QFC34 - There And Back Again [reviews in progress]

QFC34 - There And Back Again


It’s 1982. Two Hetvetsian brothers, Kurt and Nik, have decided to spend a gap year driving across the world and back. It certainly won’t be easy, and their relatively wealthy parents have absolutely prohibited them from taking their Nordwagen on the trip, although since there wasn’t any convincing them to just take a plane to Fruinia they did give them some money besides their own capital to plot out the trip and stock up. Since they’re students, much less mechanically gifted than they think, and probably underestimating the cost, they’ll need a suitable car for the adventure. New? Absolutely not, much too expensive, and a waste of a new car, unless it’s genuinely dirt cheap decrepit. Used is where it’s at. Probably lemons.

[TLDR:Two students want to drive across the world, who need a suitable used car for the trip.]


(major priorities)

  • Ease of servicing - No matter how Mara-like their car is, it is GOING to break down. The more (electro)mechanical, the more chance they’ll have at getting the vehicle back on the road, and the easier it is to reach and replace that CV axle that’s broken the better. (This will be judged by noting options picked in the design of the car, and the size of the engine compared to the engine bay. ex: 5-litre V8 with advanced multi-point electronic fuel injection jammed in a Mini is going to be bad.)

  • Reliability/Simplicity - Breakdowns are preferably avoided, although that’s part of the journey. Things that don’t exist don’t break down, but things that do exist and are built well also work. Will be partially judged by the stat, and by the options picked. Doesn’t really matter that the top-spec stereo breaks, car still runs, does it not?

  • “Practicality” - No, not the stat. Like, can you carry at least enough water, a meal, maybe some cooking equipment, and leave enough room to recline a bit to get a passable amount of sleep in? More is appreciated, but decent car seats aren’t all too bad either.


(minor priorities)

  • Comfort - With thousands of kilometres to cover, something that won’t get them checked in to a hospital by the end of the journey for spinal injury is quite valued.

  • Drivability - They’re not expert drivers. Nor are they particularly expecting pristine, lit roads and beautiful weather for the trip. Something easy to drive will be good.

  • Offroad capability - Some of the less developed countries cannot be trusted to have great infrastructure. From the pothole to sinkhole, having alternatives to revert to will be prized.



  • Sportiness - They’re not looking for a sports car, but some pep is not a negative.

  • Fuel economy - Having some margins between stops would be nice to have.

  • Remaining budget - They want to blow their entire car budget, but something left is not bad.

Notice: Stats not listed here or with low priority does not mean you can trash the stat for min-max. A 30L/100km V16 Rhania is a poor choice to submit for this.


Important: Challenge will be held in the Open Beta.

  • Model & Engine Family name: QFC34 - yournamehere | Trim & Engine variant name free
    (ex: QFC34 - shibusu / My cool car | QFC34 - shibusu / My cooler engine)
  • Model, Trim, Engine, Variant years: 1982 or earlier
  • Techpool: Default (Keep at everything +5)
  • Fuel: 91 RON Unleaded
  • Please no race parts (DCOE allowed)
  • Please no legacy bodies
  • Emissions of the car’s model year in Hetvesia must be passed (WES1 after 1970, WES4 after 1975)
  • Three seats maximum (they’ll be ripping the rear bench(es) out for cargo space anyway)
  • Clarified ease of servicing
  • Banned legacy bodies
  • Specified Openbeta required
  • Added emissions requirement
  • Two seat maximum added
  • Added depreciation table


  • allowed front bench seat


  • rules deliberation ends Sunday, 22 Oct 22:00 UTC
  • submissions deadline ends Monday, 30 Oct anywhere on earth

Depreciation table - WIP

Here, the maximum cost for your car is shown per year.

Budget - 7500 AMU

1945-1949: 14500 AMU
1950-1954: 14300 AMU
1955-1959: 14000 AMU
1960-1964: 13500 AMU
1965-1969: 13000 AMU
1970-1974: 12000 AMU
1975-1979: 10500 AMU
1980-1981: 9000 AMU
New (1982): 7500 AMU

Please discuss these amounts? Too generous? Too restricting? I would like to hear your thoughts.

Anything goes, really, as long as it has at least 3 wheels, an engine, a couple of seats and an enclosed cabin.


Will there be a realism penalty for building a 4x4 crossover?

I mean, the AMC Eagle was after all available in 1982…

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No, there were a good amount of 4x4 crossover types in the late 70s and early 80s from what I gather.

I updated the OP with a preliminary used car budget. I would like to hear everyone’s thoughts on it!

My main gripe with it is that there is no budget listed for a 1955-59 car.

I can’t believe that I missed that :skull:

The gap from 1982 to 1980 and to 1979 is super huge I don’t see a 1982 car being able to win with such a huge gap in price

Well, a car never loses so much value as it does the moment when you drive it out of the dealership, so I’d call it realistic…


Maybe new cars could have a reliability bonus, and older cars have more miles on them?

Out of curiosity is mpg going to be judged on at all?

For vehicles like sedan that have normally more than 2 seats should I send entry with only 2 entries simulating the other seats were taken out?

Fuel economy is marked as a 1 star priority. It’ll be judged, but it’s not super important.

Engineering wise, please send them with two seats. If you are making an interior, I don’t really care that much.

FS: 1978 IP Freeway Star 1500DX
Panel van, 67000 km, 1 owner, no rust, radio, roof rack, halogens, runs well. Price $5043.

Submissions open

a bit (14 hours) late to say this, but submissions are now open. Please submit your .car files to my forum DMs. Have fun, and good luck.

P.S. Because I both don’t have an issue with them, and because the version is openbeta, an unlimited amount of resubmissions are allowed…within reason. Like don’t send me 19 revisions in the hour. This is cut off near the deadline, unless there is an openbeta patch.


well I found this… 1972 Tolban 2500 V6. the last owner was not very kind to it, but this car was good offroad with at least 100hp and less then 900 kg, was reliable but ran hot inside the cabin, something that this exemplar in particular dont suffer as much because of the Rusty holes it got from his drunk ex-owner… anyway the interior is not that bad and the engine is still strong. im sure some sucke… lad will buy it.

where I found it

and now in my garage


What is this?

The 300 is VAM’s entry-level rear-wheel-drive hatchback. This particular 300 is an ES: Economy Sporting. For the 300, sporting refers to rally driving, and the car comes equipped with sturdy steel rims, appropriately sized all-terrain tires, and a skidplate. An electronically controlled automatic transmission provides a balance of simplicity of operation and driving fun, though VAM only offered one with their 1.6 and 1.8 motors.

I ran out of time! Here’s my epic entry!


This brings to mind the Talbot Sunbeam Lotus, itself also a RWD rally homologation special, but that one was a true hatchback, not a liftback.

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