imperator V12

If a Primus Legacy, a popular choice among managers, lawyers, architects and other honored professions is a little too… eww, modest for you, and you want to point out that you are not “an executive” but THE boss, the Imperator nameplate returned for 1992.
For 1995, the new V12 engine underlines even more, that whoever owns this car, is a person who deserves nothing but respect for his choice of vehicle and the archievements allowing for that choice.

Primus Imperator is not just a badge. It is a promise from our side and a statement from your side.

Some 1967-1995 Imperator models shown, since a traditional name like "Primus Imperator" should share his family tree with pride.

You are referring to red side markers at the rear and amber ones at the front, as well as 3-way catalytic converters - this round’s set in the 90s, after all.

Also, the maximum fuel octane for this QFC should be 95 RON/91 AKI premium unleaded.

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