QFC33 - Good News! [FINALS OUT]


It is 2019, and Roberto Carlucci is an aspiring musician in the vibrant arts scene in Fruinia’s capital city, Terso. He loves vintage and retro clothes and furniture, and the two most modern things he owns are a high-quality MP3 player with wired headphones, along with a feature phone (aka dumb phone).

His current daily driver is a 1960s era Swanson, and while he likes it very much, he recently witnessed a huge traffic accident in Terso with a vintage car of similar age, and he was shocked how badly it fared against modern vehicles, even at modest inner city speeds.

After some days of internal deliberation, Roberto decides to take the plunge, sell his vintage Swanson and buy a brand new car instead. Luckily, one of his bandmates, Carlos, is a car guy and Roberto asks him to help out.

“All new cars are going to be quite safe right? So all I want otherwise is something simple and honest, with as little gadgets, bells and whistles as possible. Maybe connect my MP3 player to the entertainment unit, but that’s about it. Like that… whatever it was called, that you joked about in the past… that the guy on First Gear liked so much?”

Carlos nods. “The Sandero? Yeah, but they are not sold here anymore, unfortunately.” He thinks for a second. “Give me a week or so and I’ll have a list of cars that we can go through together.”

“Alright. Oh, and leave any Mara off that list. I don’t want to look that desperate.”

Carlos nods again.


3 star

  • Simplicity: Roberto lives the retro lifestyle and has learned to appreciate the simplicity of his vintage cars. He wants his new car to have little fuss and be easy to operate. (In Automation terms, this solely relates to the trim equipment choices.)

  • Drivability: It’s going to be Roberto’s daily driver, and navigating Terso traffic can be challenging at times.

  • Purchase cost: As an aspiring musician, money is tight for Roberto. After all, this is an unplanned purchase.

  • Running cost: Roberto does not want to pay more than necessary for fuel and service costs.

2 star

  • Safety: Since this is the main motivation for purchasing a new car, Roberto wants at least good state-of-the-art safety features. He is not looking for ultimate safety though.

  • Looks: Roberto wishes that his new car matches his lifestyle values, but he is not a car guy at heart. So anything between modern understatement and retro chic goes - nothing overly flashy. Interiors are neither required nor will be judged.

  • Reliability: While used to the odd shenanigans from his past vintage rides, Roberto hopes that a brand new car leads to less headaches in this area.

  • Comfort: Roberto’s time in the car should be reasonably comfortable. He will rarely travel long distances though.

1 star:

  • Practicality: There should at least be ample space for his three bandmates to take them to a gig in town or on a road trip.

  • Utility: Roberto plays the saxophone, so luggage space is not crucial.

  • Sportiness: Terso streets their heavy traffic rarely allow a car to show its speed or handling prowess within the city. Roberto does not venture past the city limits enough for this to truly matter.


  • Offroad: Roberto has no inclination to leave the well-maintained Fruinian asphalt roads

  • Environmental resistance: Fruinia is warm and dry, so rust is not a problem.

  • Model year: 2019 or earlier

  • Trim year: 2019

  • Family year: 2019 or earlier

  • Variant year: 2019

  • Techpool: all default +5 (to keep things simple for QFC)

  • 95 RON unleaded fuel

  • Engine loudness max 50

  • Engine must pass WES 11 emission standards (as required for Fruinia in 2019)

  • At least four full seats

  • No legacy car bodies

  • No positive aero values (test track tab)

  • No race parts or semi-slick tyres

  • ESC required (due to laws)

  • Max toe values between -0.15 and +0.15

The usual realism rules apply. I am not averse to judicious use of positive and negative quality within reason, however - especially since techpool is fixed to default values.


Dacia Sandero

Dacia Duster

Fiat 500

Mitsubishi Mirage / Space star

Kia Picanto


Game version: Ellisbury Open Beta
Naming convention Model & Family: QFC33 - Your forum nickname
Naming convention Trim & Variant: free

Send a Discourse PM to me with the .CAR file
Create a short post in this thread with at least one picture

Submissions opens: 09/10/2023
Submissions close: 15/10/2023, AOE (anywhere-on-earth)

If an open beta patch drops three days or less before the due date, the deadline will be extended by three days and resubmissions will be allowed in that case.

Therefore, consider NOT submitting early to make everyone’s life that bit easier…


It’s brave of you to launch QFC33 in 4.3 - here’s hoping all goes well and a worthy winner is crowned at the end.

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A ball park price figure to aim for?

Size preference for the wheelbase or whole car?

I’m guessing like the price it’s as big a car as you can get for as cheap as possible.

I think the inspirations are between about 2.2-2.5m though

Just to double check since I haven’t had a lot of experience with the more modern cars, is a higher or lower number in this stat better?

what’s the maximum cost?

Purchase price is a 3-star criterion - so take this into account when balancing price with the other stats. :grinning:

Wheelbase affects drivability (another 3-star priority, smaller is better) but also price, comfort etc. - so another area for trade-offs. Otherwise have a look at the inspirations.

Lower emissions are better, and all three squares next to WES11 in the new open beta emissions tab need to be green (any shade, just not yellow or red)


alright, it’s just that it’s customary for hosts to give a price range

This is hosted by Mr Mara, everything will be too expensive in his opinion anyway :rofl:


then let’s say this is one of the ‘twists’ of this challenge that you won’t get one this time. If you want a RP reason - Roberto will have to finance the car and he’s looking for low rates but also wants a good car (hence the last paragraph in the brief :wink:).

Saberin Motori
CH4 Solsti 1700 ES
Guess what? This company still exists. Presenting the 2019 CH4 Saberin Solsti. Still rear-engine, still rear-wheel-drive. Now with 50/50 weight distribution in a compact hatch, and exclusive voltage blue colour. Now for 15,700 AMU (subject to rule change)

HEY! No no no, these cars are nothing alike! It’s not the same 1988 body shell, what are you talking about?! Don’t listen to this foto person.


wow looking cool!


Nessa Marz 1.2 SR-e95

Presenting the 2019 Marz, the city car with balance between simplicity and efficiency.

More press photos


I don’t know if I will ever understand how to design a competent looking modern car… :confused:


2019 Axxus MP5 i3-RS

For those that just want to get from A to B, over and over and over and over and over and over aaaannnnnnddddd over and over and over… and over and over


Ok, submissions are now open, by the way.

Neat, and deftly ambiguous given the radical difference in style between early and late 60s Swansons.

Out of the loop Question time:
If I want to dip my toes in the openbeta, and go back again to stable, would it be as simple as:
1 Put a backup of the “Sandbox_211122.db” file in “UserData” folder, somewhere else
2 Enable openbeta and play around with it
3 Go back to stable and put the 1) file back in the folder
4) ???

Also, how well do stable cars import into the OB? Do mods generally work, do paints & morphs reset, LUA errors common?

i’ve had zero issue, everything’s where it’s supposed to be.
the only thing is having to retune engines but that’s about it

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You can leave the Sandbox_21112.db file in, as the game will generate a new sandbox database for Openbeta. (Sandbox_23…somethingsomething), which will copy over your cars to openbeta. Mind you most of them will be changed a bit (many engines tend to blow up after OB bottomend material switching, and relevant emissions will probably not be passed past WES7/8), but they will work.

I have, for safety, moved the respective files for stable and openbeta in and out whenever I play on each, which has worked for me.